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July 21, 2010

Today, I am sitting at the edge of Castle Lake writing this message. My new office space at least for a short while! Last night was the second night camping in this truly beautiful place. If you look back at a posting in early May you will see two stark contrasts of the lake….that is where I am!

On a personal note: Two special happenings with my children are the news of becoming a “grandmother”. Mathew and Shannon are expecting their first baby in February…and as we all know, a great life-changing event for all. Of course many blessing and joys abound for and with them. The other happening will be Jerame and Kate coming to visit for a week early next month. It will be wonderful to see and show them these wonderful places. Next best thing could be a time when we can all be here together!

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of arriving in Mt Shasta….a year that has gone by so fast and upon reflection, a great deal has happened on many levels.

As I took an early hike to Heart Lake yesterday (about 40 minutes each way) and reflected on the year, a remarkable vision/realization/understanding came to me.

In very clear, vivid animation a tube torus appeared and as I remembered experiences, people, circumstances of the past year, each scene appeared and rolled over as a wave into the center of the tube and collapsed into itself and the void as the next timeframe was revealed, it rolled up as a wave of the outer moving tube……the tube torus wasn’t a tight, controlled shape as seen in a drawing, but more like a semi-firm slinky (the tight long coils we use to make go down stairs, etc.) that continues to roll, vibrate and mold as the atmosphere around it dictates.

This was time collapsing and the reason why linear time does not exist and never did. It showed how our 24 hour day has resonantly and vibrationally been reduced to approximately 16 hours….this is why there is never enough time in your day! I now look forward to more clarity on this whole dynamic.

On the first day in Mt Shasta, after nearly five days of driving from Kansas City in the heat of summer, I took my crystal bowls and Nea, an amazing double terminated, 10lbs record-keeper to the mountain and did ceremony and asked “why am I here!”

So much has played out here: of course meeting so many new and varied people who over time have become friends, acquaintances, clients and peers. Some connections were not to last while others have and continue to play out from times way back in soul memory and for reasons not clear or understandable to those who are just observing.

I discovered the Dancer lost within during Ecstatic Dance at The Flying Lotus; my voice and inner commitment to the ancient memory and connection of Middle Eastern/Indian spiritual practices, kundalini yoga, chanting, raising at 4am for days and weeks on end and the true evidence of how I evolved and grew on all levels through these times.

There was also more learning, honing and discernment in the realms of others remote viewing, psychic interferences and attempted misuse of ancient wisdom and teachings….sometimes innocently, other times not!

Then to really push the button of surrender, I was moved from the place I had been living and house sitting for extended periods of times, to camping and consciously living very simply within Mother Nature. Believe me! I do look forward to returning to the world of walls, beds and relationship yet for now I revel in the opportunity, challenges, beauty, freedom, peace, vulnerability and surrendering to each moment. Just in the last few days I have met a young woman doctor from Italy, a sailing/wandering mystic, others from Hawaii, S. Cal, a couple, Chinese Herbalist/Healer from Chico who are teaching their girls about life while traveling the highways and byways, along with others I have just connected with by hellos. And would you believe, my nightly reading by flashlight goes between Unveiled Mysteries and Love Never Ends….Ascended Master’s abound!

Creative expression has grown through writing and presenting new poetry, creating and writing this blog, producing new video presentations, one on storytelling on my website and a new one which still has to be edited for uploading, presented at several workshops and conferences, and my latest and perhaps most vulnerable for me, a Life Theatre production to premier in Mt Shasta on August 7th. I say Premier for “I have been told” this will grow and go international…. time will tell the rest….

As the clear water refreshes and butterflies and dragonflies fly around me, a deer visits as I write.  The lake is active with people, sun is high and my battery is getting low….time to say farewell for now…..until we connect again…

Peace and Blessings to All!

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