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You may have all noticed how fast things are happening and showing up around you in the past week or so. This last week has been exceptional!

There is not really even time to think and process the information set forth, it is to trust the inner guidance and act accordingly, even and especially when it doesn’t make sense or is challenging the strength of ALL your safety nets.

Information downloads having been coming to me fast and furiously, with a strong general title of 5th Dimension Mysticism. In my own private writings over the past months I have been learning more of what this means. Recent travels reinforced the fact that we, as humanity, have been slowly in preparation process for this exact change over the past 10 – 15 years. We were taking tiny quiet steps to get use to the feel and now it and we are there/here.

For those who have kept journals during these past years, you may find it interesting to reread very early entries, moving forward in time to see if you can spot an unfolding theme. In this blog and in the days to come I will be sharing more of my stories preparing and awakening myself and those involved (if they chose) to the new dimensional wonders becoming the norm!

In your wanderings around various and multiple websites such as Spirit Library <updates@spiritlibrary.com> ,  and Steve Rother http://www.lightworker.com The New Body Electrics: The Physical Electrical Evolution

(of course there are plenty, plenty of others) there are postings and writings giving so many personal perspectives and messages from sources here and above and below on unfolding earth experiences. In all your discovering, take the information right for you in the moment, use it, grow with it and be open to what’s next.

The New Body Electrics piece is a confirmation of several experiences I have had in being “recalibrated to the new frequencies.” I have written about them in past blog entries so for those who have missed them and are intereste d to read more, click on the blog sidebar Pages: Health and Wellness/Recalibration

Over the n ext days and weeks of blog postings I will share many quite different stories, some from nearly ten years ago. At the time the experiences were profound and taught me a great deal. Now, in hindsight when reviewing and remembering, I am seeing patterns, steps and the early threads woven as foundations of seeing through the veils, now thin as gossamer wings. I will post these new stories under PAGES on the main page. In this posting there will be three pieces on Baby, Memories and Family. They are quite different from each other yet very associated. Remembering these was much of why I needed to clear some of my family issues before my grandson is born.

Breaking News

Announcing d ates for three retreat weekends to be held in Sonora, CA. All are coinciding with yearly solstices and the summer equinox and full moons.

The weekends will be co-fac ilitated by Stephanie Escobar and myself plus other special guests.

1st Retreat      March 18-21, 2011

2nd Retreat     June 17-19, 2011

3rd Retreat      September 23 -25, 2011

The Retreat title is Spirit Journeys “Awakening and Igniting Ecstasy In-Formation…Living 5th Dimension Mysticism”. The format will be very interactive filled with exercises, dialogue, sharing, tools to use and ceremony for personal awareness, growth, empowerment and joy.

We will also be offering optional Mystic side trips to Yosemite and/or Mt Shasta after the retreat weekends.

To wet your whistle a little: the location is a beautiful 7 acre mountaintop, amazing views, quiet walks, star filled night skies, drumming, art, clay, yoga, meditati on, c hanting, music, meals, beverages, snacks, pool, hot tub, bonfires, camping(out or indoor), under the stars (weather dependent) or local hotels.

More details suc h as fees, schedules, limits, reservations, etc will be posted in a few days.

The photos today are from last year’s retreat on the mountaintop.

What is 5th Dimension Mysticism?

It may sound like a new catch phrase and concept yet in research over the past months I have come across writings from Rudolph Steiner in the 20s, Edgar Cayce, numerous Ascended Masters and an interview with Ruth Dahlen: Mysticism and/or Reality….”In March 1968 Sweden’s Radio-TV introduced Mrs. Ruth Dahlen to the Scandinavian public as the “mystic of Vallingby.”  ….continued. (This was a really good piece!)

My brief simple description goes something like this:

The past thousands of years have been in the earth bound 3rd dimension…what you see is what you get; cavemen, lords and surfs, patriarchal control and power, winner through conflict solves all problems and has authority. Through these times, (refer to the steps of a nine layer of a Mayan temple) eras have been shrinking from millions of years to the last level, a 20 day cycle. Interspersed throughout time there have been glimmers of artistic, literary and cultural renaissance, invention and industrialization, fragile peace only to be broken by massive oppression. Humanity lived in the physical body and in physical world! This translates to the 1st (root), 2nd (sacrel) and 3rd (solar plexus) chakras driving life forward.

Then in the 60s, 70s and 80s we searched for something higher, clearer, and purer. The advent of Gurus for the everyday person was real. The more Love and Flower Power pushed, the more Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia became places and examples of hate, abuse, intolerance and death. During these times many were trying to find and walk in the 4th dimension, the place higher than physical earth. Translating to the 5th (throat), 6th (third eye) and 7th (crown) chakras. (I’ll get to the heart in a minute)

Then in 1987, the Harmonic Convergence and a shift happened (research Mayan Calendar, Jose Aguelles). A planetary, energetic, vibration, consciousness shift started the ball not to be stopped!  You and I have been plodding along through this for all these years and most of the time with no clarity or understanding, just a deep driving faith. Many a time it felt like the threat of personal insanity, seeking so disparately for what no one could see or believed was possible. Church, governments, institutions, science and business slammed doors and opened mental wards and prisons for troublemakers who challenged the safe boxed life.  How many times did you say or hear others saying “oh I don’t want to live in the world, I want to be spiritual, enlightened, pure, a pillar of light, a lightworker, etc.” This real world is a hard place to live in!

The 90s, into Year 2000 to now, the surge ahead kept growing. Science and quantum physics found that not seeing something does not mean it’s not there! Medicine found and admitted healing can come through hands, mind and heart; sound can heal and destroy. All over the world, governments, military, science and business were and are finding their hidden agendas, deceptions, lies and greed are being revealed through and by the transparency of searching  higher consciousness by the ever increasing number of individuals seeking exactly that within themselves, proving one person can make a difference.

During the past ten years massive amounts of diverse information from Ascended Masters, gurus, teachers, ancient cultures and spirit realms have been presented for us to process and discern what is truth, truths that seem to keep changing. In the past five years I have seen a coalescing, melding, molding, simplicity and authenticity different from the past which appears to be anchoring us to a new place – the 5th Dimension.

And this anchoring happens at the heart, the human heart and the sacred chamber behind the heart. Here is an image of what I see happening: The earth energy rod of the three lower physical chakras has grown a grounding plug at the top of the solar plexus. The higher three spiritual chakras have done the same from the heavens down, passing through the throat and the thymus to the top of the heart.

Living in the 5th Dimension is about plugging the lower and upper chakras together at the Sacred Heart, thus Igniting and Awakening the Ecstasy our True Heart and Soul have been seeking for eons of time. This is still all new, we are learning and feeling our way through the unfamiliar. It is a real merging of the past, reaching out to the future unknown and acting to create the flowing now and on and on.

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A writing feast or famine!

Last week when driving through Utah I was reminded of a very special life changing experience Jerame and I shared in July of 2001 (I think that was the year). We went to spend four days at the Lakota Sundance Ceremony, a ceremonial weekend being lead by Lakota Elder Red Earth, my teacher and friend.

Approaching the Ogden exit I called Jerame and asked if I could share this and he agreed. Once again there are great lessons in the ways the weekend played out for us and most especially how “unrelated fears and pain of different people can and do have a physical effect in completely unsuspecting ways. Life is a constant learning and refining experience!

I do not have any photos to go along with the story therefore forgive the mass of words!

Sundance of Thanksgiving

The Sacred Fire burned. The Sacred Tree was in place. The dancers who had been in preparation for a year were anxious with anticipation, fear, power and honor. All the dancers, friends and supporters were required to pass through the gate to receive the ceremonial smudging with sage, the purifying smoke that frees impurities and negativity to the heavens of The Creator.

My son Jerame had joined me on the trip to Utah to experience the Lakota ceremony of Thanksgiving known as Sundance. In the beginning his reasons for coming were (1) to get away and (2) so Mum didn’t have to drive alone! The drive from Denver took us through the beautiful landscapes of Northern Colorado, fields with buffalo and elk grazing in Wyoming and into Utah. The camp site and ceremonial grounds were tucked away in a quiet, beautiful valley surrounded by craggy high ridges of small mountains filled with ancient and painful memories of village massacres and spiritual wisdom from the Ancestors.

After arriving at the camp, setting up and meeting with some other attendees, Jerame began to see power-plays between some on the young Lakota men and the white visitors. He became quite angry at what he saw as their unnecessary arrogance and rudeness, deciding he wanted to leave rather than have his buttons pushed! Several calming mother/son conversations later opened the way for Jerame to experience a weekend of many powerful awakenings.

The Sacred Ceremony of The Sundance represents the Native American tradition of Thanksgiving. This particular Sundance was being lead by my gentle teacher, Red Earth, a Lakota Sioux Elder who stepped into the position due the illness of Chief Richard Swallow Eagle, respected elder of other past Sundance ceremonies. It was an honor for me to learn and support my teacher during that difficult time.  Ceremonies such as Sundance, Ghost Dance and the cleansing sweat lodges had been forbidden for many years by both the government and “do good” Christian missionaries, all done under the guise of disempowering and saving the souls of savages. It is such irony that so many now seek to learn more of these ancient and earth-saving wisdoms.

The warriors who ‘dance in ceremony around the Sacred Tree’ are giving of themselves in gratitude for their lives and giving to impact the greater tribe, in essence, people from everywhere. To end the long preparation all the dancers have fasted for several days, having no food or water at all, this fasting continues until they have fulfilled their sacred Sundance commitment. For four days the power of this sacred experience as sounded through the beat of the Mother Drum which builds as each day the dancers who have chosen this path surrender themselves to the Sacred Tree. On the fourth day those who have chosen are pierced with small pieces of  bone through their chest or back skin and tethered to the Tree for as long as the journey of surrender takes. The dancers are surrounded and supported by family, friends, tribe elders and teachers, along with the Ancestors watching from the craggy rock walls surrounding the quiet valley. Each day is filled with several ceremonies, some lasting three hour plus at a stretch. The sound of drums, flutes, rattles and voices transport all present in ways they cannot avoid but be moved and changed so very profoundly.

As an energy healer and Reiki Master, I was honored to be asked to offer work with the dancers during their breaks, giving them an energetic boost and support as the days of fasting and dancing moved on. During these days I had two profound yet very different experiences to show me the power and unseen hold of emotionally energy and fear has on people, and to see the beauty and flow of new life energy.

Dancing Through Fear

The sound of drums began to die down as the Grand Entrance Dance drew to an end and dancers made their way to the cover resting space adjacent to the sacred circle. Some looked exhilarated, some dazed and still others exhausted yet there were still many hours and days of ceremony to go.

Red Earth had approached me and two other visiting women healers to help the dancers during these breaks. I was very honored by this request. Quietly I approached the first young man who was more than happy to receive a nurturing and tender boost to his energy. Just five to ten minutes was all that was needed most of the time. As time was short, Spirit turned up the power as I opened as a willing conduit. A couple of times my offer of help was refused and that was fine. I moved from man to man as the time allowed.

Then I felt a young man’s eyes seeking me out. “Oh yes please, I would be grateful of some energy!” was his response.

He lay on a blanket and I gently did my work. He drifted off to another place and then came back with a quick “thank you, work on someone else now”,ot up and moved away.

I spied a man in a chair about ten feet away. He did not look good, stress and fear oozed from him. He gladly agreed to my offer of help. Because of his exhaustion I said he could stay in the chair but after a couple of minutes he nearly passed out so I moved him to the ground. I knew something was very wrong with him yet no one else appeared concerned!

I began my energetic work on him. His fear was monumental yet I didn’t know why at that moment. As the drums started up again and the dancers moved out into the sacred circle, again his body began to freeze up. I called to another healer to help me. She moved to his feet and grateful follow my instructions. We worked in silence and in unison. The music in the background would come and go in waves of loudness. The man’s body would also respond in degrees of tension and fear and I still did not understand why.

All this time my back was to the circle of dancers so I could not see what was happening, I only heard the drumming and the songs. Again the drumming, singing and sounds of support grew louder, faster, louder, faster. And correspondingly the fear and tension in the man on the ground echoed. My helper stayed silent. I began to talk and coach the man through the breaths, to use the energy to move beyond the place he feared, a crescendo of drums, sounds and pain built, the combination of awe and fear kept us going, the three of us working as one.

I could feel the peak was coming and knew I had to stay calm and focused on the channel of energy being generated. The peak in the sacred circle was also being reached and suddenly out of nowhere drums and sounds of joy rang all around us. And at exactly the same moment the man shuddered, cried out and released what was holding him. His face was dazed and tears steamed from his eyes. I thanked God he was safe!

I turned to see what was happening in the circle, the sounds of joy and relief were everywhere, and then I saw why and I was shocked!

A young man celebrated his feat. Trickles of blood run down his back, yet the light of his faced was what I caught. On the ground of the circle lay two lengths of leather with seven buffalo skulls attached. I later learned that “dragging the buffalo skulls” is done by only a few men and represents “the dragging and finally releasing past generations held in pain, anger, violence, wrongdoing and death, giving thanks for their sacrifices and now for a new beginning.” The young man in celebration was the same young man who had searched me out earlier.

My attention returned to the man on the ground. He was quickly reviving. I shared what I had just seen and he began to cry, really cry which I allowed him to do. “I was so afraid for him. I was afraid of the pain for myself and I could not continue. And I was afraid of the pain for him. I let him down!” he sobbed.

Now the dancers were moving from the circle for a well-earned rest. I went to the joyful young man and asked if he would see his friend, he has something to tell you! Moments later these two men are hugging each other and crying. When the truth was shared more tears and the relief was palpable and affected more than just these two men. Healing was returning to the man who now sat on a chair in the shade.

“I need to share something else with you if I may” he said to me.

“Two weeks ago my father died and I have been in so much pain and fear of losing him ever since. I didn’t know how I could go through this without him and then after he died I couldn’t let him go. I was holding on so tight but now I know he is with me in a different way and I don’t have to fear or hold on!”

To say the least I was moved to tears also but for another reason. Alongside my son Jerame, we had been honored to witness the evolution of the warrior’s spirit through ceremony of song and dance, pain and joy, strength and vulnerability, fear and peace, holding on and letting go, of the male and the female balancing and supporting each other as needed.

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As you all know I started a journey of “retracing paths across this country” on December 10th, leaving McCloud/Mt Shasta area and heading southeast for visits with friends in Las Vegas, Santa Fe before heading to Kansas City and Florida to visit my sons. Up until that point I have shared the road trip in several blog postings but since January 1 I have been silent.

My understanding and initial reason for this journey was to retrace and clear threads for the arrival of my grandson at the end of February, early March. I had no idea how it would play out, who would be involved, what would happen and how long I would stay. I thought I would stay until mid March.

So much played out in completely unexpected ways! I will not go into specifics for privacy reasons yet I will say I am not without fault in causing hurt, tears, anger and unraveling in several circumstances. Underneath the surface when a protective glass ceiling was shattered, most involved saw and acted from old and protected fears, not just myself. On all sides much was misunderstood and misperceived because of only having certain pieces of information and vision.

I can only speak for myself, who I am as a Manifestor with strong astrology of fire and water (search Human Design), both my son’s are Manifestors (and  my father) and this fact alone creates incredible challenges in relationships.  To give you the impression that because “of all my wisdom, knowledge and the spiritual path I walk” I am perfect and squeaky clean would be a lie. I am perfectly imperfect as everyone else in the gifts, compassion, love and joy I can bring to life as well as the unintentional hurt I have caused those I love at different times in my life’s experience.

The fear of sharing feelings, hurts, pains and anger by and with others, in appropriate timing, creates deep wounds as infants, children, youth and adults. When these come out the original situation causing the misunderstanding is long gone and all that is left is a festering sore. So often I (using myself as the general example) do not appreciate how others see or even understand my words, humor, doubts or life path. And this is also true in reverse, in seeing others. Then finally when these fears and feelings are exposed they are coated with muck and sludge of many unrelated past experiences only amplified in the present, blurring the lines of right and wrong and good and bad.

The awareness I have gained is such a blessing. Humility and vulnerability have opened new doors to my heart. I believe my relationships with my sons most specifically have strengthened in ways beyond explanation. We have a greater understanding of what it means to “follow the guidance and pull of the heart”, to share “truth” in the moment and understand one’s soul journey is greater than societal constraints.  They are free to journey with the new families they choose to embrace with my blessing and love as the mother they chose.

And it is now we await the arrival of sweet Brayden William to shine his light and love as no other….for this is the unique role of each one of Planet Earth.

Florida and Return

The physical journey of driving so many miles also taught me a great deal. My little girl arrived in KC with squeaks, rattles and stiffness. While there she got a rest as I chose to fly to Tampa instead of drive. Mathew and Shannon live near a small beach so the daily walks and wading in the water was wonderful. Shannon and I shopped the farmer’s market on Saturday, I enjoyed cooking for them, talking and sharing, assembling the baby crib and just being for 10 days. Plus the weather was wonderful! I left Mathew and Shannon to enjoy their last two months of togetherness knowing I’ll return (by air next time) to welcome Brayden and visit a friend or two on the East Florida coast.

Returning to KC gave Jerame and me a wonderful opportunity to share a fabulous dinner and talk. Deep inside I knew the retracing was complete, at least for now. It was time to leave, “let him grow in his life journey” and for me to “do what I need to do!”

The trip to Kansas City was 2,000 miles, give or take a mile. During the drive time and endless miles I listened to tapes made of the meditation chants and flutes. Although they were played over and over again I never tired of them. There was also much quiet time along the way, to think and observe. On previous road trips I had plenty of books on tape, not this time, wasn’t important!

Last Tuesday, January 11th I began the next part, the return to California. I would begin by driving north from KC into Nebraska where I hoped to reach Grand Island on the first night. It was about a 6 hour trip following Hwys 475, 29 and 80. This was also retracing as we had lived in Grand Island for three years in the 90s and it had been an extremely challenging experience.

About 4:00pm just 50 miles from GI a strange noise, the temp gauge in the red zone and panic! Pulling over with traffic speeding by, the temperature around 10 deg, I opened the hood to see fluids, water everywhere. Thankfully I had road service with State Farm. The young woman stayed on the line while arranging for a tow. Two farmers stopped to kindly offer assistance. By the time the tow truck arrived it was just about dark. He took me to York, NE, a small town of 8000 + population. The next day I spent waiting for the water pump to be replaced and I finally drove out of there at 4:30pm.

During the day I had the intuition to try couch surfing in Cheyenne, WY (7 hours from York).

A young woman named Tara offer her home and so I arrived there about 11pm, just after she arrived home from work as an airline dispatcher. Tara was gracious and friendly. Her friend Brian came over to visit and we all sat up until nearly 2am chatting. They both have private pilot licenses and it was fun sharing stories of their work and flying adventures. Made me remember when I had taken a flying lesson and studied for a short while to get a license many years ago.

The next morning, Wednesday, I left Cheyenne and made it to Evanston, WY, another seven hour drive across the wide open lands. All the way across Wyoming’s landscape there are oil/natural gas wells and power plants. There is also the occasional small prison facility. The winds that day were amazing. Signs on the highway warned of 40-60 mph winds, light trailers not advised. This is when I was thankful for the extra weight of stuff in the car. Arriving after dark I found a hotel and rested.

Thursday morning was cold, windy and overcast. Evanston is on the west end of Wyoming just a few miles from the Utah line. After about 50 miles I saw a sign “Reno – 550 miles”. Oh my, can I make it!  Salt Lake City was mid way and I didn’t want to stay there…hotel prices are way too high because of ski season. I drove all the way across Utah, passed the Great Salt Lake, entered Nevada and kept driving, only stopping for gas breaks. Nevada is even more desolate with points on the map but no services. Where WY had wells, NV has prisons scattered across it, spaced about 100 miles + between each one. There is big money in prisons. If towns are built around them they have to keep them filled for economic growth, this is a sad testimony to society and optimism in life!

Most of the miles across NV were in silence and I was amazed that tiredness never entered my mind. Looking at the map I chose to bypass Reno and go through Carson City. (In hindsight it was crazy!) I arrived in Carson City just as it was getting dark and the traffic getting heavier. Trying to follow signs that detour was awful. Heading up the Tahoe hill at the summit I thought I was going the wrong way, did a U-turn and went down to ask directions at a gas station. She sent me back up the hill and farther on around the lake to connect with Hwy 50 to Placerville. This proved to be a horrendous white knuckle drive of 170 miles, arriving in Placerville at 10:30pm.  A hotel was tempting until a price of $99 + was quoted. Only another couple of hours to my destination of Sonora…I could make it and I still felt surprisingly good. Another cup of coffee and hit Hwy 49, by day a scenic winding road…at night it was a little more challenging, especially when I missed a turn and ended up 10 miles in the wrong direction.

I finally pulled into the home of Andre and Stephanie at 1:30am on Friday morning. Allowing for time changes I arrived 17 hours (800 miles) after leaving Evanston, WY on Thursday morning. If there was any doubt that I should not have returned to California, this feat disproved that. Still not ready for sleep, Stephanie and I sat up a talked over several glasses of wine until nearly 5am.

Now I am resting, reflecting and realigning for what is next. I feel the need to settle, ground and refine my work as a communicator and awakener….the title of my theater production has taken on new meaning also… “Awakening and Igniting Ecstasy In-Formation”. I’m not sure what it will look like, however, I hope you will join me on that journey.

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Back Soon!

Thank you for joining me again!

As the world turns and changes so do we!

I will return to writing shortly.

In Peace and with Blessings to all.

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