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Article first published as Performing “Awakening & Igniting Ecstasy In-Formation.” on Blogcritics.

Granted it has been what seems like a few weeks since writing for you yet here I am again with musings about the second performance of “Awakening and Igniting Ecstasy In-Formation…A New Twist of Money, Power, Sex and Death”,

I returned to Mt Shasta on September 8th to connect with a friend I had last seen in NC two years earlier. James and I created and produced a CD for meditation and balancing of male and female energies playing 12 + singing singing bowls.  We came together in a small private recording studio in Cashiers, NC knowing something special was going to happen….there was very little planning for it, at least on my part at the behest of the “higher ups”. By the time the last track was recorded, the energy presence from so many higher beings was palpable….George, the owner and technician was completely taken out into another state while doing his work and reemerged to present time just as the last notes were being played. He was in awe of his experience!

I had seen James’s name on an email and was shocked to see he was in the Shasta area. At the time I was heading that direction to house sit for a couple of weeks so timing was amazing as usual. Therese, my fellow Medicine Woman Sister and Friend, whom I had also met in NC came through town and what a great reunion we had!

In preparation for the latest performance I refined and tweaked the format and “so called script” a little, enhanced the power point backdrops and engaged musicians, dancer and artist for the evening.  

Doug was my first musician and just when I thought no others would turn up, my friend Jessica mentions her friend Brandy…and all was well again. I found out later they all already knew each other!

Doug Wendt, a classical guitarist who plays the classical composers, such and Bach and Mozart along with lighter classical, jazz and Spanish style pieces.

Brandy “Soulma” Saint Phalle and Rick Kincade came as a duo sharing vocals, guitar and Rick on harmonica, playing what they call Revolutionary music to open hearts and minds with love and respect.

Jennifer Jerabak, a Dancing Freedom facilitator shared a spot of improv dance with me before engaging the audience to dance…nearly everyone present got up! Unfortunately the lighting didn’t allow for a picture of Jennifer’s beautiful face and presence…New photo of Jennifer taken by Nickki Lee Hill.

Ray Dawn (Liz) once again helped me set up, monitored the video and was the improve artist again. Here are examples of her art interpretation of the story “A Trip for Chocolate”….notice the difference between the first and second performance energy.

Therese came back especially to support me for this performance and I so very much appreciate her and the wisdom she shared. She offered to take photos and so she click and clicked away the evening. And there are some very interesting shots! As the evening went on and the vibration within the place increased my little camera, that normally has no problems, captured images and actions in such odd ways. At first I thought it was the focus yet now believe it was far more than that!

Once again the audience seemed to really enjoy the evening, the stories and performers. In many ways it has become a conscious expanding experience of bridging the worlds.

At the end of the evening some audience members gave me names and ideas of other locations to present this style of message, “you need to get this out to more people, it was wonderful!” I am open to anywhere and everywhere to do this, from California and beyond!

I had also offered the evening as a fund raising event for the local Meals on Wheels program and am pleased to be able to take a donation of $60 along with a donated box of vegetables directly to the Mt Shasta office.

In the next week or so I hope to be able to edit and publish video segments to tantalize just a little…of course they cannot capture the true energy present in the moment….you have to do that in person!

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Article first published as Practicing Thankfulness. on Blogcritics.

This posting is a little different from the usual ones I have been writing. So much we take for granted in the busy everyday flow of life that we miss being in gratitude and appreciation of what is right in front of us or actually what surrounds and moves us daily. I was on the journey back to Mt Shasta after being on the road for three weeks. Driving the back roads and lesser highways going north from San Rafael a feeling of deep gratitude came over me for “my little girl”, my constant highway companion. I just glanced down and my eyes caught sight of her odometer reading as the numbers lined up, it read 234,000 miles and the trip meter I had reset to 000 on filling up in San Rafael read 125 miles at less than the first quarter tank marker. To most of you this may be a lot of nonsense and meaningless numbers. Wrong! In these days of high and illogical gas prices, cars that guzzle gas and sales pitches of “car such and such gets 30+ miles to a gallon…I was thrilled! Based on the trip meter and knowing how she runs, 430 miles from her 11 gallon tank was within reach… I know her so well and she knows me. She is a 1998 Nissan Sentra GXE…a remarkable vehicle. Although now she looks rough around the edges with a dent in her rear, a broken mirror (hopefully soon to be replaced) and a front bumper that is hanging on by a bra…since September 1998 we have been traveling everywhere together…everyone of those 234,000 miles…up and down, back and forth, distances extending from the Florida Keys to California and Oregon Coasts and so much in between. Before beginning our latest trip three weeks earlier a friend gave her a turn up, oil change, changed all the filters, spark plugs and distributor and some TLC. Over the years her brakes, clutch, struts, tires and belts have been replaced and with each new part she breathes a sigh of thanks. Back in 2002 I replaced all the tires before driving from Denver to Boca Raton, Florida. Along the way the clutch started showing signs of problems. I couldn’t get her fixed for reasons of time and $$. I talked to her, asked her to get us there safely and I will take care of her as soon as possible…said a prayer for both of us and kept driving. The following week I was finally able to take her in to Firestone for service….after checking the clutch the mechanic wanted to speak to me. “How long have you been driving like this, with this problem!”  So I told him….”you drove from where, Denver…I don’t know how the clutch stayed together….that’s amazing!” Over the years there have been several instances like that and I am always in awe and gratitude. Not only for her but also to the production lines she passed through from her beginning to when I received her….everyone did a great job of putting all the pieces together with the right working integrity….completely missing the “lemon syndrome.” Granted there are millions of vehicles that fall into this category, yet if you are one who “gets a lemon” my words will only add salt to that wound! Are you in gratitude of your car, computer and all the necessary equipment that makes each day run as it should? “They’re just machines, cars, objects what difference will it make!” Possibly a huge difference! All life works on, by and through energy fields. When flowing freely and smoothly, everything works well yet when blocks, breaks, interruptions, shortages and the like are present, trouble is a brewing! Take a few moments out of your day, be in gratitude of “your little girl or guy”, smile at this simple gesture and watch the life unfold!

“Awakening and Igniting Ecstasy In-Formation…New Twists on Money Power, Sex and Death”

This is the flyer notice for my next Life Theatre Production on Saturday September 25th in Mt Shasta, CA. The premier performance received very positive feedback so of course I hope for the same after this time. Some of the loose script has been tweaked to flow a little differently. I have receive new revelations as to the higher meanings behind some examples…these I will share. In order to share performance exposure I have found one classical guitarist  and am seeking additional musicians for the musical interludes in the program. Peter and Isys and my son Jerame were wonderful last time, yet I like to change each performance in several ways….keeps the intrigue! Up and coming unknowns are welcome to contact me! If you are in the Mt Shasta area on Saturday night, come and join us!

Coming Full Circle

Have you noticed in the past few weeks how many things in life seem to be coming full circle. Returning to people, places, relationships and businesses that perhaps began a time back, as much as several years or more, and now their history, purpose, ideas and health are having to be addressed and reviewed with possible beginnings or endings, and now are seen from wiser and more refined perspectives.

This is so true of my life and many around me. For instance, a business that started about five years ago with the vision of creating a positive community image as a gathering place.  The vision got lost in bad management, loss of purpose and turned into a hang out of drugs, alcohol and lost souls. It has been closed for two years. In the past month it has begun to opened up as a place of healing and hopes to  foster a positive community image and be welcoming to all. Some of us are returning to places with a new and renewed sense of presence and purpose….something that got lost in the dynamics of personalities when first arriving. Many others are reviewing the status of important relationships, does one have to end to make way for something/someone more inline with their current path of growth….can adjustments be made, pains released, views changed in order for the needs and desires of heart and soul  be honor ahead of the logical mundane world.

I have seen and learned so often that when I ignore, deny or even abuse my deep inner connection and knowing, the magic disappears, I loose creativity and life becomes heavy and sometimes unbearable.

A friend once shared this saying with me and I hope she does not mind me sharing it with you…it is powerful!

“Anyone or anything that does not make you come alive….IS TOO SMALL FOR YOU!”  (where you are now!)

When I get lost in the muck and mire of life I try to remember this! As we come up on the equinox on September 21 review the past year in six month sections…..what has happened…what was good, was not, got done, did not, what you want to leave behind and where you want to go…..

“and then look into the sacred chamber behind the heart where the memory of God’s Divine Love resides’… (from Igniting Life)

’till we meet again!

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Article first published as The Magic of Yosemite on Blogcritics.

Photos of Yosemite just do not do any form of justice to the true magnificence of this natural wonder. Within the park on the valley floor is a small stone building, reminiscent of something one might find in the French countryside. This is the birth place of the Sierra Club…obviously an apt place for such an endeavor.

In my recent ramblings I have told you of the marvels, mystery and beauty of Mt Shasta, Castle Lake and Castle Crags;  of sacred Medicine Lake, the obsidian of Glass Mountain, volcanic Lassen State Park, picturesque  winding drives and valley views…..and now I add the power, and I mean power of Yosemite’s granite peaks and mountains, highlighted by Half Dome and El Capitan.

From the park entrance to the main valley floor and visitors center it is about 25 miles of scenic, winding roads, around each bend a different view and feeling. There are the stark reminders of a vicious forest fire that engulfed many, many acres several years earlier. Once healthy cedar and pine forests reduced to charred toothpicks, barren landscapes and one can’t help but feel a sadness of life lost…natural, animal and human alike.

The first open view of the massive granite walls rising from the Merced Valley floor is breathtaking…not so much in the beauty but because of the sheer size.  As the drive continues more is seen and the continual clicking of the camera is only going to provide a very poor memory of the reality of the view.

During my visit to the park a young man asked me about my first impression of Yosemite….he said that he had been coming here with his family since he was 5 years old and now it was all so familiar that original wonder and amazement was long forgotten. He could see in my eyes the magic of Yosemite shining forth. The only word that really had any meaning was “awe inspiring”….that was the same feeling I had when first seeing Mt Shasta., but Yosemite’s size and breadth just keeps expanding the “awe”.

The place of most intrigue for me was El Capitan…..a 7,000 + foot virtually sheer-faced granite mountain that is associated with the Ascended Master, El Morya.  Along this vein, Mt Shasta is associated with St Germaine and as crazy as it may sound to some of you….both these Ascended Masters and guides have been so very instrumental in my journeys and revelations over the past months……hindsight is such a great revealer when one is ready!

Getting our of the car and looking up, up and up….there is an energy force that is around and pushing out from the granite….it seems to push you back yet hold you in place all at the same time.

I have been told El Capitan is as deep in the ground as it is above the ground….the mind boggles at this concept!

After touring around and weaving through the slow moving traffic, Andre, Stephanie, Marcus and I made our way to El Capitan for a closer look. Parking the car and taking the quarter of a mile trail leading us to a smaller trail up through the trees and a  rock forest near to front of the mountain. Marcus was walking in bare feet and as we climbed further into the magical glade I discarded my shoes as well and climbed bare-footed over the rocks, tree roots, dirt paths until meeting the sheer face of the wall……the power was palpable!

Marcus and I continued to seek out little paths. He began climbing up the rocks with great focus only to suddenly discover he was higher than expected and then went into a point of panic. He sat down, observed the scene, panicked about coming down and realized he was in the midst of overcoming a fear of heights.  He climbed up and down the ledge two more times just to make sure the experience was real…it was!

I had been guided to climb up to a small ledge where the rock had formed several sheer, flat plates slightly off vertical with gaps in between them…..sitting there I closed my eyes and tuned into the space. The sun was hot. I was standing on a shaded ledge, my back leaning against the rocks and opening…heat started to rise in my body…behind my closed eyes a light started growing brighter and brighter…the heat was growing as the light was growing…I am glued in place, my head is spinning as the light and heat intensifies.

I remembered this feeling. It was a similar heat and light experience to the “near-death experience” I had in North Carolina two years earlier…..a completely spiritual experience witness by a doctor, a heart specialist…and there was nothing he could do but observe what medicine cannot explain….another story for another time!

Still standing and leaning against the gap in the rocks…heat and light growing, I open my eyes and look around the circle of rock peaks in front of me…..there is a gossamer veil over everything, it is shimmering with rainbow colors…I keep blinking to see if it is real, it is still there, still shimmering. The heat and light even out yet it is still high…..I start to feel anxious about fainting and falling so I slowly slide down to sit for a while…..apart from my position nothing had changed.

I’m imaging all of this! Prove it! Stand up again!

Slowly I stand again and the sensations return and it feels as though I have assimilated the vibrations within me now. From behind me out of the rocks a force of light pushes through me, out through my heart, thymus and throat….beams of shimmering light expanding out, way out into the distance and space, pulsing and flowing, my palms and feet feel the same, energy moving out into space…pure life force…I am connected to everything, all life is one!

As a Sound and Vibration Practitioner I realized what had been happening. Under the guidance of Divine Power, for this is all I could call it, I have been gifted with new knowledge and awareness, my own physical vibration had been increase significantly and as time goes on more will be revealed.

All four of us felt the power in different ways. Stephanie looked at me “you are glowing, radiating light everywhere!”  I was not surprised!

Before leaving, we munched on watermelon and a swim in the creek was so necessary….water was about 45-50 deg…chilly, great and helped bring us all back to earth before heading home to Sonora.

Several days later I paid another visit to Yosemite and camped for two nights up at White Wolf Camp…a lovely place off the Tiago Road at the 8,000ft mark. The two nights I was there temperatures dropped to 30s at night, even a snow flurry made a short appearance. The days were lovely and sunny so I explored and walked for miles, marveling once again at the magic everywhere.

The photos I share with you are just to tantalize in appreciation of this natural wonder.

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After such an odd, creative and busy time over the past two months (camping on Mt Shasta and Castle Lake, writing and the premier of my theatre piece, traveling, planning and presenting retreat) the past week or so has seemed not as productive even though I have seem a great deal and spent time and sharing with some wonderful friends.  Some of this has to do with Mercury being retrograde once again this year…..and will be that way until September 12…..so stay aware…..no big decisions, changes, sign contracts, etc until it goes direct again after September 12.

To continue on with the journal of my journeys here is a short piece on the wonderful and powerful retreat weekend.  If the full retreat experience is not possible, the closing Honoring of Spirit Names with Fire and Song Ceremony is powerful on its own and can be done anywhere……

One Wednesday night after drumming under the stars along with Stephanie, Nicole and Kathy we sat in the hot tub to appreciate the lovely evening and dark starry sky. While watching planes lining up to land in Oakland or San Francisco, the occasional darting star some strange lights appeared over a distant ridge…a ridge of only forest…no houses!   Four very bright lights in a tight row. The two outer lights appeared static while the two inner ones seemed to be blinking, yellowish in color….they just appeared, stayed a good few minutes and then disappeared and darkness over the ridge returned. A little later another light appeared in the same place, white then changing to red but this was just a single one…stayed a short time and was gone. That night there were other very odd and fast “happenings” and it was also a day of very odd and heavy energy….everyone we spoke to had the same experience….feeling extremely heavy, no energy to do anything, just wanted to sleep and did so…..everyone else have the same feelings…..what was going on……any ideas!!!

The Retreat Weekend

As mentioned in the previous posting, my reason for coming to Sonora was to facilitate a two day retreat for 20 people. Friday morning and early afternoon was spent getting ready for the evening gathering and introduction to the retreat experience. Those attending were coming from the Bay area as well as the local surrounding communities. And there was certainly an interesting mix of family lineages – Portuguese, Russian and Brazilian with parents who lived in Shanghai during the 40s and 50s; English, Irish, Scottish influences, Jewish, Iranian and Native American bloodlines were all represented making for many very interesting weavings of past and present perspectives, energies and history in the realm of Spirit (those who have died). In all seven men participated in the group which was wonderful. In the beginning not all were open or even comfortable being there, yet they did move in and out of the varying circles, gathering what they felt comfortable with and left the rest to just percolate around them.  I acknowledged and honored them for holding the grounding male energy by just being present…All was perfect!

The opening circle began just before sunset out on the lawn overlooking the valley with views towards the mountains of Yosemite. After moving around the circle for personal introductions, I gave a short introduction of myself, what I do and my experiences and shared a loose format for the next two days. And then introduced the group to the singing crystal bowls….playing them as the sun was going down, looking over the valley below, feeling the wisps of breezes carry the sounds out and beyond. I also played the bowls individually for each person to be able to feel the power and beauty of these crystal angels. This was a perfect place to stop, enjoy dinner and the rest of the evening.

Saturday morning at 8:30 about ten of the group began the day with an introduction to yoga and breathing exercises. Some had a little knowledge of yoga and for others this was a brand new experience….all embraced the opportunity and walked away feeling energized and ready for the day.

The topics I chose to open each circle with were Money, Power, Sex and Death. These are the topics I introduce in the Life Theatre production “Awakening and Igniting Ecstasy In-Formation….A New Twist on Money, Power, Sex and Death”. The Four Big are so intertwined that it is difficult and not even appropriate to single them out from each other so I weave stories, exercises, visuals and more back and forth.  Using new perspectives on sensitive subjects helps open views to self empowerment and to break down old belief patterns. In the morning I would introduce Money and Power and in the afternoon Sex and Death.

To give you an idea of the new twist introduced on these topics:

Money – Material Obligations Neutralize Evolving Yourself

Power –   Potential of Wonder Energizing Regalness

For Sex and Death you will have to come to a retreat or see the Life Theatre production….

After lunch the circle resumed sitting under a tree while hummingbirds and dragonflies  flew above and around us,  adding to all I shared in the lessons of feeling, seeing and sensing energy fields, auras, health and the physical body, more related stories and discussion. During this time pieces of paper and pens were handed around the circle with a request to write the name/s of anyone who had died, passed on, transitioned and to then place the papers in a small basket in the center of the circle. The names could be of loved one, family heritages, friends, acquaintances or even foes…anyone they would like to honor in our closing ceremony.

A break for refreshments and a swim followed.

Up until this point most of the information shared was somewhat intense, deep and new to many. About an hour before sunset I offer to “lighten things up and have fun” by doing innocent card readings for anyone interested…..everyone turned up!

After answering many questions about varying crystals, their purposes and properties and sharing a selection of my own crystals, the readings began….lots of laughter, more than a few surprise revelations, curiosities, questions on how “it” works and new openness to a sometimes “forbidden” topic. The last few readings were done well after sunset with the illumination of a flashlight….all adding to the atmosphere.

By this time dinner was ready and it was time to relax for the evening.

Being Sunday it was a slow start for some and for others, yoga and breathing exercises started the day.

The last circle gathering was to share and reflect on the retreat, the information presented, gained, ideas, changes and appreciations and closing with Honoring of Spirit Names with Fire and Song.

An opening prayer, sounding the chimes and passing the basket of names around the circle for each person present to take a name/s to be read out loud.

As each name was read the slip of paper was placed in the abalone shell, I lit the paper and sang the song that soul spirit wished to share….everyone was different, sometimes a poem was revealed, a statement shared….all personal with deep emotion especially for those who knew the person. In all, the basket went around the circle three times with about 80 + names read and honored. To not mention there were many tears, profound emotional releasing and even times of laughter would be remiss of me. There were all these and more, all experienced in safety within the arms of Divine Love and Light in and around each person and the circle.

To end the ceremony I asked Andre if he would take the shell of ashes and allow them to be taken by the winds….this creating a beautiful ending to the powerful Honoring Ceremony.

It took about twenty minutes for people to move through the energy of the circle to that of socializing, laughter, swimming and a late lunch….and when this was done the lightness and change within all present was amazing and noticeable, confirming so much had  really been released and healed in a beautiful way.

All during the weekend at times when not in circle I talked and worked one-on-one with most of the group. Some just needed a word or two of reassurance; others more clarity, while a couple needed a stronger

and more deliberate push or a “loving 2×2 across the head” as a reminder to get out of their own way!

For me, doing so much teaching along with energy and sound work and Spirit Ceremony is always energizing, powerful and humbling at the same time. These moments can change people’s lives and in turn charge our world.

If you are interested in the retreats experience or know of other who may be, please contact me to make plans “to change the world!”  Not just in California, plan one in your area!

The next posting will be on my journey to Yosemite.  Stay turned!

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