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To understand the significance of what is happening in Charlottesville today, a look back in time to the mid 1700s will reveal a large piece of a little known or reported part of history.

I lived in Charlottesville from April 2004 to early 2006. Unbeknownst to me at the time, what I learned during that time was and has been profound to my growth and greater knowledge of our world and universe. All details are far too much to share now yet I will give a thumbnail sketch of what is being revealed today.

Points within the story unfolding:

Charlottesville and the environs was the birthplace of Presidents Jefferson, Madison and Munroe, and of which all three were instrumental in the writing and/or implementation of the original tenets of the Constitution of this country.

Thomas Jefferson is also known as the founder of education in this country, establishing the University of Virginia in Charlottesville as a place of learning to empower people to think for themselves and live their highest potential. And yes there was a down side to the area, as it was a time of slavery in the south, and all three were included. Sadly, far too few were caretakers of those lives, rather abusers of lives.

Jefferson’s home, Monticello sits atop Carter Mountain. This land mass is also known as a crystal mountain. The acres around it are quite magical and I came to realize walks here became places of downloads. On the front lawn of the home there are the makings of a long forgotten labyrinth which Jefferson had installed.

For those into sacred geometry, mapping out Charlottesville, one will find many patterns and connections between Monticello, The Rotunda, Capital, Nob Hill and other points around the area.  And as with most universities, then and now, there were member societies of secrecy and darkness as well as goodness and light.

 The Little Known!

The birthdate of Thomas Jefferson, the one every child has been taught since the 1800s is incorrect and its reason is significant to everyone, even today.

He was not born on April 13, 1743. He was born on April 2, 1743. You will have to dig very deep to find even a mention of the latter date though. (It took me quite a while to find this!)

What difference does it make and who cares!

Perhaps I am the only one who cared yet when I found the reason much started coming clear.  Since Year 2000 the quest and raising of consciousness across the planet has been increasing as it should.

To understand this little piece, we go back to the radio. Remember the crystal radio! When a station is tuned correctly, the program aired is clear and understandable to the listener. When the station is not quite tuned in the signal goes in and out, there is static and it takes a lot of concentration to hear and comprehend everything that is aired.

Today with so many people understanding energy, frequency and vibration, especially in the fields of healing what I am about to share should be an AH HA moment!

Back in early mid 1700s, the then Christian Church denominations, both here and in UK, said they needed to revise to ecclesiastical calendar established during the Nicene Council of 335AD. Specifically the holidays and celebrations based on moon cycles were not falling into a predictable cycle and this was frustrating to them. (I know it sounds weird!)

Thus, a change had to be decided on and worked out! Who was involved specifically in the computations I found no mention. The result though was astounding!

It was September 1752. It was decided, September 2 would indeed be the 2nd. However, September 3 was changed to September 13th, an ADDITION of 11 DAYS!

Thus completely eliminating all days, energies, identities, events that would have existed in those eleven days.

 So what! Cut a pizza into twelve pieces, take one away and then put it back together selling it a a whole pizza! The piece that is missing throws off the shape, the fit, the value, the integrity of the original product!

Taking those 11 days out of the calendar does all that and more. It changed the radio station and created an incoherent field that people had to adjust to over time. It is what happen with the Gregorian Calendar when the 13th moon rising in a year was eliminated, creating the 12 moon calendar. A calendar that is out of sync with natural universal cycles.   This created another incoherent field for the people to adjust to! I say this changed the body DNA, cell and nervous systems thus also throwing out of line our third eye and intuitive fields from their true vibration.

These changes even though they were done hundreds of years ago have a vibrational effect through time, incarnations, generations and souls. We are manipulated beings for others purposes!

Charlottesville Today!

All the quotes, teachings and purpose from the framers of the Constitution for people to live by to be self empowered and establish a strong sense of governance and fairness toward others as a whole has hit a wall of the opposite, ever though that wall is made up of those who want the same, per se, yet in different ways. And it is fueled by irresponsible dialogue, anger and hatred.

As a weaver of threads and visions for understanding, I wonder:

Have Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Munroe returned in spirit to hold, reveal and ask all people living in this country what is the truth behind the original Constitution?

Is it up for grabs and manipulation as some feel inclined? Is there a way for all sides to calm and find common talking ground where each can live as they choose without ruining others lives who do not follow suit?

In the lead up to this powerful eclipse from the lion’s gate roar, how will each of us respond and hold the highest ideals of divine courage and life to the light?









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Mt Shasta is shrouded in clouds as I look out of the window…..high atop new snow is probably falling since the lower elevations were gifted with more rain than expected over night. Caught me a little by surprise so a trip to the laundry mart was necessary to dry out. No big deal after so many days of beautiful weather here. One can smell the clean fresh life coming forth after the nurturing waters.

These are powerful times. Two weeks ago we had the long anticipated new moon solar eclipse, last night a lunar eclipse and nearly a full moon, tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6:30PST the last point of the latest Venus Transit (2004 it began this particular journey). This once in a lifetime (just over a hundred years cycle) Venus will pass in front of the Sun aligning and balancing the true creation forces of the Masculine Sun with the Feminine Venus birthing an energy for our new life paradigm. Then on June 20-21 the Summer Solstice marks the summer and all the play, joy, gatherings, love and blessed creativity within to be expressed outwards by those in the North while in the South this same time marks the slow moving inwards from those summer days towards the quietening of life three months hence in Autumn (Fall).

No matter what the day or time there is always the opposite balance in play, with each step we are walking to or walking away from and then to again…..so is he flow of life.

Last week I began to write to you and when I returned to complete the writing lost the lot! This mountain and my stays upon her always open the creative process for me. This time is no different. I am once again grounding in a theatrical piece that I am very pleased with…..more will come in the near future.

Recently traveled to Sacramento to work with a couple of small groups, gathered together be a friend of mine. It is always wonderful meeting new people, sharing and assisting in my unique way and watching the special energetic changes made as healing and knowing reveals itself.

Upcoming is a trip to Oregon to visit a wonderful family I met during the Eclipse. They all walked my labyrinth during that powerful time as did many others – so special a time for all.

I am also preparing for the South West Dowsers Conference on July 6-10th in Santa Cruz. I will be sharing the Labyrinth for walks and doing readings and sharing my other gifts.

Will share more at another time….wishing you all great revelations each moment……..

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A writing feast or famine!

Last week when driving through Utah I was reminded of a very special life changing experience Jerame and I shared in July of 2001 (I think that was the year). We went to spend four days at the Lakota Sundance Ceremony, a ceremonial weekend being lead by Lakota Elder Red Earth, my teacher and friend.

Approaching the Ogden exit I called Jerame and asked if I could share this and he agreed. Once again there are great lessons in the ways the weekend played out for us and most especially how “unrelated fears and pain of different people can and do have a physical effect in completely unsuspecting ways. Life is a constant learning and refining experience!

I do not have any photos to go along with the story therefore forgive the mass of words!

Sundance of Thanksgiving

The Sacred Fire burned. The Sacred Tree was in place. The dancers who had been in preparation for a year were anxious with anticipation, fear, power and honor. All the dancers, friends and supporters were required to pass through the gate to receive the ceremonial smudging with sage, the purifying smoke that frees impurities and negativity to the heavens of The Creator.

My son Jerame had joined me on the trip to Utah to experience the Lakota ceremony of Thanksgiving known as Sundance. In the beginning his reasons for coming were (1) to get away and (2) so Mum didn’t have to drive alone! The drive from Denver took us through the beautiful landscapes of Northern Colorado, fields with buffalo and elk grazing in Wyoming and into Utah. The camp site and ceremonial grounds were tucked away in a quiet, beautiful valley surrounded by craggy high ridges of small mountains filled with ancient and painful memories of village massacres and spiritual wisdom from the Ancestors.

After arriving at the camp, setting up and meeting with some other attendees, Jerame began to see power-plays between some on the young Lakota men and the white visitors. He became quite angry at what he saw as their unnecessary arrogance and rudeness, deciding he wanted to leave rather than have his buttons pushed! Several calming mother/son conversations later opened the way for Jerame to experience a weekend of many powerful awakenings.

The Sacred Ceremony of The Sundance represents the Native American tradition of Thanksgiving. This particular Sundance was being lead by my gentle teacher, Red Earth, a Lakota Sioux Elder who stepped into the position due the illness of Chief Richard Swallow Eagle, respected elder of other past Sundance ceremonies. It was an honor for me to learn and support my teacher during that difficult time.  Ceremonies such as Sundance, Ghost Dance and the cleansing sweat lodges had been forbidden for many years by both the government and “do good” Christian missionaries, all done under the guise of disempowering and saving the souls of savages. It is such irony that so many now seek to learn more of these ancient and earth-saving wisdoms.

The warriors who ‘dance in ceremony around the Sacred Tree’ are giving of themselves in gratitude for their lives and giving to impact the greater tribe, in essence, people from everywhere. To end the long preparation all the dancers have fasted for several days, having no food or water at all, this fasting continues until they have fulfilled their sacred Sundance commitment. For four days the power of this sacred experience as sounded through the beat of the Mother Drum which builds as each day the dancers who have chosen this path surrender themselves to the Sacred Tree. On the fourth day those who have chosen are pierced with small pieces of  bone through their chest or back skin and tethered to the Tree for as long as the journey of surrender takes. The dancers are surrounded and supported by family, friends, tribe elders and teachers, along with the Ancestors watching from the craggy rock walls surrounding the quiet valley. Each day is filled with several ceremonies, some lasting three hour plus at a stretch. The sound of drums, flutes, rattles and voices transport all present in ways they cannot avoid but be moved and changed so very profoundly.

As an energy healer and Reiki Master, I was honored to be asked to offer work with the dancers during their breaks, giving them an energetic boost and support as the days of fasting and dancing moved on. During these days I had two profound yet very different experiences to show me the power and unseen hold of emotionally energy and fear has on people, and to see the beauty and flow of new life energy.

Dancing Through Fear

The sound of drums began to die down as the Grand Entrance Dance drew to an end and dancers made their way to the cover resting space adjacent to the sacred circle. Some looked exhilarated, some dazed and still others exhausted yet there were still many hours and days of ceremony to go.

Red Earth had approached me and two other visiting women healers to help the dancers during these breaks. I was very honored by this request. Quietly I approached the first young man who was more than happy to receive a nurturing and tender boost to his energy. Just five to ten minutes was all that was needed most of the time. As time was short, Spirit turned up the power as I opened as a willing conduit. A couple of times my offer of help was refused and that was fine. I moved from man to man as the time allowed.

Then I felt a young man’s eyes seeking me out. “Oh yes please, I would be grateful of some energy!” was his response.

He lay on a blanket and I gently did my work. He drifted off to another place and then came back with a quick “thank you, work on someone else now”,ot up and moved away.

I spied a man in a chair about ten feet away. He did not look good, stress and fear oozed from him. He gladly agreed to my offer of help. Because of his exhaustion I said he could stay in the chair but after a couple of minutes he nearly passed out so I moved him to the ground. I knew something was very wrong with him yet no one else appeared concerned!

I began my energetic work on him. His fear was monumental yet I didn’t know why at that moment. As the drums started up again and the dancers moved out into the sacred circle, again his body began to freeze up. I called to another healer to help me. She moved to his feet and grateful follow my instructions. We worked in silence and in unison. The music in the background would come and go in waves of loudness. The man’s body would also respond in degrees of tension and fear and I still did not understand why.

All this time my back was to the circle of dancers so I could not see what was happening, I only heard the drumming and the songs. Again the drumming, singing and sounds of support grew louder, faster, louder, faster. And correspondingly the fear and tension in the man on the ground echoed. My helper stayed silent. I began to talk and coach the man through the breaths, to use the energy to move beyond the place he feared, a crescendo of drums, sounds and pain built, the combination of awe and fear kept us going, the three of us working as one.

I could feel the peak was coming and knew I had to stay calm and focused on the channel of energy being generated. The peak in the sacred circle was also being reached and suddenly out of nowhere drums and sounds of joy rang all around us. And at exactly the same moment the man shuddered, cried out and released what was holding him. His face was dazed and tears steamed from his eyes. I thanked God he was safe!

I turned to see what was happening in the circle, the sounds of joy and relief were everywhere, and then I saw why and I was shocked!

A young man celebrated his feat. Trickles of blood run down his back, yet the light of his faced was what I caught. On the ground of the circle lay two lengths of leather with seven buffalo skulls attached. I later learned that “dragging the buffalo skulls” is done by only a few men and represents “the dragging and finally releasing past generations held in pain, anger, violence, wrongdoing and death, giving thanks for their sacrifices and now for a new beginning.” The young man in celebration was the same young man who had searched me out earlier.

My attention returned to the man on the ground. He was quickly reviving. I shared what I had just seen and he began to cry, really cry which I allowed him to do. “I was so afraid for him. I was afraid of the pain for myself and I could not continue. And I was afraid of the pain for him. I let him down!” he sobbed.

Now the dancers were moving from the circle for a well-earned rest. I went to the joyful young man and asked if he would see his friend, he has something to tell you! Moments later these two men are hugging each other and crying. When the truth was shared more tears and the relief was palpable and affected more than just these two men. Healing was returning to the man who now sat on a chair in the shade.

“I need to share something else with you if I may” he said to me.

“Two weeks ago my father died and I have been in so much pain and fear of losing him ever since. I didn’t know how I could go through this without him and then after he died I couldn’t let him go. I was holding on so tight but now I know he is with me in a different way and I don’t have to fear or hold on!”

To say the least I was moved to tears also but for another reason. Alongside my son Jerame, we had been honored to witness the evolution of the warrior’s spirit through ceremony of song and dance, pain and joy, strength and vulnerability, fear and peace, holding on and letting go, of the male and the female balancing and supporting each other as needed.

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