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Greetings to all after all the festivities of Thanksgiving and shopping madness…..such strange creatures we are!

From the title I am sure you are wondering what on earth I am referring to!

Two weeks ago I returned to Sonora to visit with friends Andre and Stephanie and to look after their dogs and home while they had an underwater vacation (diving) off the Channel Islands. For the majority of the time I was well snowed in on their mountain top, 5 days in all.

After spending Thanksgiving dinner with Stephanie’s family we spent three days traveling Hwy 1 from Santa Cruz to Big Sur, Esalen and points in between before returning to Sonora.

My plan was to visit Mt Shasta to spend a week helping my friend, Jessica make a special order of her sacred felts and then I would return to Sebastopol and move along nicely. At least that was until I was standing on a ridge looking out to the calm sea under a beautiful blue sky on the way to Big Sur. Something shifted, I rocked and nearly lost balance….Stephanie and Britten looked at me “what happened?”  And once again without realizing it I shifted between dimensions where other scenes had been playing out, in a way telling me of  past, present and future journeys of memory to be played out for other revelations to come forth….this is going to be significant.

While waiting for the snow to clear and taking the advise I wrote of in the last blog message about consulting numerology charts, I did my progression chart for December and all of 2011 and how interesting it proved to be.  November was a month of endings and completions to make way for complete new beginnings as of December 1, but of course at the time I had no idea what that would look like.

It was three days ago that the next “higher plan” came into full view pretty much in technicolor, however, at the moment I don’t have the right words to explain all clearly, so I’ll leave you hanging for just a short time.

I’m not alone here either. That is “making God laugh” because we think we know best and make plans!  You may be in the same position…plans changing and the canvas is blank again…..what to do next!    WAIT, BE STILL, REMEMBER, LISTEN, MOVE, BREATHE, WAIT and then FEEL the message….Soul is definitely trying to get some important messages across to us!

More to follow shortly……….

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I thought this blog message was going to be quite short yet as I make little notes it seems to be growing….lets see where it takes us!

Another Reminder!

The following little piece is taken from astrologyzone.com. For several months now, astrologers have been reminding us to not to do important holiday shopping in December…..this is why!

Take note: Shop between now and December 8th, excluding November 26-27

“Speaking about this aspect, Mercury in hard angle to Uranus leads me to another point. The holidays are coming, and I had mentioned that it would be wise not to shop in December, due to Mercury in retrograde. You can’t shop on Black Friday or Saturday either – Saturday, November 27 – due to Mercury (commerce, communications and transportation) in hard angle (reversals) to Uranus (unexpected developments).

Shopping to be a disaster on Black Friday, November 26, and Black Saturday, November 27. Keep money, credit cards at home!”

Preparing for 2011

This is the time of year when I start to look at the upcoming year and what it portends! Many of my clients also request Projection Readings for the coming year in order to get an idea of how their Cycle Energy will look.  For instance – 2011 will be a Universal Year Four (4).  In general the positive aspects of FOUR are Balance, Harmony, Foundations, Taking Action, No Short-Cuts. As there is always an opposite, these aspects will include Disharmony and Unbalanced, Procrastination, Stubbornness, Taking Short-Cuts, Not Planning. The Four is also more experiential than academic in nature therefore lots of theorizing will fall on many deaf ears.

Just as there is a Universal Year number, each person has a Personal Year number that influences life unfolding. For instance, this is a Personal Year 7 for me, but it has an unusual twist. Seven (7) years are often called the year of the Hermit for it is a year of self reflection and analysis. It is also associated with learning about more esoteric teachings and studies, questioning status quo’s dictates, digging deep to make changes for the future. Lots of quiet, alone time. The twist for me this year as opposed to other seven years, has been that I am to do the digging, searching, being the hermit very publicly which of course is a contradiction. At the beginning of this year I never expected to be writing and sharing my life and journeys with the world in a blog. I also had no idea that I would write, produce and perform in a theatre production revealing hidden parts of my life to audiences. I had no idea I would travel, meet and live with so many different people either….each experience opening the vulnerability gates.

Let me give you an example of a relationship/partnership: one person is in the Hermit (7) year, as above. The other person is in a Social (3) year. Year Three is much lighter, a more outgoing, creative, open communication  and social year. Usually a person likes to go out, meet friends, express in different ways, has an easier temperament. The energy seems not as dense. Now you put these two people together and over time problems will start….one doesn’t want to go out and the other says “I’m going anyway!”…..rejection, jealousy, anger, break ups!  Yet if they were prepared with the knowledge that each is in a different cycle and in time the roles will be reversed, there is a greater opportunity to avoid misunderstanding, etc. Knowledge and awareness can make a difference!  (Projection Readings – first three months of 2011 – Individual $25 / Couples $40, audio file/Skype also available US/International)

In 2011 I believe we will see the emergence of many new, improved and more ethical systems come to the forefront. These systems, in all areas of commerce, science, health, social services and yes, governments. The people who have created, developed,  understand and support them will “just arrive or appear” as if from the ether’s. Mostly without fanfare or forewarning. This has and is already happening in small unassuming ways.

The old world can no longer create viable avenues….. all you have to do is look at the so called news, local, national, international, to see the past established answers to any problem was/is conflict, war, pandemics, economic disaster for all except the elite. We are so much wiser now and many deceptive veils are now transparent providing interesting views and far fewer hiding places.  http://www.worldlingo.com/ma/enwiki/en/List_of_wars_involving_the_United_States . You haven’t been taught this is school!

I found this information when researching the topic “Addiction to War” for my television program in 2005.

Why will 2011 be any different!

This short observation/explanation was in an email I received last week along with the link below. I don’t know the writer but the information on the 26,000 year cycle is why I have included it.

“Notice that the structure is two elongated oblong circles, together which symbolize the Infinity/Eternity Symbol, this is heightened by the fact that the center of these two structures is the galaxy, and each structure is evenly an approx. 25,000 light years in ”size”…..and 26,000 is the time cycle approximation of Earthly Life Cycles, one of which is ending/beginning now. This is very meaningful as it is a visual of what is taking place now culturally explained by Mayans and other ancient indigenous races both on and off world.”


And once again you ask “Why will 2011 be any different!”  The diagram to the right is my simple explanation of where we are in the history time circle of  Earth Universe. By seeing what has come before us (below the line), ABOVE THE LINE is a limitless and infinite canvas!

The new energy, new paradigm, new times whatever you want to call it will be grounded in the Feminine, the Mother, the Matriarch. And the Mother is about giving and growing life not destroying life.

Gentlemen! This is not about women taking over and leaving you in the cold! It is about the Feminine energies within each of us, male and female learning, growing, grounding, creating and feeling the potentials.

It is about GROWING INTO the potential and that is and has already been happening for the past ten years particularly. Just take a look at your own life, changes, challenges, successes, failures, how you have evolved from then to now…..it is a one step at a time…..and then…..wow, look how far I have come!

Picture the old governments,  military, science and religions trying to hold onto the top  of the blackboard of past designs, their fingers becoming tired and then they begin to slide down making the most horrendous sound possible……that is what is happening!

Another piece of truth that the feminine is here. The Chinese New Year in 2011 (Feb 2) will herald the Year of the Hare. Hare is about purity and fastidious cleanliness, refinement. Associated with the Chinese Moon Goddess, Ch’ang-o – death and rebirth, herbalism and alchemy. The Hare year can be a time of nurturing Peace, Calm, Listening and Rest, Global Diplomacy, Compromise, Gathering, Easy Flow In and Out. Coming out of 2010 and the Year of the Tiger, the Hare will offer some wonderful and more gentle lessons and growth for all, everywhere. http://wemoon.ws/index.html

Year 2012 is a marker year like Year 2000 and we all can remember the hype and speeches of dome and gloom, the end of the world, the world of commerce will collapse if you don’t “do as we say” . Then as the clocks moved from 12:00 midnight to 12:01. 12:02……we were all still here, watching the festivities, drinking champagne, living a normal evening….and so it continued……all the way until today!

Ten year later and so much has happened. We are still here and we are so much wiser, more personally empowered and unlike any time in history of humankind WE are stepping into a potential of incredible potentials!

And speaking of potentials…..

Formulating in my creative mind are visions of doing more video teaching programs…three difference topics….I would love to hear from you, my readers, as to what may be of interest, if any of it….and I will do the most popular one first. These all apply to international readers as well.

1. Four Principles to Emp0owerment – To Release, To Claim, To Give, To Receive  (stories and exercises)

2.The Evolution of Soul and How to Write You Life Script (offering very different perspectives on many topics and reveals family history)

3.Construction Industry (Spiritual) Guide to Why Is My Life Falling Apart (humor, real stories, solutions)

Or let my know “What do YOU want to Learn About?”  My version of the topic that is!

I believe I have rambled enough for now……Be Safe and Be In Joy!


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Armistice Day

The Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month in 1918 was the official ending of the First World War.

It is believed that 20 million people died during that war…..so sad the example has been lost by so many!

And now this same day is recognized as a signature for the New Gateways into the New Paradigm of Consciousness and Living…..let us hope we do not fault again with words and actions hollow…..so that those souls still left in hateful limbo may rejoice as rotting tethers finally break for freedom to fly in liberation……

Manifesting at the Speed of  !

(These two beautiful carvings are part of a garden archway at the home of my friend Jessica. Most of the arch was covered with vines obscuring the rest of the carved woodwork.  I have no idea who the artist is/was!  Obviously, great love was part into the work.)

In my original request to “Spirit” as to the needs I am seeking in my new location one very specific one was “to be in an area where I am surrounded by creative inspiration, all facets in order to enhance my own creative work.  I am still very new and on the outskirts, seeking the like minds and mutual support centers.  In time I hope to be included….not just here but many other places as well. I have heard wonderful musician of so many varying styles, attended dance, joined a fabulous writer’s group, slowly meeting very nice, kind and open people in different segments of the community….but still I am feeling my way….it is safe!…..do I belong in the big picture!…..what can I contribute!….etc.

As with manifesting the perfect place to live after leaving the house in Weed…I requested a natural setting, beautiful, easy access, affordable, safe, clean, supports creative expression and growth, has everything I need to be comfortable and so on. Well most of you know I ended up camping on Mt Shasta, just below 6500 ft for 5 weeks and at Castle Lake for 2 weeks. In both these places I received exactly my requests…..what I left out of the original request was to have “walls and a roof”  thus they were not there!

The same appears to be happening here and so fast…..and many of you also may have noticed…..what was valid one day can be complete or unnecessary the next….such is the speed we are traveling at! This goes for business, dreams, relationships, whatever!

Last week I mentioned to Jerame I was thinking about not writing the blog any longer, it is probably getting boring for people and currently life is not dramatic! “No mum, I like to read it! was his response.

One thing with modern blogs and such is that there are tracking charts showing how many hits one gets and what is most popular.  Well, from the beginning (March) I only sent the blog messages out to those on my email list, which is quite small. The first few months views stayed about the same then they slowly started to increase and this last posting has received 30% plus more views…I am amazed and I have no idea who or where all these people are. It is the same with my website and until recently I never really paid attention to the traffic…..Now I have to do something else to increase business along with all the viewing. I’m open to ideas!

At the end of the last message I stated perhaps it is time to slow down some…well that happened yesterday, today and will continue through tomorrow.  Read on and it will make sense.


For the past three days I have been under the weather as the odd saying goes. Actually yesterday I didn’t even get out of bed I felt so bad and this is unheard of. Even Mathew responded to the news “Mum you never get sick, that’s why Jerame and I are never sick!” True!

My symptoms have been a variety of aches and pain, chills and sweats, stomach cramps, white before the eyes (as if about to pass out), absolutely no energy and the desire to sleep. I did sleep for most of yesterday. No food tastes good in any way although I am really hungry. The thought had crossed my mind it felt like poisoning, and not specifically food.

Why am I sharing all this? Because after talking with a couple of friends today in different locations it seems many are experiencing similar symptoms in varying degrees, attributing it to the flu, which I now know is not completely correct.

In a short conversation with my friend Peter Priore (astrologer/musician) he mentioned this all went along with the intense energy of the New Moon in Scorpio as well as all the other astrological activity we are in now. Major planets going direct or soon to go direct after long lapses, squares and conjunctions in other areas and the general increase in consciousness (individual and mass) makes for a recipe to send the transmitting airwaves into chaos. And as we are electrical beings “viola” overload because we can’t read the new currents!

For many of us who have been following these paths for years “overloads and recalibrations” are a fact of life, uncomfortable as they may be. Will the medical profession have any idea of what I am talking about….maybe….doubt it! Yet as with everything in my life, if I am to understand the experience, it is to become very personal.

Today I will share an experience that happened to me. It may sound familiar to some and not at all to others.

It was in the early summer of 2007 when I was living in New Mexico, just outside of Santa Fe. At the time I was sharing a house with my friend Michael Brill. We originally met doing readings at psychic fair in Crestone, CO in 2002.  Several years later we reconnected in Boca Raton, Florida where his mother lived. After that our journeys took diverse paths until we surprisingly both ended up in New Mexico in 2007.

To get to the chase: One day I was seemingly having a rough time emotionally….tense, angry at nothing in particular, and not so nice to be around. I was sitting at the dining room table when Michael came in with an electric shoulder massager.

“You need to loosen up, let’s try this!” So for the next 10 minutes or so my shoulders and back were treated, and it felt good!

Next morning, my skin felt itchy and dry. This was nothing unusual in New Mexico due to the high desert dry air. By the end of the day it was worse and two small red blotches had formed under my eyes.

The following morning all symptoms were magnified, although I still felt OK! A trip to the Apothecary in Santa Fe for a natural remedy proved illusive. I tried “stuff” and nothing worked.

Over the next few days I was going crazy from the itching and the red blotches looked pretty sad, so I laid low at the house. In all it took about 10 days for my body to clear and go back to normal.

A couple of weeks passed and all was well. Until I made the mistake of receiving another electric shoulder massage. (The penny hadn’t dropped yet!) It was once again only about 10 minutes!

Next morning the two blotches under my eyes were perfect circles the size of dimes with a pink tinge. The itchiness started slowly and increased by the day. By day three the two red marks looked like fresh cigarette burns, my faces was deformed and swollen and on the forth day I resembled an individual with mongoloid features. Not only was the skin itchy, it started to peel off in sheets.

Panic had set in by this time, what on earth was happening!  And because I looked so incredible scary, in the house I stayed. The worst of the looks lasted a week and then my face began to go back to “normal”. The red marks were still there and so was the itchy, scaly skin. It took about three weeks to completely recover.

Michael and I were stumped until I finally looked at the incredible anatomy art of Alex Grey in “Sacred Mirrors”. Studying each picture I finally saw the meridians clearly and in a different way. Many of them either began or ended in the area of my burn marks….what does this mean?

The increased charge following the natural flow of the meridians was too great and over heated.

Not unlike an out of control charge at an electrical substation. Lights, sparks, chaos!

I think it was that night the revelation came though and it made sense to me. The message “you are being recalibrated to be in line with the new increased vibrations. The electric unit magnified this resulting in what could be described as “being burned from the inside out” and that was exactly what it felt and looked like!

For those of you feeling “not up to par” this could be what is happening also but of course always use your OWN GUIDANCE and DISCERNMENT to seek medical attention. Hopefully your experiences are not so dramatic. Over the passed years of the so called “ascension process” recalibration has been a common occurrence. For those familiar with the writings of Karen Bishop, she mentioned this regularly along with possible symptoms to expect, in the hope people would realize that endless trips to the doctor would not necessarily mean relief. Once again discernment is necessary.

For me now relief comes with rest, fluids, gently thoughts, patience and knowing the body is awesome with the ability to heal and balance itself if only given the chance.

I have rambled enough…thanks for joining me!

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There is blue sky again this morning after many days of rain during the past week. During my exploring of the back roads around these valleys I have marveled at the beauty of the early fall season….acre upon acre of rich green vines are now turning through the spectrum of green, red, gold and browns, colors flowing and waving like flags in the wind across the land. So far I haven’t taken any pictures, perhaps I will today!

These photos are of a house I visited high on a mountain (relative to the area) outside of Guerneville. I was checking out a cabin to possible live in…which was not going to work out but the main house was quite unusual!

It hit me several days ago that Starting Over is what is happening in my life once again…starting from scratch in a new location, not knowing anyone or really why I should even attempt such a task, yet the march goes on.

I have done it so many times now you would think it was no big deal, that each time it gets easier, knowing the pit falls would help one avoid them. Not so!

Not so! Am I just a slow learner! Well, if that’s the case, stay put! This could easily be a response from so many I know…but it’s not that simple, at least in this stage of my life. I need to preface the above by saying that for nearly twenty five years I was very stable; my marriages, fifteen years and nine years are proof of commitment to my children, the relationships, the obligations of normal life, careers and all the trimmings.

Turning the corner into Year 2000 and the years up until now have shaken the fabric of life, for everyone, everywhere, not just in this country. The very fact that time has speeded up is proof. Yes, we still have 24 hours in a day yet now with the shifts in frequency/vibration and rotation of Planet Earth that time has been condensed into the equivalent of about 16 hours. To learn more on this scientific fact research Schumann Resonance. This is only one piece within the big universal picture and it is also a reason why you run out of time during the day!

A plus of starting over is that one does not (hopefully) become so stagnant and oblivious to how life moves around. It is easy to ignore and avoid anything, even everything because it’s familiar. We forget to see with fresh eyes, as with new lenses in old frames. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with familiar, with the comfort, depth, friendships, love, joy, support and trials along the way….I miss them but when my time in a place is complete it becomes clear. Work and business opportunities close down, friendships and relationships fall apart, the phone does not ring as it use to and nothing new opens up…the energy slowly ebbs away. This is only true for me; you may have a completely different experience!

My earlier blog entries have shared the journey since leaving Mt Shasta. October the 10th was the first time I set foot in Sebastopol. It was a Sunday and the farmer’s market was in full swing on the plaza in the center of town. Dancers and musician from the Pomo Tribe were presenting their songs and dances and something in the energy “tugged at my heart”. Last Sunday was the third time of finding myself back here and as three times are a charm…I’m still here and learning what the area has to offer and gift to me in the way of people, learning, experiences and with a bit of luck maybe even romance! One is never too old to dream!

I had forgotten about these photos of a very mystical glade found while walking one morning. It was at the end of a street surrounded by woods, orchards and vineyards. Outside the perimeter all was wild and over grown.Inside this large circular  space all was manicured yet untouched for what appeared to be many, many years. The cabin was tiny, you see the kitchen sink, what appeared to be a worktable for perhaps packing fruit/apples and two guard/entry posts mattered with Spanish moss and pots on top. There was such a strong sense of spirit presence, an eerier feeling reminiscent of a southern plantation. The photos even emit a smokey look, quite different from the pictures taken in another garden before and after visiting here.  The old truck just waits in silence!






A hermit at heart, it is so easy for me to hide away from the world but in the 5-D world we are evolving to, community connecting is what is called for and so the hermit can only be satisfied with short terms of hiding. The rest of the time it is to find, join and evolve community in new and sometimes uncharted ways. Yet, at this writing I do not have a clear, explainable view of what  the 5-D world will or should look like….that’s is part of the current mystery!

Once again the companionship of animals and the grounded energy of working in gardens from time to time helps clear my head to explore the creative community established here. This has translated into finding and participating with a small group of really good writers on Tuesday morning and joining Satsung that night,  kundalini yoga on Thursday.  Wednesday night was another first….stand up comedy! A small, friendly group of locals gathered to hear improve comedy…there were three men who “did their thing”, all quite different, funny and courageous. After breaking the ice with a light introduction and lightly touching on the forbidden topics of money, power, sex and death….I told a story of the “comedy of circumstances surrounding my mother and my step-father’s ashes….it’s one of those times “you just had to be there!” Will I do it again…not sure!

I did a radio interview on last Monday, Tuesday was offered an office space to do private sessions, with space to teach and share the power of sound of the singing crystal bowls and conduct sacred fire and song medicine circles in “honor” of those who have passed to the other worlds. Last Friday night was music at a local venue with Bob and a friend of his, and Saturday morning there was a contact improv dance gathering in Santa Rosa (10 miles away) and art and dinner with new friends in the evening, a free art class today, Monday morning and in the afternoon a little instruction on playing my native flute from a woman I met recently met.

And to push the hermit out just a little further, on November 13th I am participating in a Wellness Fair…mini sessions of intuitive readings, soul songs, playing crystal bowls and energy alignments.

I’m exhausted just re-reading what I have written! Perhaps I need to get off the merry-go-round…..oh no that would mean I would have to listen quietly to myself….be present….surrender to the unknown that all the activity has covered up….or just hit the save button, close the lid of the laptop and go have dinner…..clarity will again come in sleep!

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