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Summer has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere and the heat with it. In the Southern Hemisphere winter is making itself known as the shortest day of the year is expressed in the late rising and early setting of the sun heralding a long dark night ahead. When I am today the temps are pushing 100 degrees with dry hot air. Such is the welcoming for this powerful Summer Solstice celebration!

In places near and far there are gatherings to celebrate and honor yet another cycle of nature. Tonight, along with a couple of friends, we will gather with others to drum and sing in the pleasant night air. Such will be a finale of sorts to a very powerful weekend retreat and for me the end four weeks of very intense, sometimes challenging, often joyful and definitely self-expanding experiences. And it is because of all this that I have been rather neglectful of postings, in fact, writer’s block was such that my mind could only see a blank page most of the time. Let’s hope this is at an end!

The Earth Spirit Vision Quest Retreat was a wonderful experience for me to once again facilitate. From Friday to Sunday thirteen sojourners –  6 women and 7 men sort the Vision. To have more men than women participating was a profound affirmation and honor. The men were from quite different backgrounds and social standings, as were the women, yet all joined, shared and learned about varying perceptions and science on 5th Dimension Mysticism, space and time collapsing as it relates to everyday life, the meaning and energy changes from walking a labyrinth, new ways of looking at health issues, spirit world, ancient teachings and the personal experience of Sound and Energy Healing. Profound transformations were witnessed and acknowledged in the finality of the Vision Quest. (If you are interested in hosting a retreat weekend please email for more information.)

The week prior, I had spent helping a friend make with hands and feet, a quantity of sacred wool felts. And as I had learned from my previous experience of doing and sharing the work, one can go through a huge gamut of feelings and expressions on all levels while working the wool. Automated processes and industrialization has taken this “gift” out of so much of today’s product productions. Besides creating beautiful textiles, objects, clothing and living commodities, the people of ancient and indigenous cultures knew that personal involvement in the process was as important to the village or family’s health and wealth as the products created. Our per se “modern industrialized and material societies” do not afford that and this is OUR COLLECTIVE LOSS!

(Ice fishing at Castle Lake, CA – June 7, 2011)

As I don’t have and have not had a television for quite a few years, during occasional stays in a hotel or every now and then I look through The Huffington Post online to see if the world is still there and what it is doing!

From this detached place it all pretty much strikes me as the same continuing Soap Opera, just a change of actors and scene settings. The political scene, upcoming election drive, corruption, scandals, financial games large and small, government hiding, war mongering and terrorism threats, continual lack of everything to make life acceptable, violent scenarios and movies foretelling our end have not changed in years and years and years. Do you believe all you see and hear? Can you read between the lines of what is not said and by whom! If you were to go back into the archives of papers and television five year, ten years, twenty even further back, you may be shockingly surprised to see and hear the exact same things happening.

(Making of a sacred drum)

Why! Because so often our own common sense is usurped by our “belief” that those looked up to, in power, more knowledgeable than ourselves and so on would never hurt or deceive the people!

If you claim back yourself as a unique, independent thinking, heart centered spiritual/physical individual your world can change and thus the bigger world for all of us!

Until we meet again………..

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In my last posting I left you all hanging as to what is going on and where I may end up. So much may change between now and then so to save confusion if I don’t want to elaborate too much now.

I posted this in a hurry last night and of course it wasn’t finished or corrected….hence the update.


Learning and Experiencing an Ancient and Natural Art Form – Wool Felting

For the past four days I have been helping Jessica make sacred felt yoga mats for a wonderful order she received – 23 pieces in all.  Several months ago I helped her for a day and enjoyed the felting experience. When her invitation came for assistance it all seemed to be in alignment with the movement showing up so I told her I would be there!. It also was evident my return to the Mt Shasta area was necessary to align with some karmic relationship journeys I have had playing out since arriving in this very powerful vortex a year ago.

I had planned to walk you through this ancient art form but as I write this at the end of Day 4 both Jessica and I are pretty much “fried” after completing half the order which I have discovered is no small accomplishment. I will give you a very brief rundown now and in a few days when the rest of the order is complete and sent I will share the rest and photo if the process, it is fascinating and I think many will be interested.

Wool Felting is all done all by hands and feet, lots of “foot stomping” of wet wool to create felt…it is  physical, timing consuming, beautiful, emotionally revealing for both the felter and the wool itself.  As the felt mats start to take shape each has its own “personality and message”, it is amazing. Wool Felting dates back as far as Sumeria around 2nd century BC and had been done for thousands of years throughout the Middle East and Asia and by many indigenous peoples.  I hope to have some photos of the process shortly.  Wool felts are used for mats, mattresses, coverings of many uses including yurts. Warm in winter, cool in summer, offer neutralizing of electromagnetic waves fields when sat upon, especially wonderful for babies and those who are confined to bed. Visit Jessica’s website  http://www.sacredfeltcollection.com

Showing the Way!

Because I have been so busy I felt guided to share a story with you on a topic of great interest…Near Death Experiences. Then today while taking a break I met up with Ashalyn and fellow Shaman, Juvy. During our time together I heard his latest poem of his recent dying and coming back to life experience. It is a beautiful poem and I was moved to tears. My surprise was the complete synchronicity of our meeting, the subject matter and the fact I used a special photo taken last winter in the story below ( Juvy’s staff, cape and hat standing in the snow) Because of this I will now include another photo of Juvy himself… he is such a beautiful, powerful and pure man on his Shamanic path. I am grateful for the work we have done together.

After reading the following story, has anyone had a similar experience…let us know!  I also hope to have more new photos shortly.

Journey to the Light and Back

It was December 27, 2007 and I had been restless for several weeks with indecisive thoughts of what to do next and where to go. Although I had been staying in Asheville I had been led to Waynesville, NC by a friend, and over those past weeks it had shown up several times but I was resisting. Going back to live in a small town was bringing back many challenging memories of my life “serving churches in the South and Mid-West” along side Tim, my now ex-husband and friend.
Having planned to run some errands and make a couple of work inquiries yet nothing was panning out, no one was available, even though they were scheduled in their offices. What to do next!

“Drive to Waynesville” was an intuitive message coming forth.


“Just go!”

“OK!” So I drove the 45 minutes west along Hwy 40 on a pretty yet cold morning.

In Waynesville I parked by the Court House in a 1-hour spot and walked around historic downtown for a while, getting another feel for the town. “Should I move here!” was the question running through my mind.

After a stop for coffee I made my way to the Crystal Dragonfly, a small lovely book and gift store on Main Street, hoping to speak to Ursula, the owner. Susan was there instead. Susan is a gentle, very spiritual and powerful English woman whom I had met briefly only once before. Susan also did shamanic healing work.

From the beginning of our conversation we felt a strong connection and understanding with each other.  We talked of our journeys, our work and our great desires to find “our home”, both realizing that this place is but a stopping point for an undetermined period of time.

Our conversation was stopped with the arrival of a young customer, her friend and her father. They looked around and chatted until the father produced a stone from his pocket and presented it to Susan.

“I would like to show you this stone and what it does” he announced. He instructed Susan to place her ear right on the glass counter and listen. He then placed the stone on the glass, touched it lightly and waited. On its own, the stone began to move back and forth slowly at first and then it amazingly moved faster and faster until a high pitched, fast vibration sound could be easily heard and then it stopped.

Susan was amazed by what she felt and heard with her ear on the glass counter. I watched from about 6 feet away. I could hear and feel the strong energy emanating from the stone even at that distance. It was powerful and incredible to watch!

He shared the story of how it came to him and said he didn’t know what type of stone it was and asked if either of us perhaps knew! We didn’t yet we both agreed it was very unusual, ancient and powerful. We both felt it was a prophesy stone of sorts.

Casually the man passed me the stone. Wow! It was strong and I took in its energy yet not really able to explain what I was receiving. (Several days later Susan shared what she observed at that moment. “As you held the stone you became lighter, less visible, as though someone was erasing a picture. In essence, you were disappearing”.

I put the stone down on the counter and the conversation continued. Shortly the man’s wife arrived and she entered the conversation. I was drawn to the stone again, picked it up, this time for just for a few moments.

My thoughts moved to leaving so I could continue my day yet as I did so, there was a strong pull for me to stay, when unexpectedly another friend arrived. What a surprised! We talked. Susan and the family continued their conversations in the store.  My friend left and I returned to the conversation, standing just to the left of the man.

This time the man was talking more about his own journey and wanting to understand more about spiritual teachings. Susan and I had both told him we believed the stone was very much a part of his learning something new although we had no idea what that would be. My curiosity was peaked as to his profession. He was very much an analytical thinker and seemed to be struggling with the concept of trusting unknown realities.

“May I ask what you do?”

“I am a scientist”  he shared.

“What discipline?” I asked

“Medicine!” was his response, to which Susan and I laughed and now realized this man was being asked to see and learn about energy and vibration healing in ways beyond the traditional allopathic medicine he was practicing. He was in fact a cardiac specialist. As if unaware he turned and gave me the stone once again. I took it for just a moment and returned it to the counter and stepped into the hallway.

Feeling thirsty and a little hungry I was thinking about lunch when a wave of unsteadiness came over me. Wow! Strange! It started getting stronger and I needed to sit down. This feeling was different to when my blood sugar would drop, usually due to waiting too long to eat. This was something else! I made it to the table in the hall, sat down and then felt myself melting into the seat. My head was on the table, and then I was on the floor.

I hear a voice “Are you alright?”  All I was seeing was a huge white light filling the entire hall area. Everything was white and getting more and more luminous. I was melting further and further. A voice says “can I listen to your heart, take your pulse!”  It was the doctor/scientist.

Then from the lofty ethers I hear “she hardly has any pulse, I can hardly hear her heart, and we need EMS!” It was the doctor again!

“I know what is happening, I’m not in my body, I’m alright” replied the voice coming from somewhere in, around or above me. I sensed panic all around me but I was calm.

I kept hearing the doctor saying EMS, no pulse, bad heart, urgent!

From my observation place above I say again, “No I am alright. I’m not in my body.” Of course no one else could hear what I was trying to tell them. The incredible white light was everywhere, so bright and then a vibrating charge that feels like a charge of thousands of volts of electricity coming though my body out my hands. My hands feel on fire, shaking uncontrollably with blue sparks of light shooting out from my palms and fingers. I then began gulping for air, my throat was getting tight, I could not swallow. I remember hearing the voice saying “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.”

My voice from above asks to hold the doctor’s hands and without realizing it he takes my hands, the change of electricity when through from my hands into his and throughout his body. I was also asking for Susan. “Get Susan, get Susan!” I could hear myself saying, no one else heard me yet Susan now arrived beside me. My voice asks her, “Please help me ground!”

The doctor is still on about EMT who hadn’t yet arrived! He appeared scared! Through the mist of luminous light I could see other people in the hallway standing in a distance.

Susan was shocked at what she saw, what I looked like. She knew this was serious and  she tapped into the voice coming from above and outside of me. My physical body was there but “no one was home” so to speak. (Susan later confirmed my palms were bright red/orange with spark of light coming from my palms and fingers)

I watched her from above as she did her energy work, she was nervous for she knew I wasn’t there. My physical body was still holding the doctor’s hands and vibrating. The heat was amazing and the luminous light was still glowing powerfully.

(Susan later revealed what she had “seen and felt”. “You had moved beyond this plane and there were two situations running. The voice from beyond the body was saying ground me yet the soul moved out and was/had decided to leave for it/you were tired. We were both experiencing this place in the Void although I cannot explain what happened. Soul decided to return and you moved back into grounding. The doctor was anxious saying “she won’t make it another twenty-four hours, she has to go to the emergency room!”)

Minutes ticked away, I am still insisting from above, “I am alright and I know what is happening, I am not in my body that is why you can’t feel my heart or pulse.” Slowly I start coming back, the light fades, the vibrating subsides and I see people around me, looks of shock and fear are on their faces. They have witnessed something unexplainable.

Reluctantly the doctor had to leave (for his own professional reasons) as I was coming back, After a sip of water and being moved to a comfortable chair I was returning to normal.  I finally agreed to go to the emergency room, someone would have to drive me there, but no one wanted that responsibility. OK! I still resisted until finally giving in. I knew I was OK but perhaps more in curiosity as to whether tests would reveal anything odd. EMS was called and would you believe five paramedics arrived!

“What happened? How do you feel? Any pain?” were the questions asked by the young paramedic tending to me.

“I had a powerful spiritual experience!” was my reply

“Tell me about it then!”

So I told him that a doctor had brought in a stone into the store, it was very powerful and I held it for a while! Sounds crazy but you had to see and feel the stone to understand!

“A doctor!” he exclaimed

“Yes, he was hoping to find out more about the stone!”

The paramedic took my response, filed it away I guess and went about his business

A few hours later after blood work, EKG, blood pressure checks and a several short naps, I was cleared to leave. All was normal at least in that department. Yet from the metaphysical perspective, I had been given a very powerful and profound experience which I knew would truly reveal secrets in the days, weeks, months and years to come.

For all intents and purposes, it felt like a high vibration living ascension experience.

A month later I started teaching classes on Play Meditations with an octave of the Singing Crystal Bowls. During these sessions I would also do healing work with those present. I noticed a marked increase in my healing power and knowledge being transmitted during those times. This also proved true in the Reiki /High Vibration Energy classes and attunements I conducted. Everyone was tweaked up several more notches then expected, as though being primed for the times ahead. In the years since then there have been many quite to very subtle awareness, knowledge and messages from this experience and I continue to pay attention.

As for the doctor, Susan and I agreed that this experience would probably be a life changing one for him (we found out months later that it was.) With all his years of medical experience, what he knew was of no use at that moment in time for all was happening and being directed by Soul and the Higher Realms, it was a Shamanic teaching experience.

This experience of course made me think about how many people actually have a “shamanic death/rebirth” on the operating table and it is treated with standard procedures. Is this an area that should be addressed in medical training and nursing practices?  There is so much more to understand!

We are being opened to Fifth Dimension Mysticism in remarkable ways now….just pay attention before setting your intention!


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