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monday 3.20.47 pm

monday 3.20.47 pm

monday 3.20.56 pm

monday 3.20.56 pm

monday 3.21.05 pm

monday 3.21.05 pm






If you enlarge these….look for the dolphin emerging from the cloud wing, then morphing into possibly an eagle head and then the last one shows the smaller wing attached to a double eagle/bird image. Also notice the image of cloud and mountain has an “unreal dimension shift look!       see Tuesday below.

monday 3.21.23 pm

monday 3.21.23 pm

monday 3.21.50 pm

monday 3.21.50 pm







So close to home, no it was our home and town…..that’s when we pay attention!

And that is also when true compassionate community comes together to set examples for change.

Like many others standing on the fringe, I offer the community and people of Weed prayers, blessings and support as I am able and capable of in the days, weeks and months to come. What that will look like I leave to the Great Divine Guide to show me the needs in time, space and way, physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.  The loss of everything can open the wells of Spirit to provide all new and the floods of tears break down the dams of resistance to cleanse the paths ahead.

This region has been covered with smoke for a good portion of the summer. Smoke coming from fires, big fires from Happy Camp, CA to Grant Pass, OR but they are not here and so not so personal unless you have a personal connection to the land and people there.

It has been four days since life changed for the residents of the Northern California towns of Weed and Mount Shasta. Both these communities with populations of about 3,000 year round have large spikes in the spring and summer months with visitors from all over the world.

The long hot and insanely dry summer and similar happenings last year have left the land, rivers, lakes and ponds dry to parched of water……a tinder box holding its breath.

The cause is still a big question – arson, accident, act of nature……..we may know or may never know only speculate yet the stories will be told.

The photos I share here tell a story of my observations and messages over 3 days. As an Alchemist, Meta-physician and  Healing Practitioner I look at most all situations from varying views and see possibilities and opportunities in the darkest places. As many are saying too….A renewal and rebirth for Weed is here. What it will look like is up to each one making different choices.

The first photos were taken as I walked to the Mount Shasta Farmer’s Market on Monday, totally unaware of the fire at that time. The title of each photo indicates the day and time taken. These first ones were taken in less than a minute…….look closely into the white mass of the wing image.

Tues  16.47.20 pm

Tues 16.47.20 pm

Tues  16.47.54 pm

Tues 16.47.54 pm

Tues 16.48.35 pm

Tues 16.48.35 pm

Tues 16.51.16 pm

Tues 16.51.16 pm

These photos were taken on Tuesday at Shastice Park. Earlier in the day I had the strong guidance to take my 12ft x 15ft Walking for World Peace Labyrinth up there and do Ceremony, thus I followed this message.

With my drum and Nia, my 10lbs Lemurian Record-keeper crystal I began. With prayers and song while walking the paths into the center to stand on OM. There the prayers expanded through me to include the dissolving, neutralizing and purifying of all the history held within the land and heritage of the people – of earth-bound spirits, abuse, slavery, government programs and manipulations of the 70s, greed, corruption, loss, both now and other times and on and on.

The drum beats became stronger, louder and faster as I turned and turned and turned with tears and sobs flowing more and more…….all coming to an abrupt stop as the top of the drum mallet flew off and landed feet away. Silence, stillness and rest as I melted to the ground in gratitude.

As I sat and rested these clouds formed over the mountain, as through they were coming out of the mountain. Because of the grey color and the release intuitively felt that indeed a massive release and cleansing had begun.

The last time I did a ceremony similar to this one was at 11,000ft in the Rockies outside of Denver on September 17, 2001 – six days after 9/11. I was doing it along with my dear soul sister Toby Evans who was holding ceremony on her land and labyrinth in Sibley, MO at exactly the same time.

Back in 2001 the days of Sept 16 and 17 were called, as per the Mayan prophesy ” The Days of Truth” and ceremonies were held all over the world.

Wed 13.11.43 pm

Wed 13.11.43 pm

Wed  13.05.17pm

Wed 13.05.17pm

And these photos were taken Wednesday afternoon and I really can’t describe them, just use your imagination and wonder of whether ET’s came home! View from Weed truck stop.

The Future – just pondering out loud!

Of course at the moment few can see or feel anything beyond the moment and that is as it should be for those so close.

For others on the edges and with talents, know-how, position and desire, new ideas and support can be life changing for this/these communities. It is not and cannot be “as we have always done it before” nor should it be. New visions for renewing the image of Weed and to bring new opportunities in. There is a wealth of talent and innovation already there….now to see a new place.

I heard there have been discussions about the ownership and access to the Springs of Weed which is under control of the Lumber Mill. Perhaps a new opening can come and be acceptable to all to free the  waters of life force in a beneficial way.

And to the two denominations losing their buildings…….what an amazing opportunity there is for Unity of Spirit rather than Separation of Doctrine. With experience “serving” congregations in the South and Mid-West for nine years I have seen the Church from the inside out. Without the confines of walls and vestments, while the weather permits,  worship in the breadth of air and land together, Catholic and Presbyterian. Bring together the separation started by King Henry 8th, annexing to become the Church of England and then Presbyterians of Scotland breaking from there.

One large rebuilding fund (instead of two) for Unity of Spirit and Cooperation through tragedy. We are all indeed One in and with Life and Soul and our Breath makes us Whole.

And there is so much more coming from amazing people everywhere…………….

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Well Dear Readers it has been an eternity since The Muse put in a good days work….not really, it just seems that way!

As so many of you are finding these days your lives just turn and move from “normal” to “oh no, not again changes”, “I didn’t ask for these happenings”, and then the totally unexpected and then back to seeming “normal”. You question your sanity and that of others around you. And then when horoscopes and planetary astrology is checked, it all reveals that exactly what has been going on in your life and others…..”is normal” for the times we are living in………SUCH COMFORTING THOUGHTS!

The Muse has still not fully returned and that is OK I have decided. The only certainty is the uncertainty! You have all no doubt heard, read and unexperienced many of the dynamics of this pivotal 2012 year. There are hundreds on writers and channels delivering messages of varying importance and truth mixed with fiction and superstition. This all leads to a great need for discernment on the part of each person seeking as everyone is at a completely different stage of understanding and evolution on the path.

The last time humanity (if it existed then)  came close to these experiences was back 26,000 years when the last Cycle of Light (feminine) ended and it moved into the 26,000 year Cycle of Darkness (masculine) that is now ending. The only evidence of what it was like are the results we live with now and reflect on as “our human history.” Such are our sobering reflections!  Please know that references here and all other places you read it are not directed to MEN (our current general understanding of masculine) but to the Masculine aspects of humanity in both men and women……this is where a huge part of our responsibility lies. Understanding ourselves.

In these times the unexpected and new is premium for us as part of collective humanity to open up the portals and doorways of New Paradigm Times. So best advice…don’t fight the unusual, unknown and really uncomfortable because there can be great potential lying in wait!

Since “The Muse Left the Building” posting I have traveled many miles for the movement to open doors not known to be present. Visits with special friends and work with many new people in presentations and teaching experiences have gifted me greatly. Again getting back to the very early morning (4AM) sadhana meditations. From Sonora to Mill Valley to Sonora to Geyserville to Mendocino to  Sebastopol to Stockton to Sonora to Mendocino. Soon to return to Geyserville and then to Mt Shasta for the Full Solar Eclipse and then ?????? Let the unknown unfold!

Out of all these places special little happenings would open…to even being asked to Read/Try Out for the Lead in an amazing Theater Play. And then be asked to continue to the next Reading……this is the total unexpected yet oddly enough connected to my knowings that lie deep below surface of the present. Whether I get the part of not… I’m loving the experience and challenge.

By saying Yes to such….the Universe can respond by gifting more openings……….Try It…..You May Like It!!!!!!!!!!!

The Muse has now written far more than expected. Enjoy the photos of varied landscapes from the past weeks.

Blessings and wonderful journeys to All!

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As you all know I started a journey of “retracing paths across this country” on December 10th, leaving McCloud/Mt Shasta area and heading southeast for visits with friends in Las Vegas, Santa Fe before heading to Kansas City and Florida to visit my sons. Up until that point I have shared the road trip in several blog postings but since January 1 I have been silent.

My understanding and initial reason for this journey was to retrace and clear threads for the arrival of my grandson at the end of February, early March. I had no idea how it would play out, who would be involved, what would happen and how long I would stay. I thought I would stay until mid March.

So much played out in completely unexpected ways! I will not go into specifics for privacy reasons yet I will say I am not without fault in causing hurt, tears, anger and unraveling in several circumstances. Underneath the surface when a protective glass ceiling was shattered, most involved saw and acted from old and protected fears, not just myself. On all sides much was misunderstood and misperceived because of only having certain pieces of information and vision.

I can only speak for myself, who I am as a Manifestor with strong astrology of fire and water (search Human Design), both my son’s are Manifestors (and  my father) and this fact alone creates incredible challenges in relationships.  To give you the impression that because “of all my wisdom, knowledge and the spiritual path I walk” I am perfect and squeaky clean would be a lie. I am perfectly imperfect as everyone else in the gifts, compassion, love and joy I can bring to life as well as the unintentional hurt I have caused those I love at different times in my life’s experience.

The fear of sharing feelings, hurts, pains and anger by and with others, in appropriate timing, creates deep wounds as infants, children, youth and adults. When these come out the original situation causing the misunderstanding is long gone and all that is left is a festering sore. So often I (using myself as the general example) do not appreciate how others see or even understand my words, humor, doubts or life path. And this is also true in reverse, in seeing others. Then finally when these fears and feelings are exposed they are coated with muck and sludge of many unrelated past experiences only amplified in the present, blurring the lines of right and wrong and good and bad.

The awareness I have gained is such a blessing. Humility and vulnerability have opened new doors to my heart. I believe my relationships with my sons most specifically have strengthened in ways beyond explanation. We have a greater understanding of what it means to “follow the guidance and pull of the heart”, to share “truth” in the moment and understand one’s soul journey is greater than societal constraints.  They are free to journey with the new families they choose to embrace with my blessing and love as the mother they chose.

And it is now we await the arrival of sweet Brayden William to shine his light and love as no other….for this is the unique role of each one of Planet Earth.

Florida and Return

The physical journey of driving so many miles also taught me a great deal. My little girl arrived in KC with squeaks, rattles and stiffness. While there she got a rest as I chose to fly to Tampa instead of drive. Mathew and Shannon live near a small beach so the daily walks and wading in the water was wonderful. Shannon and I shopped the farmer’s market on Saturday, I enjoyed cooking for them, talking and sharing, assembling the baby crib and just being for 10 days. Plus the weather was wonderful! I left Mathew and Shannon to enjoy their last two months of togetherness knowing I’ll return (by air next time) to welcome Brayden and visit a friend or two on the East Florida coast.

Returning to KC gave Jerame and me a wonderful opportunity to share a fabulous dinner and talk. Deep inside I knew the retracing was complete, at least for now. It was time to leave, “let him grow in his life journey” and for me to “do what I need to do!”

The trip to Kansas City was 2,000 miles, give or take a mile. During the drive time and endless miles I listened to tapes made of the meditation chants and flutes. Although they were played over and over again I never tired of them. There was also much quiet time along the way, to think and observe. On previous road trips I had plenty of books on tape, not this time, wasn’t important!

Last Tuesday, January 11th I began the next part, the return to California. I would begin by driving north from KC into Nebraska where I hoped to reach Grand Island on the first night. It was about a 6 hour trip following Hwys 475, 29 and 80. This was also retracing as we had lived in Grand Island for three years in the 90s and it had been an extremely challenging experience.

About 4:00pm just 50 miles from GI a strange noise, the temp gauge in the red zone and panic! Pulling over with traffic speeding by, the temperature around 10 deg, I opened the hood to see fluids, water everywhere. Thankfully I had road service with State Farm. The young woman stayed on the line while arranging for a tow. Two farmers stopped to kindly offer assistance. By the time the tow truck arrived it was just about dark. He took me to York, NE, a small town of 8000 + population. The next day I spent waiting for the water pump to be replaced and I finally drove out of there at 4:30pm.

During the day I had the intuition to try couch surfing in Cheyenne, WY (7 hours from York).

A young woman named Tara offer her home and so I arrived there about 11pm, just after she arrived home from work as an airline dispatcher. Tara was gracious and friendly. Her friend Brian came over to visit and we all sat up until nearly 2am chatting. They both have private pilot licenses and it was fun sharing stories of their work and flying adventures. Made me remember when I had taken a flying lesson and studied for a short while to get a license many years ago.

The next morning, Wednesday, I left Cheyenne and made it to Evanston, WY, another seven hour drive across the wide open lands. All the way across Wyoming’s landscape there are oil/natural gas wells and power plants. There is also the occasional small prison facility. The winds that day were amazing. Signs on the highway warned of 40-60 mph winds, light trailers not advised. This is when I was thankful for the extra weight of stuff in the car. Arriving after dark I found a hotel and rested.

Thursday morning was cold, windy and overcast. Evanston is on the west end of Wyoming just a few miles from the Utah line. After about 50 miles I saw a sign “Reno – 550 miles”. Oh my, can I make it!  Salt Lake City was mid way and I didn’t want to stay there…hotel prices are way too high because of ski season. I drove all the way across Utah, passed the Great Salt Lake, entered Nevada and kept driving, only stopping for gas breaks. Nevada is even more desolate with points on the map but no services. Where WY had wells, NV has prisons scattered across it, spaced about 100 miles + between each one. There is big money in prisons. If towns are built around them they have to keep them filled for economic growth, this is a sad testimony to society and optimism in life!

Most of the miles across NV were in silence and I was amazed that tiredness never entered my mind. Looking at the map I chose to bypass Reno and go through Carson City. (In hindsight it was crazy!) I arrived in Carson City just as it was getting dark and the traffic getting heavier. Trying to follow signs that detour was awful. Heading up the Tahoe hill at the summit I thought I was going the wrong way, did a U-turn and went down to ask directions at a gas station. She sent me back up the hill and farther on around the lake to connect with Hwy 50 to Placerville. This proved to be a horrendous white knuckle drive of 170 miles, arriving in Placerville at 10:30pm.  A hotel was tempting until a price of $99 + was quoted. Only another couple of hours to my destination of Sonora…I could make it and I still felt surprisingly good. Another cup of coffee and hit Hwy 49, by day a scenic winding road…at night it was a little more challenging, especially when I missed a turn and ended up 10 miles in the wrong direction.

I finally pulled into the home of Andre and Stephanie at 1:30am on Friday morning. Allowing for time changes I arrived 17 hours (800 miles) after leaving Evanston, WY on Thursday morning. If there was any doubt that I should not have returned to California, this feat disproved that. Still not ready for sleep, Stephanie and I sat up a talked over several glasses of wine until nearly 5am.

Now I am resting, reflecting and realigning for what is next. I feel the need to settle, ground and refine my work as a communicator and awakener….the title of my theater production has taken on new meaning also… “Awakening and Igniting Ecstasy In-Formation”. I’m not sure what it will look like, however, I hope you will join me on that journey.

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July 21, 2010

Today, I am sitting at the edge of Castle Lake writing this message. My new office space at least for a short while! Last night was the second night camping in this truly beautiful place. If you look back at a posting in early May you will see two stark contrasts of the lake….that is where I am!

On a personal note: Two special happenings with my children are the news of becoming a “grandmother”. Mathew and Shannon are expecting their first baby in February…and as we all know, a great life-changing event for all. Of course many blessing and joys abound for and with them. The other happening will be Jerame and Kate coming to visit for a week early next month. It will be wonderful to see and show them these wonderful places. Next best thing could be a time when we can all be here together!

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of arriving in Mt Shasta….a year that has gone by so fast and upon reflection, a great deal has happened on many levels.

As I took an early hike to Heart Lake yesterday (about 40 minutes each way) and reflected on the year, a remarkable vision/realization/understanding came to me.

In very clear, vivid animation a tube torus appeared and as I remembered experiences, people, circumstances of the past year, each scene appeared and rolled over as a wave into the center of the tube and collapsed into itself and the void as the next timeframe was revealed, it rolled up as a wave of the outer moving tube……the tube torus wasn’t a tight, controlled shape as seen in a drawing, but more like a semi-firm slinky (the tight long coils we use to make go down stairs, etc.) that continues to roll, vibrate and mold as the atmosphere around it dictates.

This was time collapsing and the reason why linear time does not exist and never did. It showed how our 24 hour day has resonantly and vibrationally been reduced to approximately 16 hours….this is why there is never enough time in your day! I now look forward to more clarity on this whole dynamic.

On the first day in Mt Shasta, after nearly five days of driving from Kansas City in the heat of summer, I took my crystal bowls and Nea, an amazing double terminated, 10lbs record-keeper to the mountain and did ceremony and asked “why am I here!”

So much has played out here: of course meeting so many new and varied people who over time have become friends, acquaintances, clients and peers. Some connections were not to last while others have and continue to play out from times way back in soul memory and for reasons not clear or understandable to those who are just observing.

I discovered the Dancer lost within during Ecstatic Dance at The Flying Lotus; my voice and inner commitment to the ancient memory and connection of Middle Eastern/Indian spiritual practices, kundalini yoga, chanting, raising at 4am for days and weeks on end and the true evidence of how I evolved and grew on all levels through these times.

There was also more learning, honing and discernment in the realms of others remote viewing, psychic interferences and attempted misuse of ancient wisdom and teachings….sometimes innocently, other times not!

Then to really push the button of surrender, I was moved from the place I had been living and house sitting for extended periods of times, to camping and consciously living very simply within Mother Nature. Believe me! I do look forward to returning to the world of walls, beds and relationship yet for now I revel in the opportunity, challenges, beauty, freedom, peace, vulnerability and surrendering to each moment. Just in the last few days I have met a young woman doctor from Italy, a sailing/wandering mystic, others from Hawaii, S. Cal, a couple, Chinese Herbalist/Healer from Chico who are teaching their girls about life while traveling the highways and byways, along with others I have just connected with by hellos. And would you believe, my nightly reading by flashlight goes between Unveiled Mysteries and Love Never Ends….Ascended Master’s abound!

Creative expression has grown through writing and presenting new poetry, creating and writing this blog, producing new video presentations, one on storytelling on my website and a new one which still has to be edited for uploading, presented at several workshops and conferences, and my latest and perhaps most vulnerable for me, a Life Theatre production to premier in Mt Shasta on August 7th. I say Premier for “I have been told” this will grow and go international…. time will tell the rest….

As the clear water refreshes and butterflies and dragonflies fly around me, a deer visits as I write.  The lake is active with people, sun is high and my battery is getting low….time to say farewell for now…..until we connect again…

Peace and Blessings to All!

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