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July 7, 2010             At  nearly 7,000ft on  Mt Shasta

As you can see from the photos, there are still patches of snow around here.  A mile or so further up the road is still closed because the snow has not melted…the forest service says it may be another couple of weeks before all with be clear.

Yesterday was another major transition day! I moved out of the place I had called home for the past 11 months to stay and connect with Mother Earth before the next “home space” is revealed to me. When I arrived in Mt Shasta last year after traveling from North Carolina, I thought I would only be here for a week or so, yet every time I decided/tried to leave the road trip only brought me back here again. This message was solidified when I was asked to “house sit” from two months in fall/early winter. Strangely, that time  frame kept on getting extended until the home owner ended up being kept away throughout the winter, for nearly five months….during that time I shoveled a lot of snow to keep the old muscles toned. As the saying goes “if you want to see who is really in charge, just make plans!”

Up until last week I was still struggling with the idea of leaving here for places unknown. This was until a visiting friend made the comment “it is obvious that you are well liked and respected here, why do you want to leave!”  So often our muddled minds have us ignore or misjudge what is right before our eyes. Thus, I am here each day, honoring all and creating from Heart and Soul.

Last night I began a vision quest of sorts on Mt Shasta, camping for the next 5 – 7 nights in a beautiful space on this magic mountain. This is the first time I have camped alone since October 2000 when I went on Vision Quest in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. As there is a new moon/solar eclipse coming up this weekend it seems the obvious place to be!

That particular experience was extremely powerful and the awareness’s given then still play out today. That  is the true purpose of any vision quest…..the ever unfolding and refinement of awareness and lessons revealed.

After setting up my tiny tent, securing the two flash lights, bedding and warm clothing I tucked myself in for the night. Apart from the need of a little more padding underneath me I was warm and secure. Unlike my earlier experience in AK of hearing every night noise, even an ant walking; surrounded only by a 6ft diameter circle of sage with a sleeping bag to stay warm; the forest was extremely quiet which surprised me. No owls or night critters, no scurrying feet, no buzzing bugs – just wind in the pines moving in and from many directions – yet never actually crossing my tent.

It was as though the trees on one side of the forest were in communication with the other directions and their call and response definitely had a melody.  After tossing and turning for a comfortable position the wind lullaby put me to sleep until the first awakening song of the morning birds called through the forest as the sun birthed this new day.

When I finally moved out of the warmth into the crisp morning air, the car clock read 8:15….I was surprised it was that late!

The call for coffee, my favorite Americano from Seven Suns was at the forefront of my mind….yet the peace surrounding me was wonderful….I should just stay here for the morning and enjoy it!

A dead cell phone changed the plan and so I descended the eight miles to town, for coffee, charge the phone, connect to the computer world and the unexpected meeting of friends who were already out and about.  The peace and quiet of the mountain would come later…..which is happening as I write the message back in the sacred “temporary camp home”.  Apart from a few bugs flying around, the occasional noise of a distant car, there is only stillness and sunshine.

Later in the afternoon, Greg came over to introduce himself. He had been camping opposite my spot, about 50 yards away. After a few words of small talk he asked if I had heard the noise last night, about 11:30! Well I had heard some noises but thought is was probably squirrel or deer. “Not sure if I should tell you this! I have been camping here on the mountain for the past twenty years and never seen a bear…..there was one here last night….probably knocked over your garbage can, rummaged around my stove and pit……saw him with the flashlight!

At that point I wasn’t sure that I was happy to know this information. However it did trigger my memory of earlier in the evening thinking about the bear I had seen one crossing the road on the mountain several months earlier….young one about 150 lbs. It also reminded me of the instance in Waynesville, NC before my drive west to California.  One May evening around 1:00AM at the commercial building on Main St, (to be a Healing Center and Cafe) I was helping renovate (yes I do quality sheet rock finishing, tiling, trim, painting, etc.) had a visitor. A young black bear entered the building through the large plate glass window, wandered around the main floor went upstairs into the unused kitchen, back down and out through the glass front door….fortunately only spilling a few drops of blood.  The bear then made his way up the street, broke another small pane of glass and disappeared into the cemetery. All this was witnessed by two local police on duty, watching from their patrol car. They never tried to hurt, stop or kill the bear – thankfully!

The next morning when we arrived to see yellow tape around the building, Leslie phoned the police to get the report on vandals……the call was met with questions and smirks of laughter….”yes it was caused by youthful vandals….but not the ones you think!  To say the least, it was front page news and a topic of conversation for a few days. And the one thing that most people recognized and mentioned “That was a spiritual happening, bear is powerful medicine, a good omen or sign!”

Bear is powerful medicine and last night I requested protection, blessed all animals of the forest and for them to keep their distance…..all food was safely locked away in my car and a peaceful night was had by all!

Thus, just another day on the mountain!

My creative juices are also starting to flow again.

I am “being asked to create another Life Theatre piece, just bigger this time!”  Besides my original work it will also feature original work, poetry, dance and music from others in the Mt Shasta community…..stay tuned….possibly a road show!!!!!!!                     Pending Date confirmation!

Title:  “Awakening & Igniting Ecstasy In-Formation –
A New Twist on Sensitive Subjects – Money, Power, Sex and Death”

I am putting the idea to screen to ensure less procrastination, which I am really good at!

Well, that seems to be enough rambling to now….until we meet again!

Peace and Blessings

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