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This morning, wrapped in a warm blanket to protect from the cool mountain air I sat in meditation. The warm southern sun feeling so good after several days of clouds, cold, rain and blahs!

As the cocoon warmed, the mind stilled and partially emptied of thoughts and dialogue…..peaceful. This week is huge as most of you know. The big build up to 11-11-11 and another full moon heralding yet more dynamic shifts in the energetic and vibrational life forces on Earth and within Humanity.

Awaken! Awaken! It is the time!

The mind chatter started and this phrase kept repeating itself within me…a meditation in itself! As its continued force moved to cells and the blueprint matrix of all fields within and around me became aware….Awaken! Awaken! It is the Time!

I/We have been waiting for the tangible signs of this most intangible phenomenon….they are here yet they are not! Then my mind took me to remember some of the many clues from days gone by of perhaps Who and What I have incarnated for in this Lifetime.

As I share these very few pieces of awakening for me, I encourage you to also follow the awakening threads of your journey thus far….what is revealed to you?

The mind stilled and then revealed……

The very earliest memory I have is of 3 years old, before my brother was born. Living on the waterfront in Palm Beach, north of Sydney (back then it was a days trek to get there from the city.) Standing near a large tree (mother took a photo of me and the tree that day). A group of nuns in black habits come to the beach to swim. They all started taking off the layers of clothing and it was when the veils started coming off revealing bald heads that I became frightened and hid behind the tree. Laughingly, they spoke and tried to coax me out, I stayed out of deep curiosity more than anything. Of course we all know nuns don’t strip off their clothes and swim…..I know this was a visit from other worlds!

In the warmth of the morning sun I went back into quiet time within the mind……another memory came back.

This was when I was 6-7 years old. My father, along with another engineer, started building tape recorders in a small garage in Cremorne, a suburb of Sydney. Not long after that he opened “Magnetic Sound Industries” on George St, Sydney. For anyone living in Sydney between the mid 50s to early 80s, my father Peter Clark, was known as the Sound Magician and he really opened up the tape recorder and Hi Fi industry in Australia. He could hear the tiniest change in sound, he knew how create combinations of equipment (speakers, amps, tape decks, etc) to get as perfect a sound as possible back then. He taught me to hear and listen and feel sound frequencies.

That image moved away and the sun warmed my face and body…stillness again.

Around 13-14 years old the world expanded again. Sitting at the window in my bedroom, holding the treasured “transistor radio” with the antenna extended out of the window searching the skies for radio stations from other parts of Australia and the World. Most every night I would do the same ritual. Using the dial to tune into the radio frequencies able to penetrate the atmosphere and ignite the crystals within the radio…..I could hear the world coming to me…sometimes in English…mostly in other languages yet it didn’t matter, I was just enthralled. Living on the other side of the world in the stillness of my night and connecting to other worlds!

Stillness and warmth again…..

Hands of Healing appeared and a vision of the Hathors. Ancient, light-filled, beyond Earth…..hands held up and light energy eliminating forth, dancing along the vibrational waves all around. This was Me remembering how and why the knowledge of Light Healing Power  was/is activated through me in this lifetime all the way to today. Through experience I have witnessed incredible events and healing and know there is so much more to be received as We Awaken! This vision continued moving through my ages of 8 years old until today…..the young dancer whose body moved and flowed with the technical training of a classical ballet dancer…..and always it was through my hands came the greatest expression…..energy flowing and moving through and out, touching others. These days I speak a lot with my hands. It is so special to watch another’s eyes catch sight of light, energy and colors flowing as I speak…..making the intangible, tangible, so to speak!

Quiet again, mind is still and sun is continuing to warm…….

A diamond patterned tapestry is on the wall before me. I am sitting at a table surrounded by others at a dinner party. The woman opposite me makes mention of a recent trip to Egypt. Behind her, a diamond moves and opens….and then becomes dimensionally deeper into the tapestry and wall. I am traveling into the diamond light, further and further into this tunnel…..not seeing yet knowing there are rooms or places behind the light….moving deeper in yet still hearing voices on the outside of the vision. Light expanding into a room/space of vibrant light vibrating with beauty. I had reached the inner space within the diamond within the Great Pyramid but it is not the one known as Giza….it is one within one, within one, yet to be found!

Under the light are scenes of lower light, people playing with genes and machines, Dr Who comes to mind….scenes of desolation and pain are dissolved as I hold and witness…..Awaken! Awaken! When the time is right Diamond Light will Activate!

As Light begins to change I move backwards out of the tunnel, back through the diamond pattern and rest quietly in the chair again….all eyes turned toward me puzzled and curious. The explanation I gave then could only scratch the surface and was suffice for then.

Awaken! Awaken! It is Time!

Part Three of the message from Metatron by Tyberonn awakened all of this again. As yet another activation of the massive communicating crystals of the planet will occur on 11-11-11, with a prime focus on the Arkansas Mountains another memory came forth….

Of the time in October, 2000 when I went of Vision Quest in those very same mountains, activated by the crystal power deep within the core.

I am in gratitude of all those in my life journey thus far who have been friends, lovers, teachers, creators and co-creators. Many know who you are, many others do not know how you have touched my life and been part of my AWAKENING. We often have no idea how we affect and effect others….I hope I have touched some lives in the same way and been a Seed of Awakening for them.

We are awakening to the Core, as the core of an apple holds seeds….so too as we peel and reveal….Our Core holds the Seeds of Purpose and Life to unfold……

Remember! Remember!

If you would like assist in unraveling and understanding your life threads, please contact me for Life Alchemy Consultation (ophelia28@earthlink.net)

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For miles and miles I watched the road in front of me unfold towards the rising sun of the east, locked in the vacuum of my car and our private world. Before the journey began I had intentions of recording stories and thoughts in all the alone time I would have. I purchased a recorder for that exact purpose and I do have to say it was used, but no where near as much as I thought.

The other company with me on the journey was several tapes of the “morning sadhana chants” I had participated in earlier in the year in Mt Shasta. Starting on December 21 (a year ago today) a small group of us gathered at the Flying Lotus just before 4AM to share in kundalini yoga and the “short Ek Ong Kar” chant – there was nothing short about it…..a full 2 1/2 hours to completion each day for 21 consecutive days As I have mentioned before, this was an amazing experience!

Well this, along with other chants was my company.  And then there were the hours of silence each day.

Are you afraid of silence! I know people who are. There always has to be noise of some sort….radio, TV, kids, talking…..all distracting from what the silence within is requesting. Jessica reminded me of this one day during felting….I was trying to decide on a design and nothing was coming.

“Sit quietly and do Breathe of Fire for a few minutes”.  I sat by the fire, stilled myself and began the breathe and sure enough, after a few minutes I was still inside, my head was clearer and as I looked at the project in front of me an image revealed itself….the answer came in the stillness of the breathe!

And in stillness and silence comes fear!  The drive from Mt Shasta to Bishop was 8 ½ hours.

The next day leaving Bishop, CA on Hwy 395, the road to Hwy 95 and Las Vegas opened that door, the door of fear! Hwy 168, an 89 mile cut across CA and NV, across a mix of mountains and flat expansive plateaus and no one else. In the early morning there was on one on this road….there was nothing else on this road for miles and miles….I didn’t even see any wildlife.

At the beginning of every day’s drive I would say a blessing and request safety and protection for myself, my little girl (car) and all those around me.  As the miles unfolded on this road a sense of vulnerability enveloped everything and in the silence my fears raised. Immediately the music was turned on and up high. I sang along to avoid myself.

Why was I in fear? The thoughts were “I’m alone, no one knows where I am, and will my car be OK!” And then it hit me. In the incredible expansiveness of this land, of its stark beauty perceivably devoid of life……I was completely INSIGNIFICANT! As a grain of sand on a massive beach….if taken away nothing would change, no one would miss “just one grain of sand, one little speck on the expansive landscape!

Is this what all our fears are about, no matter what they are…..of being insignificant…..is this why silence is so scary…….because in silence we do not contribute anything…..except the abundance of our consciousness!

What is in our consciousness?   Only the totality of our soul’s existence….only everything one has ever done, thought, felt, heard, lived….only all memory of one’s universe….only all memory of the universe itself…..only the memory that each one of humanity has and is a fractal of the ONE UNIVERSE and related to each other…..only that one is SIGNIFICANT in our small fraction of life……and this is only revealed when the light of love is turned on!

For those not familiar with fractals…Unlike fragments which are pieces of the puzzle, each one different, yet when placed correctly form a complete picture. A fractal is the complete picture, multiplied and replicated over and over again.  And to go a little further, it could be said that each person and their soul’s existence are a combination of fragments and fractals…….this is for a greater discussion on another road!

(These photos are the driver’s view, not from beauty of form and they cannot capture the real eye and heart view in the moment.)

At the sight of the first car coming towards me the aloneness dissipated. The 89 miles, a mix of narrow winding roads and straight expansive stretches took 2 ½ hours and the sight of Hwy 95 was a relief.  And Hwy 95 is not a highway one you would want to travel at night…it takes you through more desolate, stark landscape…..a long, straight road without services for miles and miles and miles and miles but during the day there is traffic!

Hwy 95 through Nevada to Las Vegas goes through the infamous Area 51 – UFO Country – and I can believe it!

From Stillness to Overload!

In the last posting I took you to Las Vegas and my visit with Sheila Z.  I only touched on the sights I came across in Red Rock Canyon and “on the strip”.

So often we get lost in the our world not seeing much of what else is around, in other words the world portrayed by commercialism, government, media, fear and control.

For several hours I watched so many of the thousands of people walking the strip or sitting behind the slots in incredibly glamorous hotels and casino, appearing to be “devoid of life and soul”…only shells of their potential, not as God’s creation but of man’s de-evolution.

Hypnotized by the lights, colors, activity, constant noise, play of machines and the internal plea “to hit it big and solve all of life’s problems” kept some of these people coming back. Of course, many oame to Vegas for the entertainment, glamour and excitement without being caught in it, yet far too many were and are not so fortunate. And this goes for the other addictions that take over one’s life!

I remember back when Jerame’s and his friend, Jarrod  spent a summer in Bull Head City, NV, just 90+ miles south of Vegas. Jarrod’s grandmother lived there and so these two young men in search of a different adventure headed west by train. Mathew and I visited him for two weeks. We traveled to Sedona and the Grand Canyon and endured the desert sun. The boys got jobs as hotel valets and spent hours running back and forth in and out of the hot sun and cold air conditioning. I remember Jerame commenting one day that he watched people, all types, rich and poor, well and ill…spend hours, all day and night, just sitting in front of these machines, pulling the handles or pushing the buttons to make “the wheels spin” in the hope the right sequences would appear. One day Jerame shared “Sometimes they wouldn’t even leave the machine to go to the bathroom; they peed in the coin cups!”

At our lowest ebbs in life, when life has or is not going well due to conflict, pain, illness, violence, anything or  anyone else, when one allows to submit to their control…life is lost.

On the Road Again….

From Vegas I headed to Kingman and then to Flagstaff, AZ. This would be only a four hour stretch so I thought I would go a couple of hours beyond Flagstaff before stopping. Years ago it was no trouble for me to drive 10-12 hours at a time, and had done so many, many times. But now 8 hours seemed to be my limit!

About an hour out of Flagstaff, my friend Leela called to say hello and chat. And so timely it was! Leela has traveled this road many times and when I told her of my plans she advised me to stay in Flagstaff as the road from there to Albuquerque had only a scattering of stops and hotels. I took her advice!

Some of you may even have heard of Leela Hutchinson. Leela, a gemologist was the first woman to enter and photograph the amazing Crystal Selenite Caves in Southern New Mexico. The Discovery Channel has aired several programs on this incredible place!

Flagstaff, AZ has a small, quaint and artistic downtown. Lots of restaurants and specialty boutiques. While walking I was drawn into Sacred Rites….Therapy Instruments and Monochords. Tibetan prayer flags fluttered in the breeze and ornaments of Buddha, Kwan Yin and other beautiful pieces adorned the window.

Inside there were drums, flutes, gongs and other instruments of all sizes and shapes. Kelly, the owner greeted me. He was playing a monochord and had several on the counter. The beautiful soothing sound of this little instrument was relaxing, especially after so many days on the road.

A monochord is a 12 string instrument, like a flat dulcimer. It is turned to one note, for instance a C, A, D, etc. Each string is tuned to a different tone of that same note. When played or really, strummed, the gentle resonance of the particular note is experienced.

The monochords on display he had commissioned to be made by a local craftsman. The larger lounge chair style I experienced had come from Germany. One side was designed to sound with a padded mallet and on the other side were strings, not unlike a harp. Kelly sat on the floor to the side. I lay on the chair. The sounds from this monochord gentle reverberated though the wood into the body…very subtly at first and slowly strengthening, combined with his soft toning voice….the sounds of healing wafted in the air.  To learn more you can search Monochords on the Internet.

After a good nights sleep I headed further east on Hwy 40 to Albuquerque and the HWY 25 To Santa Fe. This would take me 7 ½ hours!

(Note in this last photo the rainbow energy emerging from the rock cavern)

The journey of retracing steps continues………

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