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Podcast Topic: Usurping the Human Mind – Health and Wellness

In this episode, Ophelia will take you back in time to the 1981’s and the unfolding of Big Pharma advertising their drugs directly to the public for the first time.

Then you go to Belize to meet Mayan Medicine Man and Plant Shaman, Elijio Panti and Dr. Rosita Arvigo, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and their journey of creating an encyclopedia of Mayan plant medicine, which became a catalyst of information for big pharma making synthetic drugs.

Drug advertising started in earnest in 1995 and has become a powerful tool for influencing people’s health and choices. Other topics include energy healing, health and wholeness, empowering decisions, current events and government laws.

She also shares her personal experience with a breast cancer diagnoses and the path she took.

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Live, Love and Enlighten Me Podcast Topic:

 Usurping the Human Mind – Influence of Technology

Introducing a new podcast series on the diverse ways people have been influenced by technology over the past 30 plus years, from someone who has lived in two worlds – before and after the techology of today!

Ophelia, The Mystic Muse will take you on her personal journey through her life, sharing how simple and seemingly unrelated or unimportant experiences of the past are now taking on new relevence.

It also offers perspectives for the listener to look at and perceive some of their earlier personal experiences as awarenesses of what was coming.

This episode will cover the original use of the wire recorder by the Germans, qualities that make humans unique from AI, the need for decernment in intuition and how an ayahuasca journey revealed mind control.

The next episode of Usurping the Human Mind will cover Health and Wellness.

Hope you enjoy this podcast.


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