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Dear Friends and Readers,

The Muse has left the building at least for a little bit…not sure for how long…..changes, growth, awakenings on levels that need me to sit quiet, process and then redevelop into form…..I have no idea what that means at the moment.

This is not exclusive to me….many of you may be feeling the same. That what you know, have and work with is outdated somehow, that it requires recalibration to new frequencies but those new frequencies have not been revealed….

To just write for the sake of putting letters on the page is not to the benefit of anyone. I encourage you to go back into the MY Archives an read many of the entries you have not seen as there maybe something of an AH HA moment awaiting…..

Back in 2005 – 2007 I produced a television program that aired in VA, Washington DC and Santa Fe – I covered so many topics for the audiences to review and research for themselves….much was ahead of the curve.

Now so many of the “perspectives, predictions and challenges” addressed have actually manifested and are sometimes looked at in surprise….the indicators were always there…you just have to know how to look or look differently.

We are being asked to look, act, believe, disbelieve, create differently…..outside the programmed box…….here are other people doing that in a range of ways and topics….important note: always form your own opinions as you delve deeper…..we all have something to offer and gain as No One Person has or ever will have All The Answers…and if they profess such….RUN…….

Through all these people and many more (plus my own form of internal/high guidance) I take what is resonating in the moment or circumstances, for this is the Now of creation.

Trust your intuition on what is real and common sense……you decide!

David Wilcock – Very Interesting Interview – every part has something very significant to learn

Cliff High – The Great Penis Conspiracy

John Lash

Leela Hutchison
“The Injustice of a Security Exchange Commission Judgment against Leela Hutchison”

George Kavassilas

The Calling by Max Igan – movie

Peace and Blessings daily……

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