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A short entry today announcing the latest video of the Labyrinth’s journey. I have met many wonderful people and have been honored to shared in each personal experience.

During these experiences I have discovered in subtle ways the unseen power of labyrinths. As an “energetic light substation” the more people walking it in a specific location amplifies the energy of the intentions of prayers and blessings: “to surrender all that is not in my highest good” (walking in) and “to claim and integrate the wholeness of the new potential within and without” (walking out).

On Saturday, September 17th I will have the Labyrinth at the Rejuvenation Festival in Mendocino, CA.

The next audio in the series “Storing the Past….Clearing the Future” will be on Spiritual Baggage. Hopefully ready for next week!

Until then………..Blessings!

(once again YouTube has done something strange with the first image, working on fixing it!)

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