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Greetings to all after all the festivities of Thanksgiving and shopping madness…..such strange creatures we are!

From the title I am sure you are wondering what on earth I am referring to!

Two weeks ago I returned to Sonora to visit with friends Andre and Stephanie and to look after their dogs and home while they had an underwater vacation (diving) off the Channel Islands. For the majority of the time I was well snowed in on their mountain top, 5 days in all.

After spending Thanksgiving dinner with Stephanie’s family we spent three days traveling Hwy 1 from Santa Cruz to Big Sur, Esalen and points in between before returning to Sonora.

My plan was to visit Mt Shasta to spend a week helping my friend, Jessica make a special order of her sacred felts and then I would return to Sebastopol and move along nicely. At least that was until I was standing on a ridge looking out to the calm sea under a beautiful blue sky on the way to Big Sur. Something shifted, I rocked and nearly lost balance….Stephanie and Britten looked at me “what happened?”  And once again without realizing it I shifted between dimensions where other scenes had been playing out, in a way telling me of  past, present and future journeys of memory to be played out for other revelations to come forth….this is going to be significant.

While waiting for the snow to clear and taking the advise I wrote of in the last blog message about consulting numerology charts, I did my progression chart for December and all of 2011 and how interesting it proved to be.  November was a month of endings and completions to make way for complete new beginnings as of December 1, but of course at the time I had no idea what that would look like.

It was three days ago that the next “higher plan” came into full view pretty much in technicolor, however, at the moment I don’t have the right words to explain all clearly, so I’ll leave you hanging for just a short time.

I’m not alone here either. That is “making God laugh” because we think we know best and make plans!  You may be in the same position…plans changing and the canvas is blank again…..what to do next!    WAIT, BE STILL, REMEMBER, LISTEN, MOVE, BREATHE, WAIT and then FEEL the message….Soul is definitely trying to get some important messages across to us!

More to follow shortly……….

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