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To understand the significance of what is happening in Charlottesville today, a look back in time to the mid 1700s will reveal a large piece of a little known or reported part of history.

I lived in Charlottesville from April 2004 to early 2006. Unbeknownst to me at the time, what I learned during that time was and has been profound to my growth and greater knowledge of our world and universe. All details are far too much to share now yet I will give a thumbnail sketch of what is being revealed today.

Points within the story unfolding:

Charlottesville and the environs was the birthplace of Presidents Jefferson, Madison and Munroe, and of which all three were instrumental in the writing and/or implementation of the original tenets of the Constitution of this country.

Thomas Jefferson is also known as the founder of education in this country, establishing the University of Virginia in Charlottesville as a place of learning to empower people to think for themselves and live their highest potential. And yes there was a down side to the area, as it was a time of slavery in the south, and all three were included. Sadly, far too few were caretakers of those lives, rather abusers of lives.

Jefferson’s home, Monticello sits atop Carter Mountain. This land mass is also known as a crystal mountain. The acres around it are quite magical and I came to realize walks here became places of downloads. On the front lawn of the home there are the makings of a long forgotten labyrinth which Jefferson had installed.

For those into sacred geometry, mapping out Charlottesville, one will find many patterns and connections between Monticello, The Rotunda, Capital, Nob Hill and other points around the area.  And as with most universities, then and now, there were member societies of secrecy and darkness as well as goodness and light.

 The Little Known!

The birthdate of Thomas Jefferson, the one every child has been taught since the 1800s is incorrect and its reason is significant to everyone, even today.

He was not born on April 13, 1743. He was born on April 2, 1743. You will have to dig very deep to find even a mention of the latter date though. (It took me quite a while to find this!)

What difference does it make and who cares!

Perhaps I am the only one who cared yet when I found the reason much started coming clear.  Since Year 2000 the quest and raising of consciousness across the planet has been increasing as it should.

To understand this little piece, we go back to the radio. Remember the crystal radio! When a station is tuned correctly, the program aired is clear and understandable to the listener. When the station is not quite tuned in the signal goes in and out, there is static and it takes a lot of concentration to hear and comprehend everything that is aired.

Today with so many people understanding energy, frequency and vibration, especially in the fields of healing what I am about to share should be an AH HA moment!

Back in early mid 1700s, the then Christian Church denominations, both here and in UK, said they needed to revise to ecclesiastical calendar established during the Nicene Council of 335AD. Specifically the holidays and celebrations based on moon cycles were not falling into a predictable cycle and this was frustrating to them. (I know it sounds weird!)

Thus, a change had to be decided on and worked out! Who was involved specifically in the computations I found no mention. The result though was astounding!

It was September 1752. It was decided, September 2 would indeed be the 2nd. However, September 3 was changed to September 13th, an ADDITION of 11 DAYS!

Thus completely eliminating all days, energies, identities, events that would have existed in those eleven days.

 So what! Cut a pizza into twelve pieces, take one away and then put it back together selling it a a whole pizza! The piece that is missing throws off the shape, the fit, the value, the integrity of the original product!

Taking those 11 days out of the calendar does all that and more. It changed the radio station and created an incoherent field that people had to adjust to over time. It is what happen with the Gregorian Calendar when the 13th moon rising in a year was eliminated, creating the 12 moon calendar. A calendar that is out of sync with natural universal cycles.   This created another incoherent field for the people to adjust to! I say this changed the body DNA, cell and nervous systems thus also throwing out of line our third eye and intuitive fields from their true vibration.

These changes even though they were done hundreds of years ago have a vibrational effect through time, incarnations, generations and souls. We are manipulated beings for others purposes!

Charlottesville Today!

All the quotes, teachings and purpose from the framers of the Constitution for people to live by to be self empowered and establish a strong sense of governance and fairness toward others as a whole has hit a wall of the opposite, ever though that wall is made up of those who want the same, per se, yet in different ways. And it is fueled by irresponsible dialogue, anger and hatred.

As a weaver of threads and visions for understanding, I wonder:

Have Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Munroe returned in spirit to hold, reveal and ask all people living in this country what is the truth behind the original Constitution?

Is it up for grabs and manipulation as some feel inclined? Is there a way for all sides to calm and find common talking ground where each can live as they choose without ruining others lives who do not follow suit?

In the lead up to this powerful eclipse from the lion’s gate roar, how will each of us respond and hold the highest ideals of divine courage and life to the light?









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Breaking News

I am not a television watcher or newspaper reader mainly because there is very little truth reported by the Big Names. But because of a future project that is still waiting in the wings, I have started following The Huffington Post to see what is being reported nationally and internationally on virtually any topic. One of today’s headlines read:


U.S. Ahead Of China, Britain, France And Russia Combined.. U.S. Spending Up 81% In Past Decade, Increased In 2010 While Europe Decreased

Why is anyone surprised? Why is everyone not outraged?

Another big topic to surface again this week has been the Abortion issue with rhetoric and politics heated as usual.

The Past Revisited

As many readers already know, back in 2004 to 2006/7 I produced and hosted my own television program called “Have You Ever Wondered…Stepping Beyond Status Quo”. It started on Charlottesville, VA Public Access Television, later being seen in Fairfax Co, VA, Montgomery Co, MD, Santa Fe and Washington DC.   The theme was “Have you ever wondered if everything you have ever been told is true…..Usually it is not and here’s why!”  We covered dozens and dozens of very varied topics, pulling out pieces from many sources and then offering new perspectives and/or contradictions to what was/is standard acceptance.

At the time George W Bush was President and he gave us some really great seeds to works from. One in particular was from a statement he made at Kansas State when asked about the abortion issue. Quote ” I will fight for a Culture of Life and the Principle that every Life has Value.”

As I prepared for an upcoming program  I received strong guidance to write and present” the following perspective. Now more than ever, there is great significance  in relationship to the news headlines mentioned above and our lives today.

The Debate

“There is a fine line to cross in this debate. If you believe in  PROLIFE

Is it applicable in ALL areas of Life!

Is it still an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!

If taking a stance for PROLIFE,  do you also support the DEATH PENALTY, THE NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOC., putting guns in the hands of the children you saved through prolife THAT ARE NOW ADULTS!

Do you rejoice when the enemy is killed and do you want retaliation when your own are killed!

Is it WIN at any cost!

Is a PROLIFE stance only a display for political and social acceptance!

Does a PROLIFE stance only affect selected portions of the population!

Does Death justify Death and Revenge override Forgiveness!

Then at the end of the day and one holds a religious belief and faith in the ORIGINAL AND TRUE teachings of Christianity, Judism, Islam, Buddhism, the Tao, Native American teachings and any other discipline that is TRULY guided by the Essence of God (by all names), Divine Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Heart-Centered Action

Can any of the above mentioned be supported with conviction!

What does your Heart and Soul say?

For one cannot support both and not be a hypocrite!”

Yes we are all hypocrites in so many ways yet is it not time to call ourselves and most especially Governments out on such blatant behaviors in the quest for $$$$$ and power!


Essence of God looking back at you!

Today I took a Sunday drive through the wine country of Sonoma County. It was beautiful weather and my day was touched by several serendipitous meetings. This weekend the town of Sonoma hosted its Film Festival so the streets and businesses were filled with visitors from everywhere. The town established back in the 1830s or so reminded me of Santa Fe. A large central park surrounded, the Mission and former homes, hotels and businesses with Santa Fe charm.

One particular place that moved me to tears was the gallery of Lisa Kristine   www.LisaKristine.com. The current exhibition is called Slavery and her photographs are amazing, beautiful, heart-wrenching, horrifying, inhumane, powerful and so much more. I encourage you to visit her site, have your heart moved and see the Essence of God looking back at you!


The Whole World is in OUR hands……..What are WE going to DO with IT?

What else is there to say!

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