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star bursts smallMay 14th is the Wesak Full Moon and the of celebration of the birth and enlightenment of Buddha.

I would like to share my latest meditation video with you.  It is just 30 minutes long and takes you on a journey to the stars and back (fortunately).  It is not a usual journey and you might be surprised who you meet along the way!

Even good for those “non mediators who don’t believe in all that crap!” 

If possible listen with headphones…….Please NOT IN YOUR MOVING CAR.…….parked and with car turned off is okay.

In this day and age of tiny convenient devises people forget they even have headphones on or are listening while in compromising situations….that is driving, working with machinery, fire, delicate objects. The senses and observation skills are numb or turned off and this can be scary for everyone around them.

Take the time to DE-STRESS – it could save you LIFE!

Production and Music by Matt Peters and Jerame Gray



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I am working on the next posting after a short week of personal retreat.

And in this time of great transition for many I am offering short Readings for those who need a little more clarity in their inner/outer journey.

This is a gift to you readers and for you to know the power of my work and gifts.

Contact me to make an phone/Skype/personal appointment.

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Where did she disappear to!

This is what many of you have probably been asking this past week or so since no postings have appeared. Intensity is probably the only word to describe what is going on for oh, so many people and countries. To be honest with you, I have been trying to write this blog for a couple of days now and each time I start its direction changes and the potency increases….when reading about the upcoming eclipses this will make sense. That being said I will keep it short and hopefully not too disjointed. Even my spelling has gone out the window!

Since Mother’s Day all has been ramped up a few notches once again and yesterday May 21 had been touted by some select Christian fundamental groups as the “end of the world”….a prediction they seem to get wrong over and over again but it is a good hook for many!

Then a look at the news from the Middle East and the aggression of forces over the people speaking out…..so much more bloodshed spilling onto the already “blood soaked lands.” The weather is doing its crazy dance through the skies and land with flooding and tornadoes raging havoc, volcanoes – Fire in the land of Ice (Iceland) once again, temps that go from near 80 one day to inches of snow and massive winds the next few……this is what happened in Sonora, Ca a week ago – so bizarre! Has all the cloud seeding, chem trails and HAARP frequency manipulations done so much damage that Mother Nature has no idea of which end is up!

More politicians and “influential people” being caught by their past and their raw abuse of “self-power”. Fear mongers continue to paint on bigger canvases the disasters of living or surviving in the material world…..not enough money, jobs, health……you name it, we believe it!

What astrology is saying!   Take the information in the context of the big and small pictures of what’s happening. Information adds more pieces to reveal clarity of the puzzle.

I am going to give you links to other people I know and respect for you to research. Beverly Bright – Human Design readings;  Grant Larson Radio Love, Relationships and You

Personally, in the past few weeks I have asked my guidance to ramp me up to the next levels, what ever they are and I got my wish. The intensity has been amazing. Events just presenting themselves for me to decide is this what I want!

A week ago a personal intense weekend of delving into the dark fires and emotions within; a major conversation revealing values and the power of stepping into the bigger public role; in the past week I have watched, tried to stop, to help, perhaps some what enable at times, two dear friends close on self-destruct with alcohol, DUI and prescription drugs. They hit bottom and now it is the journey upwards. Feeling, seeing, remembering similar times in the distant past when I had and have seen other loved ones fall into the dark abyss of seeming no return.

Then out of the blue an invitation to participant in the 1,000 Hummingbird Woman Gathering with the honor of teaching through my gifts of presence, storytelling and energy sound healing. This is an opportunity I have been waiting for so I am blessed! After that I head to Ashland to spend a few days with a friend and then to Mt Shasta for a week to stomp sacred felts and retreat again with my friend Jessica and then returning to Sonora to facilitate the second Spirit Journey Retreat on June 17-19. Sonora Retreat flyer

This is how these times unfold when we take a step or two into new or unknown circumstances. It is as though the universe is testing us to see if  we are serious about what we say or are they just words. Often there is no time to think, just feel and say yes or no!

Take time to breathe, stand firm on the ground and trust Your Own Intuitive messages.

Many Blessings until………

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While the experience of felting with Jessica is still fresh I would like to share the experience with you. It was a amazing, intense, physical, emotional and rewarding week.

As I shared earlier wool felting is an ancient natural art dating back to 2nd century BC in Sumeria, moving into India, the Middle East, Asia, and Indigenous cultures around the world. Felting wool of sheep, lamas and alpaca into beautiful, durable, practical and exotic items to wear and use everyday.

The wool arrives in large rolls of 80″ or 84″ wide. Soft, light and warm. Starting with raw cleaned wool, it is cut to the appropriate size for the idea to be made. As shrinkage of  the final piece needs to be considered, the beginning piece is  about 35% larger to start.

After cutting the wool it is rolled and tied ready for stomping, the main and most demanding step to felting.

Working with bare feet in the bathtub, soapy hot water is poured over the roll and “the stomp” begins. As the hot soapy water penetrates the fibres of the wool, a natural bonding takes place. Stomp and roll, stomp and roll continues until the roll is soaked. 

Unrolling, straightening and re-rolling for more stomping

Dry stomping, un-rolling and re-rolling, stomping, stomping, stomping……

sThe first round of stomping can take 15 to 30 minutes…depends on size and thickness of wool….then unrolled, straightened and left to dry and fluff up.  Then its ready for design.  Jessica at work on a beautiful design

To set the design more hot soapy water and stomping, stomping…..unroll, straighten, re-roll and begin again…..15, 30, 45 minutes…however long it takes to feel just right beneath the feet!

Unroll and allow to dry before a trip to the laundromat to wash, dry and shrink to the perfect size.  This is a very short and concise version of a process that takes 4-6 hours of work steps to produce a sacred yoga seat like the ones below. Obviously, larger pieces, longer and longer time.

And then we have half  the order completed…..what a beautiful display of Sacred Yoga Mats made with love and prayers.  http://www.sacredfeltcollection.com


Next the continuing journey…….I have been on the road since Friday when I left Mt Shasta for the long road trip EAST……to eventually arrive in St Petersburg, Florida in February for the birth of my grandson. Eight hours on the road for an overnight in Bishop, Co.on Hwy 395. Next morning another long day through lonely stark landscapes of CA and Nevada, being the only car on the road for miles…this brought up many emotions for processing…..arriving in Las Vegas to stay with Sheila Z, a friend I met in Santa Fe 3 years ago.  Yesterday I spent hiking trail in Red Rocks Canyon, west of the city and then in the late afternoon and early evening I spent “on the strip”…..amongst the throngs of people seeking…….what you can’t find outside…….more to follow on this!

And when I disconnect from here the road will take me towards Santa Fe for a visit of three to four days……stay turned……this journey is about retracing and unraveling more than expected…..it is for all of us in these times ……….until!

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Article first published as Performing “Awakening & Igniting Ecstasy In-Formation.” on Blogcritics.

Granted it has been what seems like a few weeks since writing for you yet here I am again with musings about the second performance of “Awakening and Igniting Ecstasy In-Formation…A New Twist of Money, Power, Sex and Death”,

I returned to Mt Shasta on September 8th to connect with a friend I had last seen in NC two years earlier. James and I created and produced a CD for meditation and balancing of male and female energies playing 12 + singing singing bowls.  We came together in a small private recording studio in Cashiers, NC knowing something special was going to happen….there was very little planning for it, at least on my part at the behest of the “higher ups”. By the time the last track was recorded, the energy presence from so many higher beings was palpable….George, the owner and technician was completely taken out into another state while doing his work and reemerged to present time just as the last notes were being played. He was in awe of his experience!

I had seen James’s name on an email and was shocked to see he was in the Shasta area. At the time I was heading that direction to house sit for a couple of weeks so timing was amazing as usual. Therese, my fellow Medicine Woman Sister and Friend, whom I had also met in NC came through town and what a great reunion we had!

In preparation for the latest performance I refined and tweaked the format and “so called script” a little, enhanced the power point backdrops and engaged musicians, dancer and artist for the evening.  

Doug was my first musician and just when I thought no others would turn up, my friend Jessica mentions her friend Brandy…and all was well again. I found out later they all already knew each other!

Doug Wendt, a classical guitarist who plays the classical composers, such and Bach and Mozart along with lighter classical, jazz and Spanish style pieces.

Brandy “Soulma” Saint Phalle and Rick Kincade came as a duo sharing vocals, guitar and Rick on harmonica, playing what they call Revolutionary music to open hearts and minds with love and respect.

Jennifer Jerabak, a Dancing Freedom facilitator shared a spot of improv dance with me before engaging the audience to dance…nearly everyone present got up! Unfortunately the lighting didn’t allow for a picture of Jennifer’s beautiful face and presence…New photo of Jennifer taken by Nickki Lee Hill.

Ray Dawn (Liz) once again helped me set up, monitored the video and was the improve artist again. Here are examples of her art interpretation of the story “A Trip for Chocolate”….notice the difference between the first and second performance energy.

Therese came back especially to support me for this performance and I so very much appreciate her and the wisdom she shared. She offered to take photos and so she click and clicked away the evening. And there are some very interesting shots! As the evening went on and the vibration within the place increased my little camera, that normally has no problems, captured images and actions in such odd ways. At first I thought it was the focus yet now believe it was far more than that!

Once again the audience seemed to really enjoy the evening, the stories and performers. In many ways it has become a conscious expanding experience of bridging the worlds.

At the end of the evening some audience members gave me names and ideas of other locations to present this style of message, “you need to get this out to more people, it was wonderful!” I am open to anywhere and everywhere to do this, from California and beyond!

I had also offered the evening as a fund raising event for the local Meals on Wheels program and am pleased to be able to take a donation of $60 along with a donated box of vegetables directly to the Mt Shasta office.

In the next week or so I hope to be able to edit and publish video segments to tantalize just a little…of course they cannot capture the true energy present in the moment….you have to do that in person!

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After such an odd, creative and busy time over the past two months (camping on Mt Shasta and Castle Lake, writing and the premier of my theatre piece, traveling, planning and presenting retreat) the past week or so has seemed not as productive even though I have seem a great deal and spent time and sharing with some wonderful friends.  Some of this has to do with Mercury being retrograde once again this year…..and will be that way until September 12…..so stay aware…..no big decisions, changes, sign contracts, etc until it goes direct again after September 12.

To continue on with the journal of my journeys here is a short piece on the wonderful and powerful retreat weekend.  If the full retreat experience is not possible, the closing Honoring of Spirit Names with Fire and Song Ceremony is powerful on its own and can be done anywhere……

One Wednesday night after drumming under the stars along with Stephanie, Nicole and Kathy we sat in the hot tub to appreciate the lovely evening and dark starry sky. While watching planes lining up to land in Oakland or San Francisco, the occasional darting star some strange lights appeared over a distant ridge…a ridge of only forest…no houses!   Four very bright lights in a tight row. The two outer lights appeared static while the two inner ones seemed to be blinking, yellowish in color….they just appeared, stayed a good few minutes and then disappeared and darkness over the ridge returned. A little later another light appeared in the same place, white then changing to red but this was just a single one…stayed a short time and was gone. That night there were other very odd and fast “happenings” and it was also a day of very odd and heavy energy….everyone we spoke to had the same experience….feeling extremely heavy, no energy to do anything, just wanted to sleep and did so…..everyone else have the same feelings…..what was going on……any ideas!!!

The Retreat Weekend

As mentioned in the previous posting, my reason for coming to Sonora was to facilitate a two day retreat for 20 people. Friday morning and early afternoon was spent getting ready for the evening gathering and introduction to the retreat experience. Those attending were coming from the Bay area as well as the local surrounding communities. And there was certainly an interesting mix of family lineages – Portuguese, Russian and Brazilian with parents who lived in Shanghai during the 40s and 50s; English, Irish, Scottish influences, Jewish, Iranian and Native American bloodlines were all represented making for many very interesting weavings of past and present perspectives, energies and history in the realm of Spirit (those who have died). In all seven men participated in the group which was wonderful. In the beginning not all were open or even comfortable being there, yet they did move in and out of the varying circles, gathering what they felt comfortable with and left the rest to just percolate around them.  I acknowledged and honored them for holding the grounding male energy by just being present…All was perfect!

The opening circle began just before sunset out on the lawn overlooking the valley with views towards the mountains of Yosemite. After moving around the circle for personal introductions, I gave a short introduction of myself, what I do and my experiences and shared a loose format for the next two days. And then introduced the group to the singing crystal bowls….playing them as the sun was going down, looking over the valley below, feeling the wisps of breezes carry the sounds out and beyond. I also played the bowls individually for each person to be able to feel the power and beauty of these crystal angels. This was a perfect place to stop, enjoy dinner and the rest of the evening.

Saturday morning at 8:30 about ten of the group began the day with an introduction to yoga and breathing exercises. Some had a little knowledge of yoga and for others this was a brand new experience….all embraced the opportunity and walked away feeling energized and ready for the day.

The topics I chose to open each circle with were Money, Power, Sex and Death. These are the topics I introduce in the Life Theatre production “Awakening and Igniting Ecstasy In-Formation….A New Twist on Money, Power, Sex and Death”. The Four Big are so intertwined that it is difficult and not even appropriate to single them out from each other so I weave stories, exercises, visuals and more back and forth.  Using new perspectives on sensitive subjects helps open views to self empowerment and to break down old belief patterns. In the morning I would introduce Money and Power and in the afternoon Sex and Death.

To give you an idea of the new twist introduced on these topics:

Money – Material Obligations Neutralize Evolving Yourself

Power –   Potential of Wonder Energizing Regalness

For Sex and Death you will have to come to a retreat or see the Life Theatre production….

After lunch the circle resumed sitting under a tree while hummingbirds and dragonflies  flew above and around us,  adding to all I shared in the lessons of feeling, seeing and sensing energy fields, auras, health and the physical body, more related stories and discussion. During this time pieces of paper and pens were handed around the circle with a request to write the name/s of anyone who had died, passed on, transitioned and to then place the papers in a small basket in the center of the circle. The names could be of loved one, family heritages, friends, acquaintances or even foes…anyone they would like to honor in our closing ceremony.

A break for refreshments and a swim followed.

Up until this point most of the information shared was somewhat intense, deep and new to many. About an hour before sunset I offer to “lighten things up and have fun” by doing innocent card readings for anyone interested…..everyone turned up!

After answering many questions about varying crystals, their purposes and properties and sharing a selection of my own crystals, the readings began….lots of laughter, more than a few surprise revelations, curiosities, questions on how “it” works and new openness to a sometimes “forbidden” topic. The last few readings were done well after sunset with the illumination of a flashlight….all adding to the atmosphere.

By this time dinner was ready and it was time to relax for the evening.

Being Sunday it was a slow start for some and for others, yoga and breathing exercises started the day.

The last circle gathering was to share and reflect on the retreat, the information presented, gained, ideas, changes and appreciations and closing with Honoring of Spirit Names with Fire and Song.

An opening prayer, sounding the chimes and passing the basket of names around the circle for each person present to take a name/s to be read out loud.

As each name was read the slip of paper was placed in the abalone shell, I lit the paper and sang the song that soul spirit wished to share….everyone was different, sometimes a poem was revealed, a statement shared….all personal with deep emotion especially for those who knew the person. In all, the basket went around the circle three times with about 80 + names read and honored. To not mention there were many tears, profound emotional releasing and even times of laughter would be remiss of me. There were all these and more, all experienced in safety within the arms of Divine Love and Light in and around each person and the circle.

To end the ceremony I asked Andre if he would take the shell of ashes and allow them to be taken by the winds….this creating a beautiful ending to the powerful Honoring Ceremony.

It took about twenty minutes for people to move through the energy of the circle to that of socializing, laughter, swimming and a late lunch….and when this was done the lightness and change within all present was amazing and noticeable, confirming so much had  really been released and healed in a beautiful way.

All during the weekend at times when not in circle I talked and worked one-on-one with most of the group. Some just needed a word or two of reassurance; others more clarity, while a couple needed a stronger

and more deliberate push or a “loving 2×2 across the head” as a reminder to get out of their own way!

For me, doing so much teaching along with energy and sound work and Spirit Ceremony is always energizing, powerful and humbling at the same time. These moments can change people’s lives and in turn charge our world.

If you are interested in the retreats experience or know of other who may be, please contact me to make plans “to change the world!”  Not just in California, plan one in your area!

The next posting will be on my journey to Yosemite.  Stay turned!

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Full Moon in Libra in the Sign of Aries.  It’s like being in the spin cycle of life’s machine and not sure which speed is coming next. Lots of unravelling, revealing which creates mystical happenings and awareness, a little scary, lots of  revelations and oh so adventureous possibilities to explore.

Hold on to your hats….. this is only the begining for we have arrived in a new time and space with no return to the past acceptable.


The World Book Dictionary’s meaning of metamorphosis is “change of form, structure, substance; any complete change in appearance, character, circumstances.” This is what spring is about, bringing new hidden life to the surface to present a complete visual transformation in appearance, character and form.

This is what is happening to all of us internally and externally, with incredible speed, power and significance.  And I can definitely say my life shifts have been ramped up big time! I have been trying to write a new post for the past four to five days and just the action of opening up the blog site sometimes proved impossible.

What changed today to at least get it started? Birthdays begin a new revolution of birth and rebirth and this has just occurred for me as well as, last Wednesday was the last morning of getting up at 4am to participate in the  latest 11 day sadhana (morning call to meditation and chant) at a center in Mt Shasta.  The particular session mantra was focused on releasing blocks. Blocks from what appeared to be from eons of time past to the stuff brought forth that very night. There was nothing subtle about it either, no mistaking what was being addressed and how proactive actions really were crucial and not to be delayed. 

Another thing that has changed is how I am to redefine myself, my life purpose, work and most of all my DESIRES. Become more specific and refine the central theme. For anyone reading my bios, website or most especially knowing me, realize I have done, been, seen and created from very diverse directions and I’m often asked “what do you really do and how do you use it!” Confusing to say the least, to all except me! Everything I have ever done, learned, etc., I now know how to put it all into play when working with clients, writing, creating presentations and shows or finding disruptive forces in grids. BUT NOW IT NEEDS TO BE REFINED TO A CENTRAL CORE OF PURE INTEREST and this is ultimately UNDERSTANDING SOUL EVOLUTION STORIES and WHO WE ARE TODAY!  How this is done is the Intuitive Journey of Discovery!

Many of you reading this piece will agree and say “that’s happening to me and I didn’t have to get up at 4am and chant!”  For me, the discipline, focus, attention, intent and conscious awareness provided very clear signposts and thread patterns to follow, rather than being blind and unconscious to the reasons, impact and appropriate responses required to move or dissolve the blocks.  Some friends were put in their sick beds to have time to cleanse, reflect and revive to their new selves; or a relationship came to place of transition for reasons viewed quite differently by each person involved; huge and fast rearrangements of living circumstances, work, power and information are all part of the individual and universal metamorphosis taking place.

You cannot fight it……it is a natural flow of life force……..

Embrace it……..and The Birth it is facilitating in your life!


Creating Soul Stories     Why Are They Important?

In the last post there was as example of how a formless light vibration snowball may create a Soul for incarnation by traveling through a great Life Memory Library. This is a powerful tool I use for helping people understand why and how  they experience life as they do.

The next story is of birth and family ties, their impact and how they really extend back in time and beyond this space. Understanding such genetic ties, their cellular and psychic memory and current connection to life and health issues are significant within my own children and family even as I write this. The deep, old and wounded past is pleading for acknowledgement, release and healing.

                     Sample Chart Flow

The Dynamic Web of Family Ties

 Another experience that presented itself at Spa Atlantis was with a young mother-to-be and her family. On the day I met her, she told me her due date was NOW, TODAY! I will call this young woman, Susan.


I had just finished working with another client and came out to the reception area. Standing there, beside Susan was her aunt, a friend, a massage therapist and the receptionist for the spa. I was introduced to Susan and of course my question to her was “when are you due?”

She replied “now but the baby has not dropped into place for some reason and the doctor’s are concerned. I had a massage with the hope of moving the baby into place.”


Observing a great pressure on her spine because of the baby’s weight and position I asked if I could do a little energy work to perhaps shift it so she would not be so uncomfortable.  Susan gladly agreed.


Standing right there in the reception area, with all everyone observing, I “did my energy magic” as I call it. Within a couple of minutes she experienced a shift, her baby demagnetized from the spine allowing for Susan to loosen and straighten herself, her skin, hair and eyes visibly lightened and the baby slowly lowered into place.


Everyone was amazed! They watched my every move, the breathing technique I showed Susan, the fact that I really didn’t even touch her and also all this was done within five or six minutes. I smiled and then bid farewell, leaving Susan now looking like a radiant and comfortable mother-to-be.


The next day I had planned to visit a friend at his office in Hollywood, FL. David was a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and we were going to share techniques and information on each other’s work.  He had given me directions and said that I should to park in the Burger King Lot across the street.


At the duly appointed time I arrived and parked my car. First off I made a stop in the Burger King to wash my hands and get the feel that it was alright to leave my car for a couple of hours.


I was just about to leave the store when a voice behind me said “hello, what are you doing here?” It was Susan’s aunt from the previous day. To say the least I was surprised.


“I’m visiting a friend across the street!”

“Oh he is at the birthing center!  ” she asked and then proceeds to introduce Susan’s mother and other family members.


“I had no idea David’s office was connected to the birthing center!” I replied.


We crossed the street together and entered the building. David was waiting for me. Susan’s aunt wanted me to meet the grandparents and children before I met with David.


This is when I “tuned into” some rather disturbing emotions and threads that were playing out in the family. The Grandmothers were remembering their own child birth experiences, there was jealousy coming from a sister and Susan’s supposed “best friend.


I went to see David and spent about two hours together in his office.  Eventually, the need for food took over and we decided to go and find something to eat.


The scene in the rest of the building had changed. There was a much stronger stress level evident. Walking passed a room with the door open I realized that it was a birthing room and in use. A large woman in a wheelchair was in the room and as I walked past felt a very uncomfortable chill.


I asked David who she was. “She is the midwife.”

To say the least I was shocked. Shocked at the chilling energy messages I was picking up from the room and woman.


Upon leaving the building we were greeted with the sight of Susan being walked in the parking lot, her husband on one side and her best friend on the other. Susan was not the radiant person I left the day before. She was in pain, tired, drained and actually looking wretched. My heart went out to her.


David and I moved to our cars and out of ear shot of everyone. I shared my observations and feelings with him and although he had not understood the scenarios, as soon as I pointed them out he agreed completely.


  These were my observations.                                                   

  1. The grandparents of the two families were not comfortable or did not particularly really like each other.                                                                                                                                                            Sample Family Issues Chart
  2. The midwife present was not only unhealthy physically; she also had a strong jealous energy around her and “wanted” the mothers to experience difficult births, as her own life was difficult. Susan’s sister also exhibited jealousy.
  3. Outside, Susan’s best friend had a strong interest in her husband and perhaps in the past they had had a relationship. Once again jealousy was apparent.
  4. All these webs of relationship energies were being picked up by the baby, and baby was saying “I don’t want to come into this mess there is too much pain and deceit around!” Thus labored had virtually stopped.


For those readers who are questioning the above observations, it was the energy, auric fields and body language of everyone involved I was reading and sensing. This has taken me many years of observation to understand and now hopefully I can assist or facilitate to dissolve and complete particular energy patterns.


As David and I continued to stand by our cars I quietly said a blessing and connected into Divine Source and held the space while these dark threads moved to become light.  In situations like these, I know I have been guided or directed to “turn up, be present and hold light” by a higher divine power which could also include the “spirit/s” of family members wishing to help resolve situations that seem to repeat themselves over and over again. These powerful times are showing us many very different ways of handling and looking at life.


One of the most crucial factors in transmuting dark or negative energies, behaviors, spirits and such is to acknowledge and validate that they are real and have had a purpose up until that moment. Validation is the key to dissolving the power or fear, and in validating the power or fear, there is then a choice to make of what to do next, thus moving beyond its perceived original purpose.

Like a child demanding attention. Until the child is acknowledged and asked what they want, their demands will continue to get louder and louder.

Several days later I spoke to David for an update on when Susan went into labor and had her baby. He said “the situation started to change about an hour after I left and she had her baby later than night. He said the stress amongst everyone definitely changed and ‘thank you for what you did!”

As with the many varied experiences I have had over the years, each one teaches me something special and important not only about others but also myself and then becomes another block in the new life puzzle I am gradually learning more about.  



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Looking at the meaning of stress through Numerology 

                                                                    It says a great deal! 

                                    Meaning of Positive & Negative Aspects of  Numbers:

1  = Self  – Good personal power/knowing / Self doubt, fear, powerless


2  = Other People – good interactions / emotional & mental games & struggles 

3 = Communication – creative, clear, honest / anger, violent, dullness, passive 

4 = Balance/Harmony/ Doing  – Knowing right actions and timing / stubbornness 

5 = Freedom, Flow, Change – Listening, Go with the flow / too rigid or too flexible 

6  = Community/Family, Responsibility – Knowing your place and work/ taking on too much or not stepping up (in the correct situation) 

 7  = Self Awareness, Spiritual Teaching/Mysteries – Follow intuition/personal guidance vv self doubt/low self-esteem, doing as others  tell you (timing) 

 8  = Power, Money, Status, Control –  Empowerment vv Disempowerment – leadership by example – either + or – 

   9  = All Coming Together/Unity, Unconditional Love, Highest Good – Trying to control outcomes, pigeon holing, putting guilt and conditions of  people/outcomes  

 S  T     R     E     S     S        =      1     2     9     5     1     1                                                                                                                                                                                              


I am allowing other people to play emotional and/or mental games that bring up guilt and feelings of being controlled, and if I don’t create unity the strings of conditional love, acceptance, success and “freedom” will be taken away and I will be powerless again. (To continue the pattern) 



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