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The middle of last week I had the strong push to create a new video series on Time Collapsing and the Mayan Calendar. This came out of the discussions on this exact topic during the previous weekend’s retreat.  Losing time is a big issue, no it is a huge issue and one that people do not have any understanding of relative to today.  Taking the journey through time/history allowed for much more clarity and an acceptance, whether understood or not, that is it indeed a reality. Video Part 1 can be seen by clicking on the video image in the list on the right side of this posting.

It was while editing Part 1 that the topics for this posting began showing up. Then in its own time and way pieces of the larger topic began incubating and birthing without my conscious awareness until the flow of information, people, messages and experiences come to me seemingly out of the blue and the topic is revealed. These themes and word kept resurfacing: Time, Space, Fear, Illusion, $$, not enough, spiritual drought, material flooding, virtuous business, spiritual capital, righteousness, thrift and contradictions to name a few. A pretty impressive line-up!

Themes Emerging for this posting:

I received an article by Neale Donald Walsch on Spirit Library June 23 about What we’ve been taught about What God Wants regarding love and money.  The last paragraph touched on the one of the topics – says it all that doing good  or the higher the purpose, the lower the rewards!

The next clue was received a day or so later from Spirit Library directly. It was about their future. After being a wonderful forum for so many very well known Spiritual Teachers and a source of information for so many seekers they realized that there is no money, not to mention profit, in the business of Spiritual Education. Even though, according to marketing sources, this is a huge $$ market.

I know so many individuals who are dedicated and doing powerful spiritual work, changing people’s lives yet in general are in no way compensated appropriately. Some people even get upset if they are expected to pay for this work. Never mind that it is the practitioner’s main work and source of income! The irony of all of this is that when there is a crises in someone’s life more often than not it is the Spiritual teacher, guide, practitioner and medicine person who receives and answers the first calls for help.

Let me clarify, the Spiritual market I am referring to is not connected to ‘any religion’ because the general driving force of religion is power over the people and most usually runs as a non-profit corporate entity where people are encourage to pay for salvation! This may sound pretty cold and hard but when you peel away the emotions, the faith, the actions and promises what is left is the unending requests for money to “save the church” not the people! I learned and saw this quite personally when married to a minister and “served” churches in the deep South and Mid-West.

I believe Mr. Walsch and God felt this was the perfect time to address the inequities of the Spiritual and Corporate worlds!

Next, in one of those accidentally searches I came across  Doing Virtuous Business by Theodore Roosevelt Malloch. It sounded interesting and worth investigating further. After reading the Bio and overview of his book as well as his book titled Thrift – Rebirth of a Forgotten Virtue. Then I read reviews by Steve Forbes, the CEO of Polaroid, a Director of Public Justice and many other high powered executives of big business and government, all espousing how wonderful this idea is and it should be implemented everywhere. I lost interest! More lost words by people who are completely out of touch with 90% of the world. Too many scandals, too many lies, too much greed and too must Virtuous Righteousness in the Name of Spiritual Capital!

Take away everything THEY hold important and what would be left……could they stand on their own two feet without shaking in fear!

And then comes a message about this week’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse with the title Initiation of the Great Renunciation or It is time to Renounce Materialism!  

How is that for Divine Synchronicity!

On the eve of this New Moon and particle Solar Eclipse on Friday, the theme of which is “Initiation of the Great Renunciation”  (Renouncing Materialism). For many readers this will throw you into panic at the possibility of losing everything  you possess and worked for, all the creature comforts, savings and dreams!

The three points mentioned below give an idea of what the Initiation of the Great Renunciation signifies:  

  • The volatility during this Grand Cross cycle instigates the unveiling of new leadership initiatives while continuing to dissolve false societal systems. This includes manipulative corporate structures and their games of monopoly.
  • The light streams of the New Moon Eclipse initiate more tangible preparation of our body to house multidimensional consciousness from the foundation of “physical body” integration.
  • This alignment catalyzes a great wave of assistance from Sirius, considered home to many of Humanity’s greatest teachers. The Sirius system is directly “upstream” from our solar system and within the galactic arm of our Milky Way Galaxy. Sirian light codes envelop our planet to help us advance into the new race genetics.

This means moving beyond the fears and incredible attachment most have to the objects, status, wealth, health and power the “illusion of material safety and security  represents!” To live on earth today there are tangible and monetary needs we all have. The degree, size and purposes of those needs are different for everyone and how the necessary universal flow of needs are given and received each moment are varying and ever changing, as it should be!

What happens when one releases the fears and attachment to material possessions, old corporate and government models and toxic medical practices is the ability to see more clearly the “hold” all these things have on you, the draining effects experienced and the pervasive corruption and deception fed to the masses from times past until this very moment. When the “revolutionary lights go on” the perceived fears and needs disappear almost immediately and thus the need to hold on to the past….this is the beginning of FREEDOM achieved without violence or an insane “defense budget!”

Until next time…..keep clearing and cleaning to Lighten the Load!

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There is blue sky again this morning after many days of rain during the past week. During my exploring of the back roads around these valleys I have marveled at the beauty of the early fall season….acre upon acre of rich green vines are now turning through the spectrum of green, red, gold and browns, colors flowing and waving like flags in the wind across the land. So far I haven’t taken any pictures, perhaps I will today!

These photos are of a house I visited high on a mountain (relative to the area) outside of Guerneville. I was checking out a cabin to possible live in…which was not going to work out but the main house was quite unusual!

It hit me several days ago that Starting Over is what is happening in my life once again…starting from scratch in a new location, not knowing anyone or really why I should even attempt such a task, yet the march goes on.

I have done it so many times now you would think it was no big deal, that each time it gets easier, knowing the pit falls would help one avoid them. Not so!

Not so! Am I just a slow learner! Well, if that’s the case, stay put! This could easily be a response from so many I know…but it’s not that simple, at least in this stage of my life. I need to preface the above by saying that for nearly twenty five years I was very stable; my marriages, fifteen years and nine years are proof of commitment to my children, the relationships, the obligations of normal life, careers and all the trimmings.

Turning the corner into Year 2000 and the years up until now have shaken the fabric of life, for everyone, everywhere, not just in this country. The very fact that time has speeded up is proof. Yes, we still have 24 hours in a day yet now with the shifts in frequency/vibration and rotation of Planet Earth that time has been condensed into the equivalent of about 16 hours. To learn more on this scientific fact research Schumann Resonance. This is only one piece within the big universal picture and it is also a reason why you run out of time during the day!

A plus of starting over is that one does not (hopefully) become so stagnant and oblivious to how life moves around. It is easy to ignore and avoid anything, even everything because it’s familiar. We forget to see with fresh eyes, as with new lenses in old frames. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with familiar, with the comfort, depth, friendships, love, joy, support and trials along the way….I miss them but when my time in a place is complete it becomes clear. Work and business opportunities close down, friendships and relationships fall apart, the phone does not ring as it use to and nothing new opens up…the energy slowly ebbs away. This is only true for me; you may have a completely different experience!

My earlier blog entries have shared the journey since leaving Mt Shasta. October the 10th was the first time I set foot in Sebastopol. It was a Sunday and the farmer’s market was in full swing on the plaza in the center of town. Dancers and musician from the Pomo Tribe were presenting their songs and dances and something in the energy “tugged at my heart”. Last Sunday was the third time of finding myself back here and as three times are a charm…I’m still here and learning what the area has to offer and gift to me in the way of people, learning, experiences and with a bit of luck maybe even romance! One is never too old to dream!

I had forgotten about these photos of a very mystical glade found while walking one morning. It was at the end of a street surrounded by woods, orchards and vineyards. Outside the perimeter all was wild and over grown.Inside this large circular  space all was manicured yet untouched for what appeared to be many, many years. The cabin was tiny, you see the kitchen sink, what appeared to be a worktable for perhaps packing fruit/apples and two guard/entry posts mattered with Spanish moss and pots on top. There was such a strong sense of spirit presence, an eerier feeling reminiscent of a southern plantation. The photos even emit a smokey look, quite different from the pictures taken in another garden before and after visiting here.  The old truck just waits in silence!






A hermit at heart, it is so easy for me to hide away from the world but in the 5-D world we are evolving to, community connecting is what is called for and so the hermit can only be satisfied with short terms of hiding. The rest of the time it is to find, join and evolve community in new and sometimes uncharted ways. Yet, at this writing I do not have a clear, explainable view of what  the 5-D world will or should look like….that’s is part of the current mystery!

Once again the companionship of animals and the grounded energy of working in gardens from time to time helps clear my head to explore the creative community established here. This has translated into finding and participating with a small group of really good writers on Tuesday morning and joining Satsung that night,  kundalini yoga on Thursday.  Wednesday night was another first….stand up comedy! A small, friendly group of locals gathered to hear improve comedy…there were three men who “did their thing”, all quite different, funny and courageous. After breaking the ice with a light introduction and lightly touching on the forbidden topics of money, power, sex and death….I told a story of the “comedy of circumstances surrounding my mother and my step-father’s ashes….it’s one of those times “you just had to be there!” Will I do it again…not sure!

I did a radio interview on last Monday, Tuesday was offered an office space to do private sessions, with space to teach and share the power of sound of the singing crystal bowls and conduct sacred fire and song medicine circles in “honor” of those who have passed to the other worlds. Last Friday night was music at a local venue with Bob and a friend of his, and Saturday morning there was a contact improv dance gathering in Santa Rosa (10 miles away) and art and dinner with new friends in the evening, a free art class today, Monday morning and in the afternoon a little instruction on playing my native flute from a woman I met recently met.

And to push the hermit out just a little further, on November 13th I am participating in a Wellness Fair…mini sessions of intuitive readings, soul songs, playing crystal bowls and energy alignments.

I’m exhausted just re-reading what I have written! Perhaps I need to get off the merry-go-round…..oh no that would mean I would have to listen quietly to myself….be present….surrender to the unknown that all the activity has covered up….or just hit the save button, close the lid of the laptop and go have dinner…..clarity will again come in sleep!

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