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Opening the blinds of the hotel room in Flagstaff, AZ revealed a beautifully sunny but cold morning for the drive to Santa Fe. After packing the overnight stuff back in the car I checked the engine fluids…oil was OK, coolant need topping up, which was duly done. One quick return to the room, wash hands and return to the car…..to find something leaking from the engine…had to be the coolant. First stop of the day was the auto parts store for something to seal the leak. That done with the help of a salesman, a prayer of “oh please keep us both safe and in working order” and we headed for Hwy 40 to Albuquerque and then Hwy 25 to Santa Fe.

As the miles unfolded the scenery changed from forest covered mountains to bare hills, desert flatlands and then New Mexico’s moon-like landscape.

For anyone who has traveled the highways and byways of this country in any direction can’t help but notice that far too many towns and cities have lost their personality or signature….driving through main streets, neighborhoods, shopping areas, business centers they all start to look the same…..the same or similar planning, stores, name brands, big boxes, restaurants…..some “old downtowns”, especially those relying on the status of tourist or art destination are small, quaint, individual but not that many. After miles of roads, farmlands, prairies, grain elevators and tiny, almost forgotten towns in the middle of CO, KS, NE, UT, NV, they all look the same which I find to be quite sad for travelers and residents alike.

On my first visit to Santa Fe I arrived from the East in late 2006, from Washington D.C. area. This time arrival was from the West. The first visit of living and working there lasted about 14 months; this one would be four nights or so. Northern New Mexico around Santa Fe and Taos are gems of beauty and interest. I love the mix of Native American, Adobe and Spanish architecture, culture and food. It is in everything and you know you are in another world experience. This area is old. The Taos Pueblo is the oldest continually inhabited community in the country, possibly a thousand years or more; first Spanish missions date back to around 1613, and then White/European settlers came after that. History has dictated these three cultures to be at odds with each other and there are still separations unfortunately. Invasion, retaliation, genocide, conversion, intolerance, tolerance, acceptance, and honoring have played and shaped the people, art, food, dress and tourist economy.

My visit was to reconnect and spend time with friends, to meet others I had heard of through mutual friends and finally put faces and voices together, share stories and learn, visits to several very special galleries, meet artist and art in presence, experience my more expanded Self in a former familiar setting, and be grateful and blessed by all.

This land is the high desert. It is dry, rocky, eerie at times, UFO visited mesas, burial grounds of ancient wanders and warriors. Hot in summer, cold winters. And this land is and has been corrupted by the worst that science can dream up and test. In the hidden labs and dugout mountain range of Los Alomos, only 25+ miles from Santa Fe, science boasts of imagining, building and dropping the Atom Bomb, of secret (to this day) genetic cloning research, of alien exploration and even possibly creation, of barbaric mind control and manipulations (like the Philadelphia Experience) and the development of germ warfare for eventual population control. In Southern New Mexico underground testing of warheads and nuclear bombs have been commonplace, as well as the dumping of such waste!

Why this ancient land has felt so much and still speaks of power, beauty and forgiveness astounds me, yet it does! The land always spoke to me in so many ways… I used to love walking the canyons and arroyos of rocks, red dust and sage brush. Sometimes ancient messengers were all around me, guiding, revealing and sharing wisdoms.  One day I was standing on the edge of a large and long dry arroyo (gully). The peace disturbed only the whisper of wind,  “what do you have to tell me today?” run through my mind…

A voice, yet not a voice, a feeling presence enveloped me,

When consciousness shifts the waters will flow!”

And as these words formed within, an energetic picture was revealed.

Clear waters flowing deep under the burnt ground of the arroyo, pushing up and out through tiny cracks.

It was not just about where I was standing. This was a message about US as Humanity. You see, the Element of Water is associated with Consciousness and Emotions…the very beginning fabric of life and manifestation.  When We, individually and collectively change and grow life all around us does the same. This message was received in 2007.  Now as 2011 waits for the door to open, to reveal in time just how far our Consciousness and Awakening have come!

The road trip out of Santa Fe to Kansas City started in anticipation of another snow storm….stuck on a remote highway in swirling snow storms, fridge temperatures and endless miles ahead is not something I wanted to test and so this timing departure blessed me with beautiful clear blue skies, high 40s and smooth sailing for the 750+ miles across the central plains.  Pretty much I was following the routes known as Hwy 66 (and as the old song goes “getting your kicks on Hwy 66”….and the pioneering Santa Fe Trail ending in Boonville, Missouri.

A mid point on this route is the real Dodge City, KS, the cowboy whistlestop so many of us remember from the early days of television and kids westerns like Hopalong Cassidy, Wyatt Earp and Gunsmoke. There is a small area on the east end of Dodge City with familiar facades of the original saloon, general store, bank, church, and the jail, along with souvenir shops, art and clothes.

Eventually the endless miles did end at the home of my son Jerame and his fiancé, Kate. Since arriving the days have been filled with celebrations of Christmas, Birthdays, coming New Year and doing energy and sound healing sessions with the families, of retracing, shifting and dissolving threads of past lineage and experience memories to clear the way for entry into our new times. More below…….

A month ago today I was standing on the cliff edge at Big Sur, CA and received the profound message to retrace the steps of the past and return to Florida from the birth of my grandson. I am at the mid-point so to speak, both in time and in location. Although not the exact geographical center of the country, it is the mid-point “big city” east/west and north/south. One city for two states, Missouri and Kansas! As Jerame has lived here for quite a few years, both before and after graduating UMKC, visits have been normal. I hadn’t paid attention to its significance in repeating pattern until now.

My first visit to KC was in 1987 for computer training with TWA. Back then I designed and often led specialty tours to Orient, South Pacific and all of Central America.  In 1996 we moved to Marshall, MO (83 miles east of KC). My husband, Tim, took a position as Minister for a congregation in the town. Jerame’s years at UMKC and buying a home continue to draw me back to this midpoint. None of this I ever anticipated, way back when!

Coming Full Circle – The clues appearing in people’s lives!

Yesterday I received an unexpected call from Lori after many months of no contact. This is not really so unusual either, it has been the pattern for us both since I departed Florida in 2004. Lori was one of my Reiki students back then. About Jerame’s age, we have always been friends especially since our profound shared experience of finding a dead man one night. (Part 1 of “A Trip for Chocolate”)

During her call she talked about how her life is coming full circle and now realizes the importance of all the previous years of work and contradictions between the real everyday life and the striving to be an enlightened spiritual being desiring, desperately sometimes, to not be here. I am sure many of you can identify with these feelings.

Lori’s calls in the past have always come as affirmations of what was happening or what I happened to be writing about on that particular day. Yesterday was no different. My first question to her, asked with joy and laughter attached was “what message do you have today?” As she spoke of her life, relationships and work the theme became apparent coming full circle, retracing steps and bringing her/the world into balance. I started to note some of her phrases; they were perfect descriptions of the realizations:

Balance of the world is so important

Not interested in collecting things but rather having experiences

Bring back enlightenment (leaving superficial rhetoric behind)

Rekindle remembrance fires

Not want to be stagnant

Spiritual and physical balance

To be in the NOW

We talked about being stagnant verses continuing to take tiny, small, ever growing steps. My remark of feeling stagnant, uncreative, even loss of purpose brought a great burst of laughter to the surface;

“If you look in Webster’s under Stagnant, nothing about you will be in the description…..stagnant is to Settle for exactly the same as always has been…same town, house, job, interests, stuff, patterns…NEVER changing anything……You only Settle for a moment in time and experience that!

Lori was right about it all. Her revised views of all the past circling to meet her evolved self, what stagnation is and is not, what is important to her to bring joy, peace, beauty and romance back and it all begins, ends and is realized FROM WITHIN.

As with al l my stories and ramblings, they are to perhaps help the reader to review their own lives, why they have been drawn to it, is it relative to something in the NOW in their life! We are preparing for another completely new year, unlike any other in history.

I leave you with a profound verse to herald in 2011 and the purest expression of Coming Full Circle as the line is crossed to begin the Paradigm of 26,000 years of LIGHT.

Without the Dark one cannot see the power of the Light

Without Violence one cannot know Peace is the answer

Without Hate one cannot know Compassion

Without Adversity one cannot learn Respect

Without Power one cannot understand Surrender

Without Greed one cannot learn Generosity

Without Possessions one learns Freedom

Without Light there is no Love

Author Unknown

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In my rush to get something online I missed a lot of the facts I learned during this journey. Please note I will give you what I remember in simple terms as my technical knowledge is not there yet. I had all this stuff roaming around my mind in the wee hours of other morning and as I want to keep the blog journal in sequence my journeys this past week will come after later.

As I write this piece today I am listening to Andre Bocelli and am in heaven – I am back in Europe with the feel of the music touching a very deep, longing and loving place within me….the passion of life within the words and music is so powerful….is this not what we seek on this journey!!!! Such pondering within the Sonoma wine country!

To continue – Facts I remember:

The vision of Lucy and Ethel stomping grapes in the vineyard is a fact of the past, yet anyone who saw that episode will smile at the memory and craziness it portrayed. This young man working the grapes by hand is as close as it gets today!

Grapes in general – the tannin comes from the skin- juice comes from the pulp.

Within the field or blocks of any particular variety of grape, for instance, chardonnay, merlot, shiraz, etc. the flavor and characteristics change noticeably because of the amount of sun, soil makeup, moisture,  drainage, and pruning. As I walked through the blocks randomly picking grapes to taste after a while I was able to tell where there were higher sugars, more or less acid, more pulp juice,  lightness or depth within the variety. When all these different flavors come together in the pressing each batch becomes absolutely unique and pretty much can never be replicated.

The weather and the slightest fluctuation in moisture at the wrong or right time can make or break an entire season of growth. Too much or too little sugar or acid; water and heat create mold within clusters; to prune or not to prune allows for more or less light and sun or not enough at a crucial time. As with all agriculture, reading Mother Nature’s cycles is an art and discipline borne out of experience.

In all fairness to life’s journey I do have to say that there has been a few moments of misunderstandings and assumptions by the three goddess’s in different situations on the journey to wine country. These are not to go into yet only to say that hindsight is such a great equalizer when objectively viewed from not only our 3-D world but also the unseen and higher realms of purpose. I thank my traveling companions for the gift of such great realizations into my own work and that of the greater picture we all so often (myself included) miss!

After the time spent with the Pete Barra and family,  I headed south to Sabastapol. My first visit turned out to be on a Sunday, day of the farmer’s market on the central plaza. It also turned out to be at the time of celebrating and honoring the Pomo Indian Tribe of Northern California. Dancers, singers and drummers of varying ages shared their history and cultural traditions under warm sunny skies to an appreciative crowd.

It was in Sabastapol that I had my first “couch surfing” experience with Bob and Kat. They opened their home and hospitality to me and what a great experience it was all around! Bob loves his “bike” and it turned out that he had just arrived back from a 30 day ride around Co, NV, AZ and CA.

From there I went to Petaluma for two nights and “couch surfed” with another wonderful family, Ron, Imka, Kayla and Sabastian. Conversations around the dinner table, watching Ron successful can the abundance of tomatoes they had grown in their garden and being charmed by 11 year old Kayla and her talent with the cello, clarinet and piano and wonderful her innocent dialogue. Kayla in her “shades”!

I am now just outside Sabastapol in Forestville staying with another woman. Irene is a former dancer and lives in a small home with an amazing garden she has cultivated over the past 10 years. She grows everything and has six chickens to boot! She asked me to stay here until next Wednesday to look after her garden while she takes a few days off for vacation. After that, I’m on to another adventure over the weekend with Therese!

I have been paying attention to the “clues” popping up as to whether this (Sabastapol) would be a good place to live! I thought Shasta area may have been it, but it appears not to be!  The theater, dance and creative scene in Sabastapol is very strong as is the healing arts community. A partnership would be a nice plus as well….time will tell!

Today we woke up to a soft rain and my host Irene went into panic to complete all the things she had not done to prepare for the first rains. What made it more urgent was the fact she was going away for a few days and could only see disaster “things” were not done. I helped where possible with picking tomatoes and grapes in the morning rain but left her to plants seeds and attend to her stuff while holding a quiet space…it is interesting how I am understanding the meaning of this type of presence!

Last night I went to a small theater production featuring 2 actors and puppets offering a dramatic message of life situations.. Independent Eye Theater! It was a different format for messages similar to my Life Theatre production!

About noon I left to go and do my washing, get coffee, visit the farmer’s market and then joined the last day of the countywide Art Walk by driving around following the signs to various galleries….millinery by Amy Smith- flyingcolorstudios.com (what I thought was a lost art – hats, both panama and felt, were part of my school uniform in Sydney), woodworking, photography, weaving, painting and incredible  junk art by Patrick Amiot (patriclamiot.com). His art is featured all over the town in parks, commercial buildings and people’s front yards. The whimsical memories of childhood are caught in each piece!

Well, I think I have pretty much covered it for this installment….I hope you days and nights are unfolding in similar mystical fashions. In conversations and observations with others the common theme (although unaware by most) is about life and passion for it….finding it….settling for less to keep peace…where to find balance in and to be in love with?……where are you in the dance….can we find each other on the same dance floor…..or will it be a brand new, scary, unknown, unproven, illogical location without a practice mirror to reflect US back to OURSELF!!!!!!!!  OUCH!

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So much has happened recently and I am still floating and not necessarily in a completely good way….meeting new people from different walks of life…still looking for the place to “hang my hat”. I miss the mountain energy and most especially the water.

Pictures and stories to follow soon.
My phone has been doing strange things recently…people are getting busy signals and I have no idea why. Last few days seem OK!
Please keep trying as I would love to talk an catch up.

Blessings to all!

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Article first published as The Magic of Yosemite on Blogcritics.

Photos of Yosemite just do not do any form of justice to the true magnificence of this natural wonder. Within the park on the valley floor is a small stone building, reminiscent of something one might find in the French countryside. This is the birth place of the Sierra Club…obviously an apt place for such an endeavor.

In my recent ramblings I have told you of the marvels, mystery and beauty of Mt Shasta, Castle Lake and Castle Crags;  of sacred Medicine Lake, the obsidian of Glass Mountain, volcanic Lassen State Park, picturesque  winding drives and valley views…..and now I add the power, and I mean power of Yosemite’s granite peaks and mountains, highlighted by Half Dome and El Capitan.

From the park entrance to the main valley floor and visitors center it is about 25 miles of scenic, winding roads, around each bend a different view and feeling. There are the stark reminders of a vicious forest fire that engulfed many, many acres several years earlier. Once healthy cedar and pine forests reduced to charred toothpicks, barren landscapes and one can’t help but feel a sadness of life lost…natural, animal and human alike.

The first open view of the massive granite walls rising from the Merced Valley floor is breathtaking…not so much in the beauty but because of the sheer size.  As the drive continues more is seen and the continual clicking of the camera is only going to provide a very poor memory of the reality of the view.

During my visit to the park a young man asked me about my first impression of Yosemite….he said that he had been coming here with his family since he was 5 years old and now it was all so familiar that original wonder and amazement was long forgotten. He could see in my eyes the magic of Yosemite shining forth. The only word that really had any meaning was “awe inspiring”….that was the same feeling I had when first seeing Mt Shasta., but Yosemite’s size and breadth just keeps expanding the “awe”.

The place of most intrigue for me was El Capitan…..a 7,000 + foot virtually sheer-faced granite mountain that is associated with the Ascended Master, El Morya.  Along this vein, Mt Shasta is associated with St Germaine and as crazy as it may sound to some of you….both these Ascended Masters and guides have been so very instrumental in my journeys and revelations over the past months……hindsight is such a great revealer when one is ready!

Getting our of the car and looking up, up and up….there is an energy force that is around and pushing out from the granite….it seems to push you back yet hold you in place all at the same time.

I have been told El Capitan is as deep in the ground as it is above the ground….the mind boggles at this concept!

After touring around and weaving through the slow moving traffic, Andre, Stephanie, Marcus and I made our way to El Capitan for a closer look. Parking the car and taking the quarter of a mile trail leading us to a smaller trail up through the trees and a  rock forest near to front of the mountain. Marcus was walking in bare feet and as we climbed further into the magical glade I discarded my shoes as well and climbed bare-footed over the rocks, tree roots, dirt paths until meeting the sheer face of the wall……the power was palpable!

Marcus and I continued to seek out little paths. He began climbing up the rocks with great focus only to suddenly discover he was higher than expected and then went into a point of panic. He sat down, observed the scene, panicked about coming down and realized he was in the midst of overcoming a fear of heights.  He climbed up and down the ledge two more times just to make sure the experience was real…it was!

I had been guided to climb up to a small ledge where the rock had formed several sheer, flat plates slightly off vertical with gaps in between them…..sitting there I closed my eyes and tuned into the space. The sun was hot. I was standing on a shaded ledge, my back leaning against the rocks and opening…heat started to rise in my body…behind my closed eyes a light started growing brighter and brighter…the heat was growing as the light was growing…I am glued in place, my head is spinning as the light and heat intensifies.

I remembered this feeling. It was a similar heat and light experience to the “near-death experience” I had in North Carolina two years earlier…..a completely spiritual experience witness by a doctor, a heart specialist…and there was nothing he could do but observe what medicine cannot explain….another story for another time!

Still standing and leaning against the gap in the rocks…heat and light growing, I open my eyes and look around the circle of rock peaks in front of me…..there is a gossamer veil over everything, it is shimmering with rainbow colors…I keep blinking to see if it is real, it is still there, still shimmering. The heat and light even out yet it is still high…..I start to feel anxious about fainting and falling so I slowly slide down to sit for a while…..apart from my position nothing had changed.

I’m imaging all of this! Prove it! Stand up again!

Slowly I stand again and the sensations return and it feels as though I have assimilated the vibrations within me now. From behind me out of the rocks a force of light pushes through me, out through my heart, thymus and throat….beams of shimmering light expanding out, way out into the distance and space, pulsing and flowing, my palms and feet feel the same, energy moving out into space…pure life force…I am connected to everything, all life is one!

As a Sound and Vibration Practitioner I realized what had been happening. Under the guidance of Divine Power, for this is all I could call it, I have been gifted with new knowledge and awareness, my own physical vibration had been increase significantly and as time goes on more will be revealed.

All four of us felt the power in different ways. Stephanie looked at me “you are glowing, radiating light everywhere!”  I was not surprised!

Before leaving, we munched on watermelon and a swim in the creek was so necessary….water was about 45-50 deg…chilly, great and helped bring us all back to earth before heading home to Sonora.

Several days later I paid another visit to Yosemite and camped for two nights up at White Wolf Camp…a lovely place off the Tiago Road at the 8,000ft mark. The two nights I was there temperatures dropped to 30s at night, even a snow flurry made a short appearance. The days were lovely and sunny so I explored and walked for miles, marveling once again at the magic everywhere.

The photos I share with you are just to tantalize in appreciation of this natural wonder.

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Sonora, CA     August 25th

10 days have passed since my last message, so much has happened and all good of course!

The retreat that I facilitated last weekend was amazing in so many ways but I am getting ahead of myself and the journey thus far, so I need to step back….

Leaving Mt Shasta on August 15th after our early morning sadhana in City Park and the ritual coffee stop at Seven Suns, I took Hwy 89 south through McCloud for Medicine Lake. Turning left off Hwy 89 about 16 miles south of McCloud and then 36 miles in on pretty lonely roads before getting to the lake. As there was hardly any traffic on the road, I was really surprised to find plenty of RVs, Campervans and campers occupying the three campgrounds around the lake. Thankfully most left by mid Monday morning so the whole place became peaceful for the next two days.

The purpose for my visit there was not clear I just felt I had to be there. Medicine Lake is not very large, lovely clear, refreshing water. Besides swimming, fishing and quiet boating seemed to be the most popular activities. What I didn’t know was that Medicine Lake was “a sacred lake and center point” for four of the regions Native American tribes, the Modoc, Wintu, Klamath and unfortunately I don’t remember the last tribes name. Finding this out helped me understand perhaps one of the reasons I was there.

Ten miles from the lake is Glass Mountain…an amazing mountain of obsidian created by a volcanic eruption thousands, if not millions of years ago. It is said that the mountain is 7,000+ feet high and the lava flows are massive. Seeing it from the air is the only way one could really appreciate the size and scope of the flows and mountain.

Walking the well trodden trails of the flow was amazing. Glistening in the hot sun was beautiful obsidian…from tiny broken off pieces to huge chunks and boulders of it. Obsidian is black glass, when broken or shaped it has incredibly sharp edges making it the perfect tool or weapon. Obsidian has been used as such by Native American tribes as well as the Maya and South American peoples for thousands of years.  It was also amazing to see, scattered amongst these huge rocks bursts of energy and life coming forth as healthy pine trees…little miracles!

August 16th and 17th marked the 23rd anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence (August 17th 1987), a time marked in the Mayan Calendar as the last 25 years of the old world before moving into the new world paradigm – the completion of not only the 5200 year Mayan calendar but also the completion of the 26,000 + years cycle of darkness (lower half of the circle) before moving into the next 26,000 + years of light (upper half of the circle).  Think of it as though a ship were approaching the International Dateline at the Equator. There is no real line just coordinates and crossing the line does not feel different but it changes the time, date and harmonics between the northern and southern hemispheres, subtle changes with profound effects. This is how I like to look at time/space/harmonic frequencies leading up to the now infamous date of December 21, 2012!

The night of the 16th I did ceremony by Medicine Lake. Setting out my Medicine Bundle, crystal bowls, crystals, burning sage and sweetgrass by the fire, with prayers and song I honored the ancient ones, the land and nature, life and love surrounding me. A young couple were drawn in by the Singing Bowls and so we talked, shared and I played and prayer with and for them.

The next morning my first thoughts were to not make a fire or bother too much with coffee but that changed with the little intuitive message….make tea!….after a few nudges I started the fire. It was then I noticed the man in the next camp site, sitting looking out to the lake….ask him to join you!….no!…..ask him to join you!…..so I did!

As we talked and shared fruit, bread and tea I find out he is a photographer, lives near Shasta and is a good friend of a friend of mine….proving it is a small world even in what looks like a very remote forest area! Laughingly I thought about this coincidence…..does it mean “anyone can find you, you can’t hide or we’re watching! Oh well, who cares!

It was time to pack up. After all the dust and dirt on the mountain and the dusty sand at the lake I was ready to get somewhere clean. The drive south on Hwy 89 was beautiful and became even more so when I entered Lassen Volcanic National Park. What beautiful and varied landscapes, and the two lane winding roads going down into valleys and up to 8,000+feet mountain tops with incredible views. I didn’t stop to take photos as Jerame and Kate had passed that way ten days earlier and I thought I would use their photos. Definitely worth spending more time than I allowed that day!

My final stop that day was Sierra Hot Spring in Sierraville, off 89. I was to find out this small, quiet, low key sanctuary is a sister location to Harbin Springs. Once again camping for a night after soaking in the hot bath, plunging in the cold water, another dose of heat in the sauna followed by a cold plunge I was clean and ready for bed and a peaceful night’s sleep.

By Wednesday, August 18th at Auburn off Hwy 80 I had traveled 497 miles since leaving Mt Shasta and today I was to continue on Hwy 49 from 80 to Sonora. Another amazing back roads drive. The drive down the canyon is great for the driver, OK to acceptable for a front seat passenger and could prove to be “a trip to hell” for any back seat passengers that are susceptible to motion sickness…like my sister and my son Mathew. The whole of hwy 49 is not this dramatic but it is scenic and rather winding. This is gold and cowboy country, the original gold fields and the towns along the way offer a reflection of these days…some charming and others sort of lost to time.  From Hwy 80 to Sonora takes about 2 ½ hours.

Following the directions given I arrived at the home of my hosts, Andre and Stephanie in the early evening before the sun had set….what an incredible location and an even more incredible driveway….twice on the quarter mile drive up I said “oh sh….!”  It is that steep but so worth it…..and as of this writing I haven’t ventured down in my little car that comes tomorrow!

I will leave you here for now as a whole other adventure begins with the time and people here…..

More in a day or so!

Just a reminder, Mercury is retrograde again until September 12th so steer clear of buying, signing, agreeing to anything MAJOR in your life…..communications and technology have way of being very unclear and broken during these times.

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Just a short message to stay informed….just spent 4 days totally “disconnect” from phones, etc at Medicine Lake – 50 miles + from Mt Shasta. Now I am at Sierra Springs and head to Sonora near Yosemite to facilitate a retreat this weekend.

My amazing journey continues and more stories will come forth when time allows writing and connections….

Take time each day to “make life simple”….allow masks to dissolve to find yourself more….magic happens here!

Until later…Blessings!

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New Blog Coming!

Dear Friends,
The last two weeks have been quite amazing with very unexpected journeys that I am still processing.

The main one was “an Ayahuasca journey” – this was not a “druggy” experience but a very powerful sacred herb journey. Pure, clean, protected, guided, powerful and revealing….I will write about it shortly.

Preparing for the premier of Life Theatre next Saturday in Mt Shasta…if you are in the area please join us that night!

Will write more shortly!

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