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Summer has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere and the heat with it. In the Southern Hemisphere winter is making itself known as the shortest day of the year is expressed in the late rising and early setting of the sun heralding a long dark night ahead. When I am today the temps are pushing 100 degrees with dry hot air. Such is the welcoming for this powerful Summer Solstice celebration!

In places near and far there are gatherings to celebrate and honor yet another cycle of nature. Tonight, along with a couple of friends, we will gather with others to drum and sing in the pleasant night air. Such will be a finale of sorts to a very powerful weekend retreat and for me the end four weeks of very intense, sometimes challenging, often joyful and definitely self-expanding experiences. And it is because of all this that I have been rather neglectful of postings, in fact, writer’s block was such that my mind could only see a blank page most of the time. Let’s hope this is at an end!

The Earth Spirit Vision Quest Retreat was a wonderful experience for me to once again facilitate. From Friday to Sunday thirteen sojourners –  6 women and 7 men sort the Vision. To have more men than women participating was a profound affirmation and honor. The men were from quite different backgrounds and social standings, as were the women, yet all joined, shared and learned about varying perceptions and science on 5th Dimension Mysticism, space and time collapsing as it relates to everyday life, the meaning and energy changes from walking a labyrinth, new ways of looking at health issues, spirit world, ancient teachings and the personal experience of Sound and Energy Healing. Profound transformations were witnessed and acknowledged in the finality of the Vision Quest. (If you are interested in hosting a retreat weekend please email for more information.)

The week prior, I had spent helping a friend make with hands and feet, a quantity of sacred wool felts. And as I had learned from my previous experience of doing and sharing the work, one can go through a huge gamut of feelings and expressions on all levels while working the wool. Automated processes and industrialization has taken this “gift” out of so much of today’s product productions. Besides creating beautiful textiles, objects, clothing and living commodities, the people of ancient and indigenous cultures knew that personal involvement in the process was as important to the village or family’s health and wealth as the products created. Our per se “modern industrialized and material societies” do not afford that and this is OUR COLLECTIVE LOSS!

(Ice fishing at Castle Lake, CA – June 7, 2011)

As I don’t have and have not had a television for quite a few years, during occasional stays in a hotel or every now and then I look through The Huffington Post online to see if the world is still there and what it is doing!

From this detached place it all pretty much strikes me as the same continuing Soap Opera, just a change of actors and scene settings. The political scene, upcoming election drive, corruption, scandals, financial games large and small, government hiding, war mongering and terrorism threats, continual lack of everything to make life acceptable, violent scenarios and movies foretelling our end have not changed in years and years and years. Do you believe all you see and hear? Can you read between the lines of what is not said and by whom! If you were to go back into the archives of papers and television five year, ten years, twenty even further back, you may be shockingly surprised to see and hear the exact same things happening.

(Making of a sacred drum)

Why! Because so often our own common sense is usurped by our “belief” that those looked up to, in power, more knowledgeable than ourselves and so on would never hurt or deceive the people!

If you claim back yourself as a unique, independent thinking, heart centered spiritual/physical individual your world can change and thus the bigger world for all of us!

Until we meet again………..

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Armistice Day

The Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month in 1918 was the official ending of the First World War.

It is believed that 20 million people died during that war…..so sad the example has been lost by so many!

And now this same day is recognized as a signature for the New Gateways into the New Paradigm of Consciousness and Living…..let us hope we do not fault again with words and actions hollow…..so that those souls still left in hateful limbo may rejoice as rotting tethers finally break for freedom to fly in liberation……

Manifesting at the Speed of  !

(These two beautiful carvings are part of a garden archway at the home of my friend Jessica. Most of the arch was covered with vines obscuring the rest of the carved woodwork.  I have no idea who the artist is/was!  Obviously, great love was part into the work.)

In my original request to “Spirit” as to the needs I am seeking in my new location one very specific one was “to be in an area where I am surrounded by creative inspiration, all facets in order to enhance my own creative work.  I am still very new and on the outskirts, seeking the like minds and mutual support centers.  In time I hope to be included….not just here but many other places as well. I have heard wonderful musician of so many varying styles, attended dance, joined a fabulous writer’s group, slowly meeting very nice, kind and open people in different segments of the community….but still I am feeling my way….it is safe!…..do I belong in the big picture!…..what can I contribute!….etc.

As with manifesting the perfect place to live after leaving the house in Weed…I requested a natural setting, beautiful, easy access, affordable, safe, clean, supports creative expression and growth, has everything I need to be comfortable and so on. Well most of you know I ended up camping on Mt Shasta, just below 6500 ft for 5 weeks and at Castle Lake for 2 weeks. In both these places I received exactly my requests…..what I left out of the original request was to have “walls and a roof”  thus they were not there!

The same appears to be happening here and so fast…..and many of you also may have noticed…..what was valid one day can be complete or unnecessary the next….such is the speed we are traveling at! This goes for business, dreams, relationships, whatever!

Last week I mentioned to Jerame I was thinking about not writing the blog any longer, it is probably getting boring for people and currently life is not dramatic! “No mum, I like to read it! was his response.

One thing with modern blogs and such is that there are tracking charts showing how many hits one gets and what is most popular.  Well, from the beginning (March) I only sent the blog messages out to those on my email list, which is quite small. The first few months views stayed about the same then they slowly started to increase and this last posting has received 30% plus more views…I am amazed and I have no idea who or where all these people are. It is the same with my website and until recently I never really paid attention to the traffic…..Now I have to do something else to increase business along with all the viewing. I’m open to ideas!

At the end of the last message I stated perhaps it is time to slow down some…well that happened yesterday, today and will continue through tomorrow.  Read on and it will make sense.


For the past three days I have been under the weather as the odd saying goes. Actually yesterday I didn’t even get out of bed I felt so bad and this is unheard of. Even Mathew responded to the news “Mum you never get sick, that’s why Jerame and I are never sick!” True!

My symptoms have been a variety of aches and pain, chills and sweats, stomach cramps, white before the eyes (as if about to pass out), absolutely no energy and the desire to sleep. I did sleep for most of yesterday. No food tastes good in any way although I am really hungry. The thought had crossed my mind it felt like poisoning, and not specifically food.

Why am I sharing all this? Because after talking with a couple of friends today in different locations it seems many are experiencing similar symptoms in varying degrees, attributing it to the flu, which I now know is not completely correct.

In a short conversation with my friend Peter Priore (astrologer/musician) he mentioned this all went along with the intense energy of the New Moon in Scorpio as well as all the other astrological activity we are in now. Major planets going direct or soon to go direct after long lapses, squares and conjunctions in other areas and the general increase in consciousness (individual and mass) makes for a recipe to send the transmitting airwaves into chaos. And as we are electrical beings “viola” overload because we can’t read the new currents!

For many of us who have been following these paths for years “overloads and recalibrations” are a fact of life, uncomfortable as they may be. Will the medical profession have any idea of what I am talking about….maybe….doubt it! Yet as with everything in my life, if I am to understand the experience, it is to become very personal.

Today I will share an experience that happened to me. It may sound familiar to some and not at all to others.

It was in the early summer of 2007 when I was living in New Mexico, just outside of Santa Fe. At the time I was sharing a house with my friend Michael Brill. We originally met doing readings at psychic fair in Crestone, CO in 2002.  Several years later we reconnected in Boca Raton, Florida where his mother lived. After that our journeys took diverse paths until we surprisingly both ended up in New Mexico in 2007.

To get to the chase: One day I was seemingly having a rough time emotionally….tense, angry at nothing in particular, and not so nice to be around. I was sitting at the dining room table when Michael came in with an electric shoulder massager.

“You need to loosen up, let’s try this!” So for the next 10 minutes or so my shoulders and back were treated, and it felt good!

Next morning, my skin felt itchy and dry. This was nothing unusual in New Mexico due to the high desert dry air. By the end of the day it was worse and two small red blotches had formed under my eyes.

The following morning all symptoms were magnified, although I still felt OK! A trip to the Apothecary in Santa Fe for a natural remedy proved illusive. I tried “stuff” and nothing worked.

Over the next few days I was going crazy from the itching and the red blotches looked pretty sad, so I laid low at the house. In all it took about 10 days for my body to clear and go back to normal.

A couple of weeks passed and all was well. Until I made the mistake of receiving another electric shoulder massage. (The penny hadn’t dropped yet!) It was once again only about 10 minutes!

Next morning the two blotches under my eyes were perfect circles the size of dimes with a pink tinge. The itchiness started slowly and increased by the day. By day three the two red marks looked like fresh cigarette burns, my faces was deformed and swollen and on the forth day I resembled an individual with mongoloid features. Not only was the skin itchy, it started to peel off in sheets.

Panic had set in by this time, what on earth was happening!  And because I looked so incredible scary, in the house I stayed. The worst of the looks lasted a week and then my face began to go back to “normal”. The red marks were still there and so was the itchy, scaly skin. It took about three weeks to completely recover.

Michael and I were stumped until I finally looked at the incredible anatomy art of Alex Grey in “Sacred Mirrors”. Studying each picture I finally saw the meridians clearly and in a different way. Many of them either began or ended in the area of my burn marks….what does this mean?

The increased charge following the natural flow of the meridians was too great and over heated.

Not unlike an out of control charge at an electrical substation. Lights, sparks, chaos!

I think it was that night the revelation came though and it made sense to me. The message “you are being recalibrated to be in line with the new increased vibrations. The electric unit magnified this resulting in what could be described as “being burned from the inside out” and that was exactly what it felt and looked like!

For those of you feeling “not up to par” this could be what is happening also but of course always use your OWN GUIDANCE and DISCERNMENT to seek medical attention. Hopefully your experiences are not so dramatic. Over the passed years of the so called “ascension process” recalibration has been a common occurrence. For those familiar with the writings of Karen Bishop, she mentioned this regularly along with possible symptoms to expect, in the hope people would realize that endless trips to the doctor would not necessarily mean relief. Once again discernment is necessary.

For me now relief comes with rest, fluids, gently thoughts, patience and knowing the body is awesome with the ability to heal and balance itself if only given the chance.

I have rambled enough…thanks for joining me!

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July 21, 2010

Today, I am sitting at the edge of Castle Lake writing this message. My new office space at least for a short while! Last night was the second night camping in this truly beautiful place. If you look back at a posting in early May you will see two stark contrasts of the lake….that is where I am!

On a personal note: Two special happenings with my children are the news of becoming a “grandmother”. Mathew and Shannon are expecting their first baby in February…and as we all know, a great life-changing event for all. Of course many blessing and joys abound for and with them. The other happening will be Jerame and Kate coming to visit for a week early next month. It will be wonderful to see and show them these wonderful places. Next best thing could be a time when we can all be here together!

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of arriving in Mt Shasta….a year that has gone by so fast and upon reflection, a great deal has happened on many levels.

As I took an early hike to Heart Lake yesterday (about 40 minutes each way) and reflected on the year, a remarkable vision/realization/understanding came to me.

In very clear, vivid animation a tube torus appeared and as I remembered experiences, people, circumstances of the past year, each scene appeared and rolled over as a wave into the center of the tube and collapsed into itself and the void as the next timeframe was revealed, it rolled up as a wave of the outer moving tube……the tube torus wasn’t a tight, controlled shape as seen in a drawing, but more like a semi-firm slinky (the tight long coils we use to make go down stairs, etc.) that continues to roll, vibrate and mold as the atmosphere around it dictates.

This was time collapsing and the reason why linear time does not exist and never did. It showed how our 24 hour day has resonantly and vibrationally been reduced to approximately 16 hours….this is why there is never enough time in your day! I now look forward to more clarity on this whole dynamic.

On the first day in Mt Shasta, after nearly five days of driving from Kansas City in the heat of summer, I took my crystal bowls and Nea, an amazing double terminated, 10lbs record-keeper to the mountain and did ceremony and asked “why am I here!”

So much has played out here: of course meeting so many new and varied people who over time have become friends, acquaintances, clients and peers. Some connections were not to last while others have and continue to play out from times way back in soul memory and for reasons not clear or understandable to those who are just observing.

I discovered the Dancer lost within during Ecstatic Dance at The Flying Lotus; my voice and inner commitment to the ancient memory and connection of Middle Eastern/Indian spiritual practices, kundalini yoga, chanting, raising at 4am for days and weeks on end and the true evidence of how I evolved and grew on all levels through these times.

There was also more learning, honing and discernment in the realms of others remote viewing, psychic interferences and attempted misuse of ancient wisdom and teachings….sometimes innocently, other times not!

Then to really push the button of surrender, I was moved from the place I had been living and house sitting for extended periods of times, to camping and consciously living very simply within Mother Nature. Believe me! I do look forward to returning to the world of walls, beds and relationship yet for now I revel in the opportunity, challenges, beauty, freedom, peace, vulnerability and surrendering to each moment. Just in the last few days I have met a young woman doctor from Italy, a sailing/wandering mystic, others from Hawaii, S. Cal, a couple, Chinese Herbalist/Healer from Chico who are teaching their girls about life while traveling the highways and byways, along with others I have just connected with by hellos. And would you believe, my nightly reading by flashlight goes between Unveiled Mysteries and Love Never Ends….Ascended Master’s abound!

Creative expression has grown through writing and presenting new poetry, creating and writing this blog, producing new video presentations, one on storytelling on my website and a new one which still has to be edited for uploading, presented at several workshops and conferences, and my latest and perhaps most vulnerable for me, a Life Theatre production to premier in Mt Shasta on August 7th. I say Premier for “I have been told” this will grow and go international…. time will tell the rest….

As the clear water refreshes and butterflies and dragonflies fly around me, a deer visits as I write.  The lake is active with people, sun is high and my battery is getting low….time to say farewell for now…..until we connect again…

Peace and Blessings to All!

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Mother’s Day           In honor of my mother and all facets of creation therein.

Resolving issues, contracts, obligations, misunderstandings, expectations and disconnections around our own mothers, ourselves as mothers, the mother essence within each man, as well as the greater yin/feminine essence within the universal ether is so prevalent in my life as well as so many others I know over these past few months.

I am working to transmute and transcend some of the threads of “stuff” held with and by my mother and her lineage going back many generations. To find the time/space of the original pure feminine divinity essence and bring it forward through the quagmire of lost feminine understanding, wisdom, desire, purpose, love and compassion as a result of long term  male/patriarchal dominance.

This is not male bashing in any way for men have suffered perhaps a greater injustice through the times past. While it took to the 1800s or thereabouts for women’s voices and the suffragette movement to ignite, it has taken until the 21st century for men to truly have permission, on a mass scale, to claim, honor and work with the feminine essence, devoid of labeling and general image constructs.

Those who have chosen to experience the homosexual and lesbian roles throughout history and in this lifetime have shown everything from extreme behaviors tipping opposite scales to living in perfect balance of integrated male/female roles. This has been expressed as incredible creativity, business success in varying degrees, and all disciplines of expression, both good and challenging.

Mothering cannot happen in a singular unit. It is a co-operative union of two or more. Who, where, why and what joins determines the seed essence dynamics, and this union is not just physical. The birth of ideas, creativity and the merging with nature, animals and all life is a mothering union.

Yet it is the life play that determines characters, personalities, emotional and mental moods within the matrix. Within each mothering union there are dozens, hundreds or perhaps thousands of intricate scenarios from the earliest moment of life to the last breathe of that same life.

In the past weeks several of these have surfaced for me to acknowledge and move beyond. I offer these examples as a thumbnail sketch. They may seem familiar to many of you.

My mother was an incredible artist until the day she received some news that rocked her world and she never picked up a paint brush or charcoal again. As far as I am concerned, this was a tragedy far worse than the news she received, because it “jaded” her spirit and had an incredible effect on how I perceived my own creative evolution and expression. I was around 12 or 13 years old at the time.

Prior to this event, many an hour I sat as her model, most usually dressed as Les Sylphides, Odette in Swan Lake or similar. The angelic dancer image! She had trained at the best art school in Sydney and later under the tutorship of some very well known artists of the time. She enjoyed oils far more than water colors but it was her charcoals that breathed life onto the paper.

The few portraits she did of men did not have the same power as her women and children. I later realized this was linked to her personal pain and loss of the father presence and men in general from her very beginning.

One of her most powerful portraits was of Brigit. A beautiful, young Irish woman who just happened to be a prostitute in Kings Cross, Sydney in the mid sixties. Mother captured her young, sensual, innocent essence and all who looked at the portrait were mesmerized. This was the case with virtually all her work, yet she often did not see it or perhaps did not want to see it.

I have been gifted by my mother with intense sensitivity of feelings. Growing up I was always told this was a fault to be overcome; yet, now it is my greatest indicator of truth. Mother honored this sensitivity in her art yet seldom in her personal being and life.

Even though special commissions were requested there was always a lack of value of herself and this thread was passed onto her children. As I work on this personal thread I hope to dissolve it for my mother, sister and our lineage back to where original purity can be found, this is my goal!

There is also another side that goes along with the lack of value. I am so very much like my father. We are Aries, quick thinkers, risk takers, visionaries, and impulsive, etc. all in varying degrees. So often her logical Gemini twin would take over as our dreams/ visions/ ideas were birthing in varying stages, concepts often ahead of time, beyond acceptable logic, outside financial reality, etc. Mother’s silence or biting comments would drown the creative spirit so fast. For me this had devastating effects at times. My father’s tenacity has kept him going and creating even now at 88 years old. Many times mother was right, at least to a point, yet once soaked, the spark is never quite as bright or just goes out completely. Fear has created all responses.

To keep creative sparks ignited even now, I need to choose wisely and intuitively, listen to my heart and soul as to my paths, lessons, gifts of mastery, experience and life, while navigating with, through and alongside the varying friends, relationships, commitments, fields of thought and personalities, all simultaneously offering visions, projections and reflections of the Sacred Mother within wishing to constantly Birth New Life.

What has this remembrance brought up for you and the Sacred Mothers in your life? Honor then, not just today, every day for all to be constantly New!

Seasons at Castle Lake

Mt Shasta, California

Summer photo – August 2009                                                                                                      Winter photos taken May  5 2010  in the middle of the lake

View from  marked location on opposite photo

According to UC Davis researchers drilling for water samples,

as of 5/5/2010ice thickness is greater than 9ft.

How long will it take to melt!

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