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After such an odd, creative and busy time over the past two months (camping on Mt Shasta and Castle Lake, writing and the premier of my theatre piece, traveling, planning and presenting retreat) the past week or so has seemed not as productive even though I have seem a great deal and spent time and sharing with some wonderful friends.  Some of this has to do with Mercury being retrograde once again this year…..and will be that way until September 12…..so stay aware…..no big decisions, changes, sign contracts, etc until it goes direct again after September 12.

To continue on with the journal of my journeys here is a short piece on the wonderful and powerful retreat weekend.  If the full retreat experience is not possible, the closing Honoring of Spirit Names with Fire and Song Ceremony is powerful on its own and can be done anywhere……

One Wednesday night after drumming under the stars along with Stephanie, Nicole and Kathy we sat in the hot tub to appreciate the lovely evening and dark starry sky. While watching planes lining up to land in Oakland or San Francisco, the occasional darting star some strange lights appeared over a distant ridge…a ridge of only forest…no houses!   Four very bright lights in a tight row. The two outer lights appeared static while the two inner ones seemed to be blinking, yellowish in color….they just appeared, stayed a good few minutes and then disappeared and darkness over the ridge returned. A little later another light appeared in the same place, white then changing to red but this was just a single one…stayed a short time and was gone. That night there were other very odd and fast “happenings” and it was also a day of very odd and heavy energy….everyone we spoke to had the same experience….feeling extremely heavy, no energy to do anything, just wanted to sleep and did so…..everyone else have the same feelings…..what was going on……any ideas!!!

The Retreat Weekend

As mentioned in the previous posting, my reason for coming to Sonora was to facilitate a two day retreat for 20 people. Friday morning and early afternoon was spent getting ready for the evening gathering and introduction to the retreat experience. Those attending were coming from the Bay area as well as the local surrounding communities. And there was certainly an interesting mix of family lineages – Portuguese, Russian and Brazilian with parents who lived in Shanghai during the 40s and 50s; English, Irish, Scottish influences, Jewish, Iranian and Native American bloodlines were all represented making for many very interesting weavings of past and present perspectives, energies and history in the realm of Spirit (those who have died). In all seven men participated in the group which was wonderful. In the beginning not all were open or even comfortable being there, yet they did move in and out of the varying circles, gathering what they felt comfortable with and left the rest to just percolate around them.  I acknowledged and honored them for holding the grounding male energy by just being present…All was perfect!

The opening circle began just before sunset out on the lawn overlooking the valley with views towards the mountains of Yosemite. After moving around the circle for personal introductions, I gave a short introduction of myself, what I do and my experiences and shared a loose format for the next two days. And then introduced the group to the singing crystal bowls….playing them as the sun was going down, looking over the valley below, feeling the wisps of breezes carry the sounds out and beyond. I also played the bowls individually for each person to be able to feel the power and beauty of these crystal angels. This was a perfect place to stop, enjoy dinner and the rest of the evening.

Saturday morning at 8:30 about ten of the group began the day with an introduction to yoga and breathing exercises. Some had a little knowledge of yoga and for others this was a brand new experience….all embraced the opportunity and walked away feeling energized and ready for the day.

The topics I chose to open each circle with were Money, Power, Sex and Death. These are the topics I introduce in the Life Theatre production “Awakening and Igniting Ecstasy In-Formation….A New Twist on Money, Power, Sex and Death”. The Four Big are so intertwined that it is difficult and not even appropriate to single them out from each other so I weave stories, exercises, visuals and more back and forth.  Using new perspectives on sensitive subjects helps open views to self empowerment and to break down old belief patterns. In the morning I would introduce Money and Power and in the afternoon Sex and Death.

To give you an idea of the new twist introduced on these topics:

Money – Material Obligations Neutralize Evolving Yourself

Power –   Potential of Wonder Energizing Regalness

For Sex and Death you will have to come to a retreat or see the Life Theatre production….

After lunch the circle resumed sitting under a tree while hummingbirds and dragonflies  flew above and around us,  adding to all I shared in the lessons of feeling, seeing and sensing energy fields, auras, health and the physical body, more related stories and discussion. During this time pieces of paper and pens were handed around the circle with a request to write the name/s of anyone who had died, passed on, transitioned and to then place the papers in a small basket in the center of the circle. The names could be of loved one, family heritages, friends, acquaintances or even foes…anyone they would like to honor in our closing ceremony.

A break for refreshments and a swim followed.

Up until this point most of the information shared was somewhat intense, deep and new to many. About an hour before sunset I offer to “lighten things up and have fun” by doing innocent card readings for anyone interested…..everyone turned up!

After answering many questions about varying crystals, their purposes and properties and sharing a selection of my own crystals, the readings began….lots of laughter, more than a few surprise revelations, curiosities, questions on how “it” works and new openness to a sometimes “forbidden” topic. The last few readings were done well after sunset with the illumination of a flashlight….all adding to the atmosphere.

By this time dinner was ready and it was time to relax for the evening.

Being Sunday it was a slow start for some and for others, yoga and breathing exercises started the day.

The last circle gathering was to share and reflect on the retreat, the information presented, gained, ideas, changes and appreciations and closing with Honoring of Spirit Names with Fire and Song.

An opening prayer, sounding the chimes and passing the basket of names around the circle for each person present to take a name/s to be read out loud.

As each name was read the slip of paper was placed in the abalone shell, I lit the paper and sang the song that soul spirit wished to share….everyone was different, sometimes a poem was revealed, a statement shared….all personal with deep emotion especially for those who knew the person. In all, the basket went around the circle three times with about 80 + names read and honored. To not mention there were many tears, profound emotional releasing and even times of laughter would be remiss of me. There were all these and more, all experienced in safety within the arms of Divine Love and Light in and around each person and the circle.

To end the ceremony I asked Andre if he would take the shell of ashes and allow them to be taken by the winds….this creating a beautiful ending to the powerful Honoring Ceremony.

It took about twenty minutes for people to move through the energy of the circle to that of socializing, laughter, swimming and a late lunch….and when this was done the lightness and change within all present was amazing and noticeable, confirming so much had  really been released and healed in a beautiful way.

All during the weekend at times when not in circle I talked and worked one-on-one with most of the group. Some just needed a word or two of reassurance; others more clarity, while a couple needed a stronger

and more deliberate push or a “loving 2×2 across the head” as a reminder to get out of their own way!

For me, doing so much teaching along with energy and sound work and Spirit Ceremony is always energizing, powerful and humbling at the same time. These moments can change people’s lives and in turn charge our world.

If you are interested in the retreats experience or know of other who may be, please contact me to make plans “to change the world!”  Not just in California, plan one in your area!

The next posting will be on my journey to Yosemite.  Stay turned!

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