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It appears the long wait is over. It is hard to believe my last real posting was two months ago…..it has been a time of much shifting, change, challenge, greatness love and loss. And I am not alone. Virtually everyone I know or come in contact with is going through this “void” yet in the long run (as blurred as all may appear) it is and will be a good thing.

Last week a dear friend loaned me a book and strongly suggested I take heed of the first chapter. This book was originally printed in 1961 and the copy I had was the seventh printing – 2002 “The Law and the Promise” by Neville. I have read the first chapter twice and completed the whole book once. I obviously needed a good reminder in creating new life paths!

If you experienced childhood and growing up like most of us, using and believing in our imagination was totally frowned upon, discouraged or downright outlawed. A child’s “make-believe” world was just that and could not possibly become anything productive, secure – financially or socially, acceptable or logical. The creative, make-believe world was one for the non-educated, losers, trouble-makers and eccentrics. And thus most of the education systems in the world “taught it (imagination) out of the child’s mind.”  

The entire message within Neville’s book is about how to use, cultivate and hone our Imagination to create the world we want or desire around us. One challenge I had in reading it was the language Neville used, the language “appropriate” for the 1960s. His constant use of the word “Man” when referring to both men, women (seldom even mentioned) and humanity. Even though I completely understood what he meant a wave of discomfort came over me and the little inner voice started saying, sometimes angrily “what about women!” “what about the world! “do only men count!” This showed me how deep some social conditioning can still reach.

Yet, of course back in the 60’s, which was not so long ago, this was the reality in most parts of the world, even the civilized world. Women have been “allowed to vote” in many parts of the world since the late 1800s yet the image of “a woman’s place is in the home, only to serve husband and raising of children” was strongly portrayed in many television programs of the 50s, 60s and even into the 70s.

With the cultural and social movements throughout the 80s and 90s and into this new millennium the imaging of women in the world of business, creative arts, science, medicine, law and child-rearing has changed yet not everywhere…..thus there is more “imagining to do here!”

Neville states the key and secret to changing your reality is Self-abandonment! “You must abandon yourself mentally to your WISH FULFILLED in your love of that state, and in doing so, LIVE IN THE NEW STATE and no more in the old state. You can’t commit yourself to what you do not love, so the secret of self-commission is FAITH – plus LOVE.” In FEELING the wish fulfilled it must become a reality because imaging creates reality.

Another key that Neville mentioned of importance was to “re-imagine the past or past outcomes to recurring situations with an outcome that is of a higher, better or the best desired, to also feel and live with that scenario until it is totally real within as this will be the foundation for the new future outcome of the recurring situation. In other words “re-imagining the past can/will change the future.”

A possible example of this could be having a bad or challenging parent relationship which appears to have some genetic or heritage patterns. You re-imagine the best or most desired, even fairytale relationship, feel and live what it was/could have been, feel love for yourself and others. This may take some time, patience, forgiveness and work. Now when the similar relationship is in your life (say father/son or mother/daughter) be observant of subtle or not so subtle changes in interactions or emotions. Perhaps the old buttons are not being pushed quite so much or at all or you are not attracting people who create the similar stresses. It is at least worth a try!

This has taken me back into review of my life and most specifically all I have created and done in the past 13 years (since 2000) and how I would like to reinvent, enhance and recreate myself in the wonderful new paradigm we are in now. In reviewing I found that indeed ” my creative imagination, feeling and living in it” before any manifestation happened was and still is the flow. Most especially when I followed my heart and intuition. This also played/plays out when imagining from fear, loss and lack that were separate from my great learning journey of how the unseen world of dimensions manifest.

There are many examples of people with amazing imaginations revealed through all forms of The Arts as well as every other fields of business, health, science, technology and so forth. Our world is being taken to new galactic heights. There are and have always been the pioneers who open doors of possibilities yet to make real the Imagined it takes many, many, many more to use their gifts of imagining to participate in the creatitive manifestation for the new Reality.

Now it is time for a new imagining to be in synchronicity with the new paradigm of unity, collaboration and cooperation in melding and honoring the male and female, feminine and masculine and the balancing of opposites within and around each one of us.

The creative visions of imagination are for everyone to access, to live from and be in love with. Imagining the highest Reality desired for it to be Created.

It is Nice to be Recognized  – Do you know how you touch other people’s lives? Most of the time we have no idea. Yet when we are gifted with a view into how most often we are surprised.

It is always nice to be recognized for who we are, what we do and how we touch others. I would like to share some of my friends with you. For more information on me, my consultations, creations and products and past work visit www.earthspiritjourneys.com

On Friday night I danced Flamenco (my style) accompanied by Michael Olsen, a wonderful flamenco guitarist.  I was fulfilling a vision to publicly dance again and now am looking forward to do it again if the opportunity arises.

Original Music by Jerame Gray.….words from the heart and the experiences of life -a proud mother! And the stage is waiting for Mathew Gray!

My friend and psychic Pam Jenkins, Heaven Calling Earth. Pam and I have shared readings and support with each other for many years now. Although our psychic and clairvoyant gifts are similar, we are given different information as each client requires.

Karmanjot Sharu is a young man with a gift for Vedic Astrology. A recent relocation reading has opened ideas to allow “my Sun/Mars/Venus in the 10th House” to shine and be the brightest they can be. In other words…it is my time to present myself to the larger world, as desired be my heart and soul. (Confirmation is always a key to the next push!)

Dorothea Joyce…..Writer of magical children’s stories for adults, Singer, Composer, Performer

Ken Abbott – Kirtan and Rumi

Nickki Lee Hill – Graphic Artist and Creative Photographer

Amani Skalacki – Creator of beautiful and unique jewellery and accessories

Women’s Mystic Journeys to Becoming.

Here is video Part 3 in a new series of stories being produced by Andree Morgana of The Hawahwatha Institute.

The full interview can been seen in Parts at Earth Spirit Journeys You Tube Channel.    Part 1

The Journey of Becoming is not just about women and cannot happen with only women interacting. Men are doing the journey and are integral to the balance of showing the progress of evolving consciousness. We need each other to help along the way and most especially to show us how far we have come or not in our own journey. We are the measuring sticks for each other, such an important role to play.

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Article first published as Performing “Awakening & Igniting Ecstasy In-Formation.” on Blogcritics.

Granted it has been what seems like a few weeks since writing for you yet here I am again with musings about the second performance of “Awakening and Igniting Ecstasy In-Formation…A New Twist of Money, Power, Sex and Death”,

I returned to Mt Shasta on September 8th to connect with a friend I had last seen in NC two years earlier. James and I created and produced a CD for meditation and balancing of male and female energies playing 12 + singing singing bowls.  We came together in a small private recording studio in Cashiers, NC knowing something special was going to happen….there was very little planning for it, at least on my part at the behest of the “higher ups”. By the time the last track was recorded, the energy presence from so many higher beings was palpable….George, the owner and technician was completely taken out into another state while doing his work and reemerged to present time just as the last notes were being played. He was in awe of his experience!

I had seen James’s name on an email and was shocked to see he was in the Shasta area. At the time I was heading that direction to house sit for a couple of weeks so timing was amazing as usual. Therese, my fellow Medicine Woman Sister and Friend, whom I had also met in NC came through town and what a great reunion we had!

In preparation for the latest performance I refined and tweaked the format and “so called script” a little, enhanced the power point backdrops and engaged musicians, dancer and artist for the evening.  

Doug was my first musician and just when I thought no others would turn up, my friend Jessica mentions her friend Brandy…and all was well again. I found out later they all already knew each other!

Doug Wendt, a classical guitarist who plays the classical composers, such and Bach and Mozart along with lighter classical, jazz and Spanish style pieces.

Brandy “Soulma” Saint Phalle and Rick Kincade came as a duo sharing vocals, guitar and Rick on harmonica, playing what they call Revolutionary music to open hearts and minds with love and respect.

Jennifer Jerabak, a Dancing Freedom facilitator shared a spot of improv dance with me before engaging the audience to dance…nearly everyone present got up! Unfortunately the lighting didn’t allow for a picture of Jennifer’s beautiful face and presence…New photo of Jennifer taken by Nickki Lee Hill.

Ray Dawn (Liz) once again helped me set up, monitored the video and was the improve artist again. Here are examples of her art interpretation of the story “A Trip for Chocolate”….notice the difference between the first and second performance energy.

Therese came back especially to support me for this performance and I so very much appreciate her and the wisdom she shared. She offered to take photos and so she click and clicked away the evening. And there are some very interesting shots! As the evening went on and the vibration within the place increased my little camera, that normally has no problems, captured images and actions in such odd ways. At first I thought it was the focus yet now believe it was far more than that!

Once again the audience seemed to really enjoy the evening, the stories and performers. In many ways it has become a conscious expanding experience of bridging the worlds.

At the end of the evening some audience members gave me names and ideas of other locations to present this style of message, “you need to get this out to more people, it was wonderful!” I am open to anywhere and everywhere to do this, from California and beyond!

I had also offered the evening as a fund raising event for the local Meals on Wheels program and am pleased to be able to take a donation of $60 along with a donated box of vegetables directly to the Mt Shasta office.

In the next week or so I hope to be able to edit and publish video segments to tantalize just a little…of course they cannot capture the true energy present in the moment….you have to do that in person!

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Through Masks and Veils

Check out these wonderful photographers whose work takes you through the veils in very different ways. They are wonderful!

“Through the Veils Part Way”    Catalina Martin-Chico  lens.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/01/28/showcase-118/

Photographer and friend       Nickki Lee Hill     www.flickr.com/photos/nickkieyes


Have you noticed of late how so many of what can be called masks and veils are cracking, completely shattering, becoming transparent or are ripped away entirely to reveal purer forms of potential. This is happening globally as well as national, locally and ultimately, personally.

Corruption and bad environmental ethic are revealed in massive oil spills and destruction; government changes, banking frauds, you name it…..all  ripped away entirely to reveal purer forms of potential life creation for highest good of ALL.

This is all old, old games playing out and what is coming to an end. The End of the Atlantian Agenda and all the mistruths programmed into us for way too long. All this is changing as individual’s CLAIM their personal power back.

We put on masks at a very earlier age to protect our fragile selves from pain, hurt and misrepresentation or so we think. However, as wisdom is gained I see how this very protection is indeed the cause of the need for greater protection. In recent conversations with varying friends I asked why the need for so many masks and the resounding comments were “in order to separate the roles, personae and necessary defenses to successfully navigate the material and commercial world. My spiritual world and beliefs are separate and important. ”

Personally this has been happening with increasing frequency and intensity especially over the past two weeks, due in part and in direct relation to the  particular chant/meditation our small group has been doing at sadhana or morning call at 5am each morning. The hand mudra used in the Hariji chant is of the lotus resting at the heart and is of great significance. The joining of thumbs is “who I AM”; joining of the little fingers is “who I Shall BE”; the three fingers of each hand represent “the past, present, future – wholeness in all experiences of God Soul”. It is breaking the masks of the past to strengthen the present NOW in order to enliven the new vibration/expression of Self.”

What a ride it is without something to hide behind. Frequent tearful releases arising without warning, without discrimination of location and who may be present, often deep knowings revealed, other times you have no idea why that just happened! Yet all results are massive (at least in my little world) as so much more clarity comes through, of self, others, situations, potentials, habits, whatever you are willing to see at the time. And of course all is in line with the grander picture.

Of course I understand! I have and at times do wear different masks, all the while knowing that this is exactly why I have created and perpetuated the distance and separations within my life. One way to dissolve masks and create more transparency is through the Power of Vulnerability.

“Oh no! Vulnerability! That is a weakness!”

Far from it! When understood, trusted and tested, being consciously vulnerable offers great rewards for growth, truth, understanding, strength and respect.

Try taking one area in your life, for instance the piece chosen in response to the question “Today I RELEASE from ME whatever is not in my highest good”. “See previous blog piece: “Empowering Myself to Claim”

How much control can you let go of? How much can you open to the unknown? How much can you trust yourself and your feelings in relation to the person or situation? How much MAGIC are you ABLE to ACCEPT no matter what the outcome?


Today is marked with Full Moon in Sagittarius plus Jupiter / Uranus are conjunct in Aries……WOW to the planet. And on Sunday Saturn goes direct again!

You don’t believe all this stuff! Doesn’t matter, they still effect everyone by the very nature within universal galactic space/time/consciousness matrix.

How it effects and what is done by you in your life – NOW THAT YOU DO HAVE CONTROL OF BECAUSE OF FREE-WILL!

Here’s a very brief and basic explanation of the planetary stuff –

Full Moon – wholeness within the monthly cycle (new to full moon cycle from vision/dream to manifestation; full moon to no moon cycle – how actions. Decisions and consciousness affect the manifestation.)

Both planets –Sagittarius and Aries are fire signs and make things happen – the how is up to us.

Jupiter is associated with expansion of ideas

Uranus is break out of the box, is radical, enough is enough!

Saturn is constrain, logical – the direct opposite to Uranus

For more detailed information check with your favorite astrology person or website


Huge change is a foot and as the masks and veils are pulled away there will be incredible potential with heightened awareness and consciousness to change and create A NEW REALITY of LIFE for the ENTIRE PLANET.

This is no longer a pipe dream. No longer someone else’s job! Little old me has no effect! WRONG!

Absolutely, what I do, say, think, feel, create does have and effect, virtually immediately sometimes.

As I change, my world changes, the world changes……Just saying and the thinking for your self beyond the matrix of media will help shift the mass.

Yesterday I had a major revelation in regards to myself and the collective consciousness of Earth and what the “experts” say is being created through thought forms/internet/grids of all description. The revelation ignited my fire as upset, anger, loss, all sorts of stuff yet this also was the revealing imputes I needed to begin to work with my higher consciousness and alchemy with earth’s grand soul to transmute and neutralize potentials not in the highest good of earth and her populations.

It is not for me to dictate how I would like it to look or demand certain outcomes – that would be playing the same game. It is to be left in the hands of Earth’s Divine Soul God Creator Source…..the ultimate decision maker!

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