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As the Phoenix rises from the ashes of fire the New Conscious Human rises through Alchemy to Transform Life

Shedding the False Self to find truth within the illusion of today’s world can be tough.  Personal life, business, career, relationships, finances, environment, creativity, spiritual seeking, religion, compassion, dominance, empathy and hate are all influenced by the lack of transparency and illusion we and others create for protection.

Yet there is one search for truth that may be the bedrock of our sanity, individually and as a humanity. It is the aeons old ‘Search for the True Self’. For I believe it is only through the finding and understanding of our own true self that the decisions made in life (both important and small) will be far more beneficial to the greater good on all.

Who Am I? Part 1 Now this may seem presumptuous to some, yet sit back for a moment and check in with your life thus far. Ponder the moments when life seemed to be true and real and then ponder those times when all was falling apart…….where was truth of self and actions and where was deception playing out!

Knowing the False Self! Part 2

We all know people who believe they are defined by their $$$ and how many material possessions are owned. Often there is envy felt at why they have so much and we or others don’t. There are also those who believe bullying, violence and taking from others makes them powerful. And then there is the vast majority of people living each day hoping, struggling, pushing and working to ‘just get by’.

Astrology and Teachers Part 3In all where is contentment, joy, happiness, peace of mind and love of self and others? If all outer world trappings disappeared Who would you be? This is the question and search as old as people have lived.

My life has always been the search. My work has always been part of the search, even when I wasn’t consciously searching.

If you are searching for some answers and directions, here are three short audio pieces on questions, ideas, tools and perspectives to start with.

This is the beginning of a series to assist along the way. My background, education and experiences over so many years have honed me to live and hopefully assist others during these interesting and challenging times…….To learn more about Ophelia, her work and art visit








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We are the Past, We are the Future

Through Evolution and Creation all movement flows.

Audio Blog – Storing the Past  part 1

Listen to Part 1 on Storing the Past….Clearing the Future
From Physical Possessions to Spiritual Baggage

Step through the fear and discover the Power of Alchemy in viewing Life Experiences from varying perspectives.

A favorite past-time of too many Americans is Storing the Past in little or not so little square concrete boxes located on side and back streets of virtually every city, town and village across the country. In growing proportions the amount of dollars spent on hiding one’s past from the light of day and eyes too close are equaling monthly rent and mortgages.

And not only are dollars being eaten up but so much else that is not so obvious. Health, relationships, clarity of mind, freedom to name but a few of the issues that are effected.

Here we will look at it all and hopefully an end result will be “a lightening of the load” in more than one way.

Please share your comments, ideas and struggles on Storing the Past in your life. Ask questions and I will do my best to give you ideas and guidance to move forward.

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