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Well Dear Readers it has been an eternity since The Muse put in a good days work….not really, it just seems that way!

As so many of you are finding these days your lives just turn and move from “normal” to “oh no, not again changes”, “I didn’t ask for these happenings”, and then the totally unexpected and then back to seeming “normal”. You question your sanity and that of others around you. And then when horoscopes and planetary astrology is checked, it all reveals that exactly what has been going on in your life and others…..”is normal” for the times we are living in………SUCH COMFORTING THOUGHTS!

The Muse has still not fully returned and that is OK I have decided. The only certainty is the uncertainty! You have all no doubt heard, read and unexperienced many of the dynamics of this pivotal 2012 year. There are hundreds on writers and channels delivering messages of varying importance and truth mixed with fiction and superstition. This all leads to a great need for discernment on the part of each person seeking as everyone is at a completely different stage of understanding and evolution on the path.

The last time humanity (if it existed then)  came close to these experiences was back 26,000 years when the last Cycle of Light (feminine) ended and it moved into the 26,000 year Cycle of Darkness (masculine) that is now ending. The only evidence of what it was like are the results we live with now and reflect on as “our human history.” Such are our sobering reflections!  Please know that references here and all other places you read it are not directed to MEN (our current general understanding of masculine) but to the Masculine aspects of humanity in both men and women……this is where a huge part of our responsibility lies. Understanding ourselves.

In these times the unexpected and new is premium for us as part of collective humanity to open up the portals and doorways of New Paradigm Times. So best advice…don’t fight the unusual, unknown and really uncomfortable because there can be great potential lying in wait!

Since “The Muse Left the Building” posting I have traveled many miles for the movement to open doors not known to be present. Visits with special friends and work with many new people in presentations and teaching experiences have gifted me greatly. Again getting back to the very early morning (4AM) sadhana meditations. From Sonora to Mill Valley to Sonora to Geyserville to Mendocino to  Sebastopol to Stockton to Sonora to Mendocino. Soon to return to Geyserville and then to Mt Shasta for the Full Solar Eclipse and then ?????? Let the unknown unfold!

Out of all these places special little happenings would open…to even being asked to Read/Try Out for the Lead in an amazing Theater Play. And then be asked to continue to the next Reading……this is the total unexpected yet oddly enough connected to my knowings that lie deep below surface of the present. Whether I get the part of not… I’m loving the experience and challenge.

By saying Yes to such….the Universe can respond by gifting more openings……….Try It…..You May Like It!!!!!!!!!!!

The Muse has now written far more than expected. Enjoy the photos of varied landscapes from the past weeks.

Blessings and wonderful journeys to All!

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While the experience of felting with Jessica is still fresh I would like to share the experience with you. It was a amazing, intense, physical, emotional and rewarding week.

As I shared earlier wool felting is an ancient natural art dating back to 2nd century BC in Sumeria, moving into India, the Middle East, Asia, and Indigenous cultures around the world. Felting wool of sheep, lamas and alpaca into beautiful, durable, practical and exotic items to wear and use everyday.

The wool arrives in large rolls of 80″ or 84″ wide. Soft, light and warm. Starting with raw cleaned wool, it is cut to the appropriate size for the idea to be made. As shrinkage of  the final piece needs to be considered, the beginning piece is  about 35% larger to start.

After cutting the wool it is rolled and tied ready for stomping, the main and most demanding step to felting.

Working with bare feet in the bathtub, soapy hot water is poured over the roll and “the stomp” begins. As the hot soapy water penetrates the fibres of the wool, a natural bonding takes place. Stomp and roll, stomp and roll continues until the roll is soaked. 

Unrolling, straightening and re-rolling for more stomping

Dry stomping, un-rolling and re-rolling, stomping, stomping, stomping……

sThe first round of stomping can take 15 to 30 minutes…depends on size and thickness of wool….then unrolled, straightened and left to dry and fluff up.  Then its ready for design.  Jessica at work on a beautiful design

To set the design more hot soapy water and stomping, stomping…..unroll, straighten, re-roll and begin again…..15, 30, 45 minutes…however long it takes to feel just right beneath the feet!

Unroll and allow to dry before a trip to the laundromat to wash, dry and shrink to the perfect size.  This is a very short and concise version of a process that takes 4-6 hours of work steps to produce a sacred yoga seat like the ones below. Obviously, larger pieces, longer and longer time.

And then we have half  the order completed…..what a beautiful display of Sacred Yoga Mats made with love and prayers.  http://www.sacredfeltcollection.com


Next the continuing journey…….I have been on the road since Friday when I left Mt Shasta for the long road trip EAST……to eventually arrive in St Petersburg, Florida in February for the birth of my grandson. Eight hours on the road for an overnight in Bishop, Co.on Hwy 395. Next morning another long day through lonely stark landscapes of CA and Nevada, being the only car on the road for miles…this brought up many emotions for processing…..arriving in Las Vegas to stay with Sheila Z, a friend I met in Santa Fe 3 years ago.  Yesterday I spent hiking trail in Red Rocks Canyon, west of the city and then in the late afternoon and early evening I spent “on the strip”…..amongst the throngs of people seeking…….what you can’t find outside…….more to follow on this!

And when I disconnect from here the road will take me towards Santa Fe for a visit of three to four days……stay turned……this journey is about retracing and unraveling more than expected…..it is for all of us in these times ……….until!

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Well, I’m back to getting up at 3:30am and heading down the mountain to participate in the 11 day, 4:00am morning Sadhana in Mt Shasta City Park. Along with Nickki, Jessica and Bill we are all wrapped up in blankets against the dark and chilly morning air. It is a great setting!  Beginning with a short set of kundalini yoga before what is called Sadhana of the Aquarian Age – 62 minutes of varying chants and prayers.

Encountering a Medicine Path!

The morning of Saturday, July 24th started like most mornings since I had been camping up at Castle Lake.  Sharing morning coffee made over an open fire with friends. On this particular day it was shared with John, Michael and Satya. An innocent question of “what are you doing today” opened into an amazing journey over the weekend.

This journey was one I had never been on, never really considered as “I don’t do that stuff!” It was a journey using a sacred herb from the Amazon called Ayahuasca. It is made from specific vines and leaves that are carefully and prayerfully brewed for many days, turning it into a dark, rich and potent tea. I had heard of Ayahuasca over the years but was never drawn in that direction, even though I have had training of a Medicine Woman.

Of course I am in a different place right now…..I have been camping between Mt Shasta and Castle Lake for the past six weeks, living, learning and feeling the closeness of Mother Earth, an amazing experience in itself!

Now I was going to be tested internally, consciously and mindfully, I just didn’t know how profoundly! Ayahuasca has been used by shaman and medicine people in the Amazon and other part of the world for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It is NOT a street drug; it is a sacred medicinal herb, respected for its potency and mystery. It is known to help access other worlds, portals and knowledge beyond everyday life. I have since learned that herbs such as this have given a “bad wrap” when used disrespectfully and as a recreational drug, not understood its true power.

My experience was sacred, clean, pure and done with knowledge and awareness. After two hours of instructions and conversation we took the tea around 8:30pm on Saturday night. The whole experience concluded around 2:00pm on Sunday.

(Please note: this is not a journey one takes on a whim or just because someone else has done it….you have to be prepared and know the possible reactions. The most common reaction is to detox via vomiting….definitely not so nice but very effective.)

What I learned is that because I had done so much internal, emotional and mental clearing work on myself, my experience was all directed in and by the higher and psychic realms. I was stretched to hold my personal power and strength as my fears and psychic voices from other fields and dimensions tried to take hold and stop me. For a long time I felt completely paralyzed, able to hear everything happening to others all around me, being extremely conscious of a sense of having my soul and mind pulled away. My mind kicked into gear and a great power came through as I pushed ahead and finally held my position and personal power (in a deep and motionless meditation state) and said “No! I am stronger than all of this….I am my own person and cannot be controlled by these forces! Suddenly I was able to move, sit up and strongly ground my energy field. This was so empowering! A little while later I tried to stand up and that was so difficult…felt like a baby taking her first steps…I was definitely not present in the body for numerous hours!

This whole experience has shown me how far I have come on the journey, how strong I am now and how I am able to stand up to the “dark voices and influences that try to push one off the path and the light away.”

This is but a thumbnail sketch of an amazing experience that is beyond words and mental description…but it gives you the idea!

Life Theatre Premiered in Mt Shasta

My time living very simply in nature for the past six weeks has opened the creative flow and drive to create stories and theatre pieces to awaken consciousness. Last Saturday marked the World Premier of such a piece and it went so well.

Titled “Awakening and Igniting Ecstasy In-Formation…A New Twist on Money, Power, Sex and Death.” In essence it is a 2 hour One Woman Show plus Others (local musicians, Isis and Peter and my son, Jerame, and dancing with Jennifer) offering stories, poetry, dancing, pictures and examples of the topics that indicate new and positive perspectives of looking at life and to make people think!

For example: using acronyms, the new meaning of Money becomes Material Obligations Neutralize Evolving Yourself – which is exactly what happens when the need, drive, possession or fear of money over takes ones life.

Sex becomes Senses Engaging Xstasy (Ecstasy or Love)

To learn what Power and Death mean….come and see a show or bring the show to your town!

Jerame and Kate Visiting

To have my son Jerame and his girlfriend Kate visit was so wonderful. The only way it could have been better would have been if Mathew and Shannon were with us…hopefully next time they will be!

We did so much…from camping on the mountain; meals, stories and laughter around the camp fire with friends, a challenging hike to South Gate Meadow, swimming in Castle Lake, singing in a sacred glade of rocks, Jerame playing “Ophelia” (the song he wrote for me) during the performance, sharing good food, wine, music, laughter and birthdays with friends….great memories, photos and love all around! I’m so looking forward to see all the pictures they took and share some with you!

Their visit was far too short…but more will come!

Playing in the snow – Jerame and Kate with Nickki, Atarah and Keinan on the way to South Gate Meadow.

Mountain Time Coming to an End!

Next week I will begin travelling again, at least for a short while. I am heading south to Yosemite region to lead a weekend retreat workshop and do private sessions with some wonderful new friends. Sharing my knowledge and work is always wonderful and having the chance to see new vistas at the same time is exciting….

First stops will be at Glass Mountain, Medicine Lake and Lassen National Forest and Park before heading to Yosemite region.

More will follow as the journey and fun unfolds………

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See Storytelling on Sidebar

for the Conclusion of  A Trip for Chocolate!


Mars is Direct Again, thankfully!

Many of you may have noticed this week, on March the 10th to be exact, something shifted and things happened very unexpectedly. Mars went direct after three months of “perceivably going backwards”. Astrology is one of the Oh So Ancient Sciences that can give us great clues into what is happening yet by no means is the absolute! Nothing is absolute, especially now!

Mars is the planet associated with fire, action, courage, war, defiance, impulse, the warrior. So very simple put – so much that has been held back, put on the backburner, covered up to avoid exposure, no matter whether in the physical life and world, avoidance of emotional and mental issues, avoiding personal strength and courage, etc., is now able to move ahead but probably not at a snail’s pace as most would like. It will be in your face with no disguises.

There is a gently side to Mars and actions taken, they can be gentle yet firm, direct yet compassionate, courageous and grounded. The key is to take a deep breath and let it out, ground to the earth, be patience and most of all TRUST your own intuition of what to do, say, be…..I have a strong Mars influence in my chart and am speaking from successful and painful experience.

This turn around has put 2010 into full speed ahead……..make yours great through your own choices! For more detailed astrology information contact an astrologer, read books and search the Net. 


New Moon Sadhana begins 5am on March 14th to 24th at The Flying Lotus

 Sadhana is the Morning Call to become present in the awakening day.

So what is Sadhana and why on earth should I get up at that hour to sing!

I asked that same question back in December when the first one was announced. Prema Siri Kaur, our Kundalini teacher announced she would like to introduce us and the greater Mt Shasta community to a tradition of meditation and chanting brought to America by Yogi Bhajan. (do your own research)

Prema cautiously announced “this will be a 21 day powerful meditation/chanting combination to begin at 4am each morning. We will begin with japji (prayer) followed by 30 minutes or so of light warm up yoga and then chant the long Ek Ong Kaar prayer for 2 ½ hours.” Prem was observing our reactions with a slight smile……4am!!!!!  My light-hearted immediate response was “you probably won’t see me there at 4am; I am definitely not a morning person!”

The next two nights I did not sleep very well, in fact, I was awake at around 3:30-4:00am. I had the thoughts of what the meditation would be like, its purpose, what could be gained, etc. and a small voice in the background that kept reminding me “you will be there, it is important!” I had no idea why the importance.

Wednesday morning at 3:15am the alarm went off. Taking a deep breathe I got out of the warm bed and start getting ready. At 3:30am I was driving the ten miles into the Mt Shasta studio. Some mornings there was not a soul on the road, not a sound, a breath of wind. Just stillness and peace! I grew to really appreciate this peace.

That first morning our small group gathered. Grael, Tony, Lori and myself, with Prema guiding our way. Her peace, beauty and presence shining forth! After japji and yoga we prepared for this first experience.                     

Ek Ong Kaar, Sat Naam, Siree Waaha Guru

For 2 ½ hours these words resonated out from each of us. And then all rested in stillness for a time; most falling asleep in the still wee dark hours of these winter mornings.

Each morning the core group turned up, plus one to four others. These extra people came and went as was right for them, each morning forming a very different circle of energy resonating out to the community and beyond. By morning 7 or so the core group had grown, sometimes 12-13 people arrived, and the balance of male/female equaled out. There were even mornings when there were more men present and this was acknowledged as a gift to all. Mornings 10, 12, 14 and on were passed and completion on morning 21.

Prema had shared with us that her teachers and peers had encouraged her not to start with the most difficult and challenging morning call, but rather with lengths of  chants 11/22/31 minutes in less days. She assured them “this is Mt Shasta, they can handle it!”

There were definitely challenges to get through each morning, just starting with getting up and out the door. Sitting wrapped in a warm blanket, staying focused and present with the song, struggling to stay awake and then succumbing to a brief rest, changing position to move muscles, stilling the chattering mind saying “why am I here!”  Each person’s experience was very personal and kept within them.

After this 21 days sadhana was complete it was decided to begin another sadhana at the next moon and continue this cycle.  These would be 11 day cycles and each would have a different focus. So far there have been 11 day – Sadhana for the Aquarian Age and 11 day – Hara, Hara, Hara. Tomorrow, Sunday, March 14 at 5am we begin another 11 day cycle.

Our last two sadhana’s were much small groups, mostly woman yet always anchored by at least one man when called for. So often Tony was our anchor, quietly holding his strong creative spirit as the balanced, pivotal point. I have learned over the years, too much female energy can be just as damaging and unfulfilling as too much male energy. The respectful balancing and merging of both is crucial in all areas of life now.

What I have learned from these experiences is difficult to define in words. My morning guidance is stronger and more direct. It has been a test of commitment and community, as well as that always true knowing that heart-centered purpose moves far beyond physicality. My physical balance and groundedness’ has strengthened and I am in gratitude of all that is coming into my life now so I may move to the next level in this mission.

If you are curious to know more, join the group when it is right for you, even if it just one morning. If you are not in this area, contact a Kundalini Yoga teacher/studio in your area and ask about Sadhana. Each teacher, facilitator brings their own unique energy and dedication to the circle, and we can all be student and teacher in the same moment.

If this does not resonate with you yet you are still seeking something, ask for what is right to be shown to you, either through a person, a place, an action, whatever is clear and true. Follow that and see the illumination ahead!



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