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Where did she disappear to!

This is what many of you have probably been asking this past week or so since no postings have appeared. Intensity is probably the only word to describe what is going on for oh, so many people and countries. To be honest with you, I have been trying to write this blog for a couple of days now and each time I start its direction changes and the potency increases….when reading about the upcoming eclipses this will make sense. That being said I will keep it short and hopefully not too disjointed. Even my spelling has gone out the window!

Since Mother’s Day all has been ramped up a few notches once again and yesterday May 21 had been touted by some select Christian fundamental groups as the “end of the world”….a prediction they seem to get wrong over and over again but it is a good hook for many!

Then a look at the news from the Middle East and the aggression of forces over the people speaking out…..so much more bloodshed spilling onto the already “blood soaked lands.” The weather is doing its crazy dance through the skies and land with flooding and tornadoes raging havoc, volcanoes – Fire in the land of Ice (Iceland) once again, temps that go from near 80 one day to inches of snow and massive winds the next few……this is what happened in Sonora, Ca a week ago – so bizarre! Has all the cloud seeding, chem trails and HAARP frequency manipulations done so much damage that Mother Nature has no idea of which end is up!

More politicians and “influential people” being caught by their past and their raw abuse of “self-power”. Fear mongers continue to paint on bigger canvases the disasters of living or surviving in the material world…..not enough money, jobs, health……you name it, we believe it!

What astrology is saying!   Take the information in the context of the big and small pictures of what’s happening. Information adds more pieces to reveal clarity of the puzzle.

I am going to give you links to other people I know and respect for you to research. Beverly Bright – Human Design readings;  Grant Larson Radio Love, Relationships and You

Personally, in the past few weeks I have asked my guidance to ramp me up to the next levels, what ever they are and I got my wish. The intensity has been amazing. Events just presenting themselves for me to decide is this what I want!

A week ago a personal intense weekend of delving into the dark fires and emotions within; a major conversation revealing values and the power of stepping into the bigger public role; in the past week I have watched, tried to stop, to help, perhaps some what enable at times, two dear friends close on self-destruct with alcohol, DUI and prescription drugs. They hit bottom and now it is the journey upwards. Feeling, seeing, remembering similar times in the distant past when I had and have seen other loved ones fall into the dark abyss of seeming no return.

Then out of the blue an invitation to participant in the 1,000 Hummingbird Woman Gathering with the honor of teaching through my gifts of presence, storytelling and energy sound healing. This is an opportunity I have been waiting for so I am blessed! After that I head to Ashland to spend a few days with a friend and then to Mt Shasta for a week to stomp sacred felts and retreat again with my friend Jessica and then returning to Sonora to facilitate the second Spirit Journey Retreat on June 17-19. Sonora Retreat flyer

This is how these times unfold when we take a step or two into new or unknown circumstances. It is as though the universe is testing us to see if  we are serious about what we say or are they just words. Often there is no time to think, just feel and say yes or no!

Take time to breathe, stand firm on the ground and trust Your Own Intuitive messages.

Many Blessings until………

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While the experience of felting with Jessica is still fresh I would like to share the experience with you. It was a amazing, intense, physical, emotional and rewarding week.

As I shared earlier wool felting is an ancient natural art dating back to 2nd century BC in Sumeria, moving into India, the Middle East, Asia, and Indigenous cultures around the world. Felting wool of sheep, lamas and alpaca into beautiful, durable, practical and exotic items to wear and use everyday.

The wool arrives in large rolls of 80″ or 84″ wide. Soft, light and warm. Starting with raw cleaned wool, it is cut to the appropriate size for the idea to be made. As shrinkage of  the final piece needs to be considered, the beginning piece is  about 35% larger to start.

After cutting the wool it is rolled and tied ready for stomping, the main and most demanding step to felting.

Working with bare feet in the bathtub, soapy hot water is poured over the roll and “the stomp” begins. As the hot soapy water penetrates the fibres of the wool, a natural bonding takes place. Stomp and roll, stomp and roll continues until the roll is soaked. 

Unrolling, straightening and re-rolling for more stomping

Dry stomping, un-rolling and re-rolling, stomping, stomping, stomping……

sThe first round of stomping can take 15 to 30 minutes…depends on size and thickness of wool….then unrolled, straightened and left to dry and fluff up.  Then its ready for design.  Jessica at work on a beautiful design

To set the design more hot soapy water and stomping, stomping…..unroll, straighten, re-roll and begin again…..15, 30, 45 minutes…however long it takes to feel just right beneath the feet!

Unroll and allow to dry before a trip to the laundromat to wash, dry and shrink to the perfect size.  This is a very short and concise version of a process that takes 4-6 hours of work steps to produce a sacred yoga seat like the ones below. Obviously, larger pieces, longer and longer time.

And then we have half  the order completed…..what a beautiful display of Sacred Yoga Mats made with love and prayers.  http://www.sacredfeltcollection.com


Next the continuing journey…….I have been on the road since Friday when I left Mt Shasta for the long road trip EAST……to eventually arrive in St Petersburg, Florida in February for the birth of my grandson. Eight hours on the road for an overnight in Bishop, Co.on Hwy 395. Next morning another long day through lonely stark landscapes of CA and Nevada, being the only car on the road for miles…this brought up many emotions for processing…..arriving in Las Vegas to stay with Sheila Z, a friend I met in Santa Fe 3 years ago.  Yesterday I spent hiking trail in Red Rocks Canyon, west of the city and then in the late afternoon and early evening I spent “on the strip”…..amongst the throngs of people seeking…….what you can’t find outside…….more to follow on this!

And when I disconnect from here the road will take me towards Santa Fe for a visit of three to four days……stay turned……this journey is about retracing and unraveling more than expected…..it is for all of us in these times ……….until!

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