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This week and the past few weeks have been profound not only by the amount of information and creative inspirations coming forth from so many people but also for the ways in which those last vestiges of stuff are being freed for the new understandings of time, space and life dimensions to emerge.

Three posts in one week seems excessive when I a first shown the message, yet now it some muddy sense to me. This last part was really the beginning point of all the writing yet had to wait its correct turn. I hope many of you enjoyed the Introduction to Vedic Medical Astrology in yesterday’s posting. Because this is such good information I have created a separate page under Exercises and Tools (right side bar) titled “Vedic Astrology with Laura Barat”. You can easily access the page without having to remember date of the posting. In the future I plan to have other practitioners of varying disciplines share their information.

Unlock the Heart of the Past

Revelations Beyond Measure!

I was on retreat in Mt Shasta this past week and all I can say is I am Blessed! Looking out of the window at the ancient mountain range called The Eddies (and the Crags) which I was told are in the age range of 2 million years old…Fall is truly with us.

This time of year is always one of review for me, what have I done, accomplished, missed out on, lost, loved and planted seeds for the future. It is only while transferring all the important personal and business phone and contact information into the new day timer for the upcoming year do I actually “see” where I have been, what has been done and with whom. Sitting in the quiet it appears I have achieved very little, yet I am amazed at how many miles of I have traveled and to where….nearly 20,000 miles since October last year.

The nights are close to cold, too cold for me to feel like camping again. The days are marked by blue skies, warmed with sun filled golden rays, hundreds of acres of green mountain pines are changing form with pockets of red, orange and gold as the oaks bear witness to the season’s change.

Watching the sun penetrate golden leaves I wonder at the mysterious alchemy taking place to gift us with such beauty. Someone misunderstanding this comment may begin to explain the scientific, chemical and physical metamorphosis through photosynthesis and question my lack of academic knowledge…..but this is not what I am taking about.

I am talking about the pure wonder and mystery surrounding us every moment, no matter where we live or in what conditions. For a minute, just wonder “Why am I here now!”  “How did I get here!”  Where am I going!”

The most read blog entry I have done thus far is about the Lessons from the Lakota Sundance. Every month without fail people find this entry, read it and yet I have never received a direct comment as to why the attraction, what was learned, if anything, and was it appreciated or not!

Is it because of the renewing interest and respect for Native American teachings and wisdom! Or could it be the mystery and fears surrounding a most sacred and powerful expression of personal sacrifice in the Spirit of Thanksgiving! Thus far I do not know, so I continue to wonder!

It has not been until this retreat within the vortex of Shasta’s mountain have I realized how profoundly the creative juices locked within have opened to create and move.

I have done both on a very small monthly $$ amount, supplemented by client consultations from time to time, occasional work producing videos/blogs for clients, work/trades and varieties of gifting in the form of giving and receiving To and By many others. (These I believe are examples of the “New Economic Paradigm)

From the Day Timer of 2010-2011: (follow journeys in the archives)

The last week of October, 2010 I was pushed to leave living in Mt Shasta for good (at least I thought so!) It was a time of hurt and emotional pain on many levels. I landed in Sebastopol, CA (near Santa Rosa) and during the second week  there I ended up “flat on my back and so sick for 5 days”…even death felt like an option! Major detox and emotional/vibrational recalibrations are not nice medicine!

Late November took me to friends on Meditation Mountain in Sonora, where we were trapped by the Thanksgiving week snow storm and then renewed by a trip to Big Sur that foretold the future.

First week of December, a return to Mt Shasta to stomp felts for a week. December 10th  was the beginning of the five thousand miles road trip alone to see my sons in Kansas City, MO and St Petersburg, FL. A trip about clearing the past, revealing and acknowledging pains, fear, joys and loves…..so much…too much….all so worth it!  The journey documented in January blog entries.

Returned to Sonora January 14th in the wee hours to rest, regroup and figure out “what’s next!”  Time was spent with more writing and making teaching videos on “Time Collapsing.” When an opportunity to explore a creative project came from a couple of friends in Ashland. I said Yes to the mystery of it and headed to Mt Shasta for a couple of days and the mineral waters before arriving in Ashland, OR mid February. The next six weeks were filled with new people and too many interesting dynamics to mention. While in Ashland I worked on other people’s creative visions and did a third performance of my own hour and a half theater piece “Awakening and Igniting Ecstasy In-Formation…New Twists on Money, Power, Sex and Death. (It wasn’t as good as the first two performances and knocked the wind out of me.)

March marked the world changing event of the Japan Earthquake, as well as my grandson’s birth. New recognition as a Facilitator of Personal Life Alchemy renewed my faith and finances for a short while, and a week trip to Florida to see new little Braydon was possible.

April and May were spent going back and forth between Sonora and Sebastopol once again….even day timer entries are blurred through these months, as though they didn’t really exist.  The end of May took me to Santa Cruz for the week long 1000 Hummingbird Gathering of Indigenous Women.

From there, north to Ashland again to visit and do some work. First week of June was back to Mt Shasta to stomp felts again for four days and then returning to Sonora to prepare for the Summer Solstice Retreat I was facilitating.

The first week of July, Stephanie and I drove to Palm Springs and Joshue Tree to visit her friends….daily heat index 108 degrees! We all moved very slowly!

Back to Sonora for a week. July 17th drove to Selma, OR to participate in the week long Mystic Garden Music Gathering.  The Walking for World Peace Labyrinth was presented for the first time (video diaries are within the blog entries.) July 26th arrived back in Mt Shasta and camped behind Lake Siskiyou to rest before presenting the Labyrinth at the  Best of Mt Shasta Conference.

Rested for a week before returning to Sebastopol to help a friend with his garden, while he attended his mother’s recovery from surgery. What I thought would be a two week stay evolved into two and a half months, staying in my tent sanctuary under a 500 year old oak tree. As normal, this time was blessed by new friends, some work, theater and dance evenings, drumming and kirtan, more amazing experiences in the sharing of the Peace Labyrinth, created a five part audio/video series on Physical and Spiritual Baggage, experienced challenging interactions from time to time and blessed with great learning and growth for all and finally I was chosen by a feral kitten to be surrogate mother for a few weeks, before finding the perfect home for him.

Early September I spent a week near Lassen National Park and Forest helping a friend dig for sacred medicinal roots and herbs in the role of Medicine Woman. Turning talents to create a blog for him along with filming a video, editing and uploading it as his own teaching video.

And then late last week once again the Shasta Mountain and Waters called me to rest, rejuvenate, reunite, review and now revel in the wonder and mystery of What and Where IS Next!

On Thursday night while singing and chanting in the sacred space of my friend’s Kirtan evening, a message rang loud and clear within me…. “you will teach in Europe and UK next year.” I heard it once and then again and then I said YES I will!   The how and with whom, I leave to the great mystery to reveal, soon and clearly I hope!

Following the next day when talking to a young woman about helping me transcribe the latest audio/video series into working guidebook, she made an amazing creative suggestion about the labyrinth, so now yet another project to manifest.…hopefully not alone for I long to experience strong, balanced, creative and successful partnerships from here on out!

Turn up and wait! Right!

As a footnote I will say I am tired of all the moves, uncertainty and to find a safe, welcoming, loving and creative home space would be wonderful. Yet I cannot make a place so if it is not or I am not ready or in alignment with a particular energy.

This is one of the most important lessons gained in these times of Time and Space speeding up and collapsing all at the same time. One moment or day all the pieces and people may be in exact alignment and then, with even a change of decision, actions or desires by one person, it can and will change the entire scenario, which may lead to (in theatrical terms) your character, scene and/or purpose deleted from the play…..you don’t need to turn up for rehearsal… but to now wait and see where and how your character (You) can be a star, in a supporting role, the lover, villain, Samaritan, creator, whatever is part and parcel of the Life and Soul journey for the rest of 2011, 2012 and beyond.

Before  reviewing the past year, if I had been asked what had I done and achieved during that time, much would have been left out because I don’t remember how it all just evolved and happened. Would all of this have been possible several years ago….I don’t think so……We are already in the movement and flow of Time, Space and Dimensions Shifting….the illusion is real!

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Feet to the Corporate Fire

Nearly three weeks ago I decided to upgrade my Sprint phone, from the slow 2008 basic model to a 2011 basic model. I don’t need all the bells and whistles and although I was really resistant to signing a contract (last one expired in 2009) I had been with Sprint for the past 12 years + and decided to stay.

The nightmare began when this “el cheapo” was delivered to the wrong address (no logical reason why!) and an employee there decided she needed the phone more than I did and stole it, then she disappeared! Since then I have spent hours and hours, with an untold number of reps and supervisors trying to resolve it after the second phone didn’t arrive. With each day of conversation another issue comes to the surface….in all it has come down to corporate integrity in honoring what “was not recorded from conversations and vague suggestions. After 4 hours on the phone from numerous disconnects and no return calls, a series of supervisors meaning well but stuck in the red tape and my continued request for correct integrity in all business transactions….today finally ended with a new phone on its way and a total of $100 in credits to acquiesce the inconveniences. I am and will continue to hold the vision of the phone arriving and credits  being applied to my account!

Medical Vedic Astrology  with Guest Vedic Astrologer  Laura Barat

Recently I went through a couple of weeks of crazy itching and spider bites on my skin. At my wits end, I contacted my friend Laura Barat who specializes in Vedic Astrology. In a reading I had in March she asked if I had any skin issues, to which I responded No! This month they showed up!

Her response to the problem was mentioning that Mercury was afflicted in my chart this year, it is associated with skin problems and the sense of smell. As Mercury is also associate with communications I interrupted this situation to be telling me: (1) I needed to hydrate the body by drinking more water; (2) there was an imbalance in the harmonics of the location (web) I was living in; (3) it was pushing me out to leave, detox internally and externally, relax and tap into the creative juices once again.

As I thought other readers may be interested in learning more on this topic I asked Laura to give a short explanation on the Planets and the Elements in relation to Vedic Medical Astrology. Here are links to know more about Laura  and research the topics on her site.

Vedic Astrology is based on the focus of the Moon’s placement at birth as opposed to Western Astrology that focuses on the Sun’s placement at birth. What I have found so very interesting when comparing readings of both versions over the years is that even though the beginning reference points are different, there are always overlaying confirmations of issues, traits, karma, personality, etc., only the interruption is unique to the practitioner.  As far as I am concerned, the more we can discover about ourselves, from many perspectives, ancient and modern, we are that much ahead of claiming and understanding one life more clearly.

Here is Laura’s description. (Note: for those new to Vedic/Sanskrit/Indian language some of the words in the beginning paragraphs will be confusing. If so, scroll down to the main three topics The Five Organs of Sense; The Five Organs of Action; The Five Objects of the Sense. When you feel more comfortable with the Vedic concepts, read more on  the introductions.

Planets and The Elements

There are five elements or ‘Pancha Tattvas’ that are the causal form of Purusha and make up creation.  ‘Pancha’ means five and ‘Tattvas’ mean ‘true essences’.  These elements are Fire, Earth, Ether, Water and Air ruled by the planets Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, respectively, according to this sutra from Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra:

“Fire, Earth, Ether, Water and Air, in that order, o’Twice Born, from Mars and the other Grahas in their order are the Tattvas.”   -BPHS:  Nature and Form of the Grahas, 20

The Vedas contain instructions on how to placate and worship the elements.  The elements are actually the causal manifestation of Purusha that creates all that is.  The Elements came first and then the planets were born from the Elements.

Each of the Five Tattvas or Elements has a Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic quality.  The Sattvic qualities of the Elements manifests through the five senses.  Our senses are called ‘Organs of Knowledge’ in the Srimad Bhagavatam.  These organs of knowledge are necessary for our growth and evolution.  It is only through abuse by human beings that the senses have been given a bad name.  Since the senses are Sattvic, they have an elevating quality that will bring us closer to the Source if used properly.

The Five Organs of Sense

The Sattvic attributes of the Five Elements are the Organs of Sense.  They are as follows:

Ether is ruled by Jupiter and causes the Sense of Hearing. Through Hearing we acquire knowledge from Sound.  For a person to be able to hear, Ether must be present.  Conversely, for someone to have poor hearing, Jupiter must be afflicted in the horoscope.

Air is ruled by Saturn and causes the Sense of Touch:  Through Touch we acquire knowledge from Tangibility. For a person to be able to feel touch and differentiate the object of touch, Air must be present. Conversely, for a person to not be able to feel or lack acquiring knowledge through touch, Saturn must be afflicted in the horoscope.

Fire is ruled by Mars and causes the Sense of Sight.  Through Sight we acquire knowledge from Light and Colors.  For a person to be able to see, Fire must be present.  Conversely, Mars must be afflicted in a horoscope if the person has poor eyesight.

Water is ruled by Venus and causes the Sense of Taste:  Through Taste we acquire knowledge from Flavors.  For a person to be able to taste, Water must be present.  Conversely, Venus must be afflicted in the horoscope if a person has a poor sense of taste.

Earth is ruled by Mercury and causes the Sense of Smell.  Through Smell we acquire knowledge of Odors.  For a person to be able to smell, the Element of Earth must be present.  Conversely, a person has a poor sense of smell if Mercury is afflicted in the horoscope.

Because the organs of sense are Sattvic, they are elevating in nature and pure when the organs of sense are working properly.  They are Sattvic because one acquires knowledge through their organs of sense.

The Five Organs of Action

The Rajasic attributes of the Five Elements are the Organs of Action. They are as follows:

Fire is ruled by Mars and causes the Action of Motion.  Feet hold the primary power of motion, but all motion of the body is ruled by Mars.  Most motion is guided by Sight which is also ruled by Mars.  All motion must have fire, or in this case the electrical impulses carried by the nerves, which is ruled by Mars.  For a person to have afflicted motion Mars must be afflicted in a horoscope.  Notice how people with paralysis or partial paralysis cannot move, the electrical impulses are not carried along the nerves or the spinal cord.

Earth is ruled by Mercury and causes the Action of Excretion.  The anus holds the primary power of excretion but all excretory actions are ruled by Mercury and the Earth Element.  Sweating is also considered to be excretory as well as acne.

Ether is ruled by Jupiter which causes the Action of making Sound.  The power of Sound lies in the vocal chords.  If a person cannot use their vocal chords to make sound, then Jupiter must be afflicted in the horoscope.

Water is ruled by Venus which causes the action of Generation.  The power of generation lies within the sexual organs, but it also lies within all tissues that can repair themselves.  Water and food, both ruled by Venus, satiate us after exertion.  These things give us recuperation.  Venus also rules ‘Virya’ which loosely translates as semen.  Venus rules the vitality in the body.  When Venus is afflicted in a horoscope, then it takes a long time for the person to recover after exercise or illness.

Air is ruled by Saturn and causes the Action of Manual Skill, of which the power lies in the hands.  Manual dexterity is ruled by Saturn as is all manual labor.  Saturn rules the menial and when manual labor is a person’s profession, their caste is ruled by Saturn.  When a person has poor manual dexterity, then Saturn must be afflicted in the horoscope.

The Five Objects of the Sense

The objects of the senses are Tamasic, meaning they are obscuring.  The purpose of the five objects of sense is to satisfy the longings of the heartJupiter as Ether produces space.    Saturn as Air produces gasesMars as Fire, produces fire, electricity and energy.  Venus as Water produces liquidsMercury as Earth produces solids.  Space, air, fire, liquids and solids can all be experienced by the senses.  The two luminaries, the Sun and the Moon rule over the Atman or Higher Self and the Jiva or Individual respectively.  The Higher Self and the Individual are the ones experiencing the objects of sense.

Fear, which is the great cause of all neurosis and psychosis, is the number one contributing factor to abusing the objects of sense and not feeling satiated and at peace.  When the desires are not satisfied within a certain time frame, the person begins to fear that they will not be satisfied, and will crave more satiation through another source.  This gives rise to many different desires cropping up that cannot be satisfied all at once.  So the person half-heartedly pursues many different desires which cannot all be satisfied in one lifetime.  The unmet desires are still manifest within the psyche when the person dies, so the consciousness must be reborn to satisfy the numerous desires.  The best course to take, to avoid acquiring numerous desires and having numerous longings is to concentrate the mind on satisfying one desire at a time.  Turn one’s whole attention on fulfilling one desire, then the psyche can find more peace and satisfy the desires of the heart.

I hope you have enjoyed this information and can apply it in your life.

Another posting tomorrow!

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Why are they so important!

This pivotal week includes October 28 – Carl Calleman’s  belief of the actual end date of the Mayan Calendar……what will be presented and revealed…..will we change as people…..will time and the world stop……will a star-gate appear……so many unknowns……So Much Mystery……Such Wonder!

All is moving so fast and planning in the old way is pretty much redundant!

I will probably be sharing two or perhaps three blog entries within the next seven days or so. Stay turned…..#1 follows!

Getting IT Right!

“I’ve been on the spiritual path for years. I’ve meditated, gone to
therapy, and attended dozens of workshops, seminars, satsangs, and
retreats. But, I’m still not fundamentally different from when I
started on the path. Sure, I’m more centered, present and calm, but
I’m still challenged by many of the same emotional patterns. I
still struggle with anxiety and self-doubt. I still don’t feel like
I’m living on purpose. I’m still not deeply fulfilled. I’m still not
from Integral Enlightenment

The above quote comes from an email I received a few days ago. At first reading my reaction was pretty standard…yes that is true, are we no further along than ten, five, two, one year ago!

Then I started reflecting on the topic of this new blog, how to present it and what was its purpose – and BINGO….It hit me so strongly and has kept being affirmed since them.


These opinions are but one thread within a huge and complex puzzle of life, society beliefs.

In my humble opinion: The Power holding onto, questioning, resisting and being executioner of planetary and conscious awakening is held within the Walls of the Grand and Elite educational and scientific research universities, think tanks and corporations across the world: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Duke, Oxford, Cambridge, plus dozens more.

The very intangible things we search for and desire to manifest in and through our lives and the lives of others are the exact same things that are dismissed as invalid and non quantifiable by those mentioned above. Structure, forms, layers and rationalism of the illusive only represent validity. In the follow dialogue some of this discomfort is expressed. Each reader, of course, will have their own opinion….do you believe you have failed or succeeded? I am claiming just how much I have succeeded….and are now motivated to go bigger!

Learning Curve

During the past five weeks I have been participating in a course relating to Awakening the Evolutionary Impulse, Consciousness and Leadership for moving, aligning and creating new pathways for Humanity in these new times.

There is a strong emphasis on meditation and the work of Ken Wilber, Andrew Cohan and other academic spiritual leaders are recognized and focused on. It has been a good experience yet also challenged me by what is included and what I feel is missing.

The strong emphasis is on more accepted spiritual teachings coming from within the masculine, academic, structured, scientifically researched framework and any/most mentions of mystics, mystery and psychic touched topics are often referred to as coming from lower mind and “if that is possible, real or similar dismissals.” It is becoming more prevalent these days that the “experts and authorities” of spiritual evolution are men…..the cutting edge women of the past five to ten years have moved from the limelight and are being replace by men. My concern is that the pendulum is going to swing too far off center once again. Yes there are plenty of women out there presenting their knowledge, often but not always, to women only or primarily.

Let me qualify that statement a bit more. I am not slighting men, in fact I am one of the first to always honor men who are sincerely seeking, it is powerful. In example, I am referring to the medical model of the past, up until the 80s-90s. Male doctors were always the absolute authorities of the female body and reproduction. The power of women to know themselves (our mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers….. ) was usurped, and in many cases and places, still is so! As we have now moved out of the past 26,000 years of patriarchal energy into an equal measure of matriarchal discovery  the realm of Spiritual Control is the place to continue dominance.

Bridging the chasm means both meeting in the middle of the bridge, sharing equal balance/wisdom/fears/experiences/love/loss/life and then learning to walk off the bridge (to either side) stepping carefully in order for both to get off the bridge safely.    

From reading some of the course forum comments, I have picked up that there are many participants having trouble getting their heads around some of the information and how it is framed. This is naturally to be expected!

From my personal perspective the balance I find missing is of the feminine. Please note I have not used male and female, but masculine and feminine – which each man and woman has within them. Without the infusion of true creation, divine feminine senses and principles (intangible, unreal, mystery if you like) to align and balance the masculine form and structure then the so called Integral Real World models for politics, government, medicine, business, education, ecology, spirituality and consciousness, as suggested by Ken Wilbur (and others) in vast writings are missing links to open and access the new dimensional frequencies of which we have been waiting so long for.

Pulling apart, arguing and dismissing what I have written is fine for there are so many ways to look and describe this topic. Yet to be truly effective and represent integrative awareness it will be necessary for a surrendering of the greatest academic, scientific and intellectual mind fears…....something’s will not, cannot and should not be “proven” as it ends up establishing  limits!

In an audio presentation specially prepared by Ken Wilber for the course, I shuddered when reading and listening to it (at least this is what I think I understood) that one of the Prime Directives of Integral Spirituality and Religion is to break the main tenets of each world religion and belief system down into acceptable Rational descriptions and purposes so ALL can be understood and in turn end all jihads and wars and this will bring peace!  This approach actually scares me hugely!

Perfect Partnerships – This includes Personal Life as well!

(This message was gifted to a powerful leader I am privileged to know.  It also seems perfect for all of us as well in light of the information above!)

High Mind and Alchemical Mystery are to be in balance and resonance of each other …..as the stem of the rose (High Pointed Mind) supports, protects, energizes and conducts the threads of life force and information necessary (and in right measure) for the blossom (Visioned  Outcome) to emerge, grow, focus toward (sun) fully manifest and live and then slowly die/change form in order to make way for the new buds/blossoms (evolution) waiting yet hidden from sight within the protective stem. (Constant change/every new day!)       (New Leadership Paradigm – large and small models alike!)

What I see and feel is when the Partnerships of High Minds of Academia, Science and Intelligence (masculine and feminine) meet, support and blend with Mystery, Mysticism, Creative Divine Essences beyond all forms yet infused with respect, knowing and education (feminine and masculine) – this will be the time of profound new information to be transmitted into the Consciousness of Humanity and Unity will be fulfilled.

There is great power and humility in agreeing to disagree and to listen deeply and respectfully when in great discomfort….merging of mind and heart is the perfect prescription for conscious changing Peace, Awareness, Acceptance and Leadership.

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Unraveling Mystery

I am in Mt Shasta on retreat and regroup…..loving the mountain, warm days, cool nights and the flowing spring waters.

Hope to have a new posting up by the end of the weekend!

Thank you for visiting!

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This is the last video in the series on Spiritual Baggage…..Hope you enjoy the meditation at the end.

Storing the Past…Clearing the Future, from Physical Possessions to Spiritual Baggage  – Part 1 and Part 2 are done as audio files only.

Click here to go to Audio File Page to access Parts 1 and 2

Spiritual Baggage Final Video

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So much is happening these days and much of it completely unexpected!

The continuing  video series on Spiritual Baggage. Here are segments 2 and 3 in the series. Hope you enjoy the information……many have found it enlightening and helpful in their lives. (sometimes Youtube scares me!)

Spiritual Baggage Final video the next single posting.

Check this out also

Another article and perspective I don’t necessarily agree with, you decide for yourself as usual!     The Spirit Ends When The Brain Dies by 

There are also new videos (see sidebar) I created for Ted Dawson, Native American Herbalist at Mountain Wintu Herbs. These are an interesting educational journey. A couple more segments will be following shortly.

Could it be Karma!

Who would have ever guessed that the symbol of financial world dominance (Wall Street and the Twin Towers) and the role of morphing the view of freedom to a view of bondage by terror for 9 years (a complete numerical cycle) has now become the very vantage point of a new cycle (10 = 1 …year 1 of a new cycle) ……..the people standing in non-violent formation demanding the Elite powers of finance, power, domination and manipulation be accountable, stop, return, surrender and accept “it is not, cannot and will not be…..business as per THEIR usual.”

Occupy Wall Street, New York and Beyond     The People are speaking!   Join the voices from around the world!

Remembering back to the very early beginning of the Internet,which I believe was a large “covert” project established between the government, military and specific educational institutions to disseminate, formulate, process, cover-up and instigate information and actions behind the scenes without being seen…….and NOW over the past number of years it  is this very same instrument that is, has been and will continue to”expose them and their deeds” to the people of the world.

Could this be what one calls….”A Massive Spiritual Set-Up!”

Another Visionary has left us!

Yesterday, the sad and unexpected news of the passing of Steve Jobs, visionary and creator of Apple. He established Apple in 1976 yet it appears really pivotal years were around 1986-1993. These were also pivotal years for two other visionaries that pass unexpectedly from this earthly presence this year.

In 1986-7, Jose Aguelles gave birth to the meaning of the ancient prophesies of the Maya and their calendar, heralded by the Harmonic Convergence in August, 1987. This very information is what has been driving the world towards the dates of October 28, 2011 and December 21,2012……and the complete unknown of what “will really happen!”

In 1987 Ra Uru Hu was “downloaded” with amazing information that became the formal process called Human Design. For anyone familiar with HD, it is an incredible source of revelation and has often been called, which I completely agreed with,  “is the new psychology for the 21st century and millennium.

There maybe other inspiring visionaries that could be included here also.

The incredible similarity here is that “each man was gifted with galactic knowledge which I see to reside outside the brain (a processing muscle). Through their unique soul/mind/consciousness brain processing, the information in each case was formulated into usable, binary, numerically based, traceable through time lines and weaving time, space, information through  (1) inanimate object = computer;     (2)galactic and cosmic history = Mayan Calendar;    (3)Human Design Grid = the unique physcial, mental, emotional, spiritual and soul blueprint of each person.

Their work was done and the rest of us are left to use, expand and create the next level of amazing information…..just as the unique information these men (and others) were gifted with did not exist before it was brought down to earth level….the NEW information we are waiting for will be gifted through the right person/people at the right times and places, in the right ways and for correct use.

Perhaps some of it is here already but I very much doubt the critical and essential threads have been revealed……humanity and power have not proven enough integrity and responsibility to be trust thus far!  In a surprise conversation with someone (a scientist) from the past this week….the dialogue turned to “remote viewing” and he told that the military have incredibly well trained viewers that are able to see future events…..yet have not been able to “see correctly” in and around 2012 dates…….how interesting is that!

We all have to live with patience (tough, I know), in light consciousness, pure heart and compassion, acceptance and tolerance for difference, support and presence…..for maybe, one day, it could be anyone of us that is chosen to be the deliverer of the new cosmic, galactic, earthly manifesting information to change the way the everyday world lives!


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