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Why are they so important!

This pivotal week includes October 28 – Carl Calleman’s  belief of the actual end date of the Mayan Calendar……what will be presented and revealed…..will we change as people…..will time and the world stop……will a star-gate appear……so many unknowns……So Much Mystery……Such Wonder!

All is moving so fast and planning in the old way is pretty much redundant!

I will probably be sharing two or perhaps three blog entries within the next seven days or so. Stay turned…..#1 follows!

Getting IT Right!

“I’ve been on the spiritual path for years. I’ve meditated, gone to
therapy, and attended dozens of workshops, seminars, satsangs, and
retreats. But, I’m still not fundamentally different from when I
started on the path. Sure, I’m more centered, present and calm, but
I’m still challenged by many of the same emotional patterns. I
still struggle with anxiety and self-doubt. I still don’t feel like
I’m living on purpose. I’m still not deeply fulfilled. I’m still not
from Integral Enlightenment

The above quote comes from an email I received a few days ago. At first reading my reaction was pretty standard…yes that is true, are we no further along than ten, five, two, one year ago!

Then I started reflecting on the topic of this new blog, how to present it and what was its purpose – and BINGO….It hit me so strongly and has kept being affirmed since them.


These opinions are but one thread within a huge and complex puzzle of life, society beliefs.

In my humble opinion: The Power holding onto, questioning, resisting and being executioner of planetary and conscious awakening is held within the Walls of the Grand and Elite educational and scientific research universities, think tanks and corporations across the world: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Duke, Oxford, Cambridge, plus dozens more.

The very intangible things we search for and desire to manifest in and through our lives and the lives of others are the exact same things that are dismissed as invalid and non quantifiable by those mentioned above. Structure, forms, layers and rationalism of the illusive only represent validity. In the follow dialogue some of this discomfort is expressed. Each reader, of course, will have their own opinion….do you believe you have failed or succeeded? I am claiming just how much I have succeeded….and are now motivated to go bigger!

Learning Curve

During the past five weeks I have been participating in a course relating to Awakening the Evolutionary Impulse, Consciousness and Leadership for moving, aligning and creating new pathways for Humanity in these new times.

There is a strong emphasis on meditation and the work of Ken Wilber, Andrew Cohan and other academic spiritual leaders are recognized and focused on. It has been a good experience yet also challenged me by what is included and what I feel is missing.

The strong emphasis is on more accepted spiritual teachings coming from within the masculine, academic, structured, scientifically researched framework and any/most mentions of mystics, mystery and psychic touched topics are often referred to as coming from lower mind and “if that is possible, real or similar dismissals.” It is becoming more prevalent these days that the “experts and authorities” of spiritual evolution are men…..the cutting edge women of the past five to ten years have moved from the limelight and are being replace by men. My concern is that the pendulum is going to swing too far off center once again. Yes there are plenty of women out there presenting their knowledge, often but not always, to women only or primarily.

Let me qualify that statement a bit more. I am not slighting men, in fact I am one of the first to always honor men who are sincerely seeking, it is powerful. In example, I am referring to the medical model of the past, up until the 80s-90s. Male doctors were always the absolute authorities of the female body and reproduction. The power of women to know themselves (our mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers….. ) was usurped, and in many cases and places, still is so! As we have now moved out of the past 26,000 years of patriarchal energy into an equal measure of matriarchal discovery  the realm of Spiritual Control is the place to continue dominance.

Bridging the chasm means both meeting in the middle of the bridge, sharing equal balance/wisdom/fears/experiences/love/loss/life and then learning to walk off the bridge (to either side) stepping carefully in order for both to get off the bridge safely.    

From reading some of the course forum comments, I have picked up that there are many participants having trouble getting their heads around some of the information and how it is framed. This is naturally to be expected!

From my personal perspective the balance I find missing is of the feminine. Please note I have not used male and female, but masculine and feminine – which each man and woman has within them. Without the infusion of true creation, divine feminine senses and principles (intangible, unreal, mystery if you like) to align and balance the masculine form and structure then the so called Integral Real World models for politics, government, medicine, business, education, ecology, spirituality and consciousness, as suggested by Ken Wilbur (and others) in vast writings are missing links to open and access the new dimensional frequencies of which we have been waiting so long for.

Pulling apart, arguing and dismissing what I have written is fine for there are so many ways to look and describe this topic. Yet to be truly effective and represent integrative awareness it will be necessary for a surrendering of the greatest academic, scientific and intellectual mind fears…....something’s will not, cannot and should not be “proven” as it ends up establishing  limits!

In an audio presentation specially prepared by Ken Wilber for the course, I shuddered when reading and listening to it (at least this is what I think I understood) that one of the Prime Directives of Integral Spirituality and Religion is to break the main tenets of each world religion and belief system down into acceptable Rational descriptions and purposes so ALL can be understood and in turn end all jihads and wars and this will bring peace!  This approach actually scares me hugely!

Perfect Partnerships – This includes Personal Life as well!

(This message was gifted to a powerful leader I am privileged to know.  It also seems perfect for all of us as well in light of the information above!)

High Mind and Alchemical Mystery are to be in balance and resonance of each other …..as the stem of the rose (High Pointed Mind) supports, protects, energizes and conducts the threads of life force and information necessary (and in right measure) for the blossom (Visioned  Outcome) to emerge, grow, focus toward (sun) fully manifest and live and then slowly die/change form in order to make way for the new buds/blossoms (evolution) waiting yet hidden from sight within the protective stem. (Constant change/every new day!)       (New Leadership Paradigm – large and small models alike!)

What I see and feel is when the Partnerships of High Minds of Academia, Science and Intelligence (masculine and feminine) meet, support and blend with Mystery, Mysticism, Creative Divine Essences beyond all forms yet infused with respect, knowing and education (feminine and masculine) – this will be the time of profound new information to be transmitted into the Consciousness of Humanity and Unity will be fulfilled.

There is great power and humility in agreeing to disagree and to listen deeply and respectfully when in great discomfort….merging of mind and heart is the perfect prescription for conscious changing Peace, Awareness, Acceptance and Leadership.

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