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What is Spiritual Cleanliness?

Today, Monday in Santa Rosa, I went to the library with the full intention of writing and posting a new blog….so much to report from the past few weeks and still more editing to do. Yet, low and behold the library was closed….all libraries in this region of CA are closed and supposedly not because of money but ideology of sorts. This I learned from the gentleman manning a table filled with information and signature requests of protest. In just the fifteen minutes I was there talking to someone else, twenty plus people arrived unaware of the closure.

Now I am at another coffee shop trying to think clearly enough to write…..so this will be short again. Topics I want to address in the next couple of entries cover many directions, so here we go with Spiritual Cleanliness!

A couple of weeks ago up at Lake Selmac in Selma, OR I participated in the Mystic Garden Gathering (first time for me). The location was beautiful. Gathering was fairly small but with good music and nice people over all. Lots of young people and lots of “grass” being smoked…..in CA medical marijuana is so prevalent it seems anyone and everyone has “the card”. Many of the young and not so young people were wanderers, backpacks, dirty cloths, hair and skin and takers of whatever was available. This was not all. Some of the lovely beings I met and worked with gave of themselves and what they had with love, beauty and generosity.

The topic of spiritual cleanliness came up after watching groups of lazy men and women sitting smoking, drumming and eating all day and night without lifting a finger to help or gift to the rest…..”we have our spiritual practices, we sing for peace and love for all, we are here to give love to those who have not had it at home and are lost in the world, we can’t help until we do this or that!!!!!!!!!!!”

One day I had had enough of their dialogues that were completely empty of understanding and asked them their meaning of Love….its depth…..the demonstration of Love in the present situations….their responsibility for their own self love!

In between puffs of smoke not too much came from them, yet the others working and contributing began nodding and talking on the topic. I finally said very directly “your true spiritual understanding and cleanliness will be demonstrated far more profoundly with clean skin, hair and clothes and seeing there is a beautiful lake right here there is no excuse for the outer dirt!”

Do not think I am “holier than thou” living in a pristine and affluent world! I speak from much personal experience of living simply and very close to the land at times in my life.

There is always a little water to wash hands and face and it doesn’t cost any money. Millions of people bathe in the Ganges, Nile and many other “polluted” rivers so they can be more spiritual clean and the outer be a reflection of their inner desires….I have camped at 7,000 ft on Mt Shasta and other places, with no water close by, but always found water to wash myself and rinse my clothes. To the point my friends could believe I was still camping.

Living in the middle of difficulties in life does not mean one should also be dirty. Keeping one’s skin clean enough for it to breathe will open for spiritual cleanilness and clarity even in the darkest night. Love each cell of yourself through the pains and despair, sit on the grass of Mother Earth and shed your tears of anger, rejection, pain, guilt and whatever ails you and then be still and listen as you did as a child for an answer in the moment of NOW!

Tomorrow I will continue with more stories and hopefully soon the video diary. Mercury is once again retrograde and it is really playing havoc with communications of all sorts. It goes direct around the 20th or the month….stay cool and don’t make any big purchases or sign contracts….patience is the key!

Peace and Blessings to All!

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