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Sonora, CA     August 25th

10 days have passed since my last message, so much has happened and all good of course!

The retreat that I facilitated last weekend was amazing in so many ways but I am getting ahead of myself and the journey thus far, so I need to step back….

Leaving Mt Shasta on August 15th after our early morning sadhana in City Park and the ritual coffee stop at Seven Suns, I took Hwy 89 south through McCloud for Medicine Lake. Turning left off Hwy 89 about 16 miles south of McCloud and then 36 miles in on pretty lonely roads before getting to the lake. As there was hardly any traffic on the road, I was really surprised to find plenty of RVs, Campervans and campers occupying the three campgrounds around the lake. Thankfully most left by mid Monday morning so the whole place became peaceful for the next two days.

The purpose for my visit there was not clear I just felt I had to be there. Medicine Lake is not very large, lovely clear, refreshing water. Besides swimming, fishing and quiet boating seemed to be the most popular activities. What I didn’t know was that Medicine Lake was “a sacred lake and center point” for four of the regions Native American tribes, the Modoc, Wintu, Klamath and unfortunately I don’t remember the last tribes name. Finding this out helped me understand perhaps one of the reasons I was there.

Ten miles from the lake is Glass Mountain…an amazing mountain of obsidian created by a volcanic eruption thousands, if not millions of years ago. It is said that the mountain is 7,000+ feet high and the lava flows are massive. Seeing it from the air is the only way one could really appreciate the size and scope of the flows and mountain.

Walking the well trodden trails of the flow was amazing. Glistening in the hot sun was beautiful obsidian…from tiny broken off pieces to huge chunks and boulders of it. Obsidian is black glass, when broken or shaped it has incredibly sharp edges making it the perfect tool or weapon. Obsidian has been used as such by Native American tribes as well as the Maya and South American peoples for thousands of years.  It was also amazing to see, scattered amongst these huge rocks bursts of energy and life coming forth as healthy pine trees…little miracles!

August 16th and 17th marked the 23rd anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence (August 17th 1987), a time marked in the Mayan Calendar as the last 25 years of the old world before moving into the new world paradigm – the completion of not only the 5200 year Mayan calendar but also the completion of the 26,000 + years cycle of darkness (lower half of the circle) before moving into the next 26,000 + years of light (upper half of the circle).  Think of it as though a ship were approaching the International Dateline at the Equator. There is no real line just coordinates and crossing the line does not feel different but it changes the time, date and harmonics between the northern and southern hemispheres, subtle changes with profound effects. This is how I like to look at time/space/harmonic frequencies leading up to the now infamous date of December 21, 2012!

The night of the 16th I did ceremony by Medicine Lake. Setting out my Medicine Bundle, crystal bowls, crystals, burning sage and sweetgrass by the fire, with prayers and song I honored the ancient ones, the land and nature, life and love surrounding me. A young couple were drawn in by the Singing Bowls and so we talked, shared and I played and prayer with and for them.

The next morning my first thoughts were to not make a fire or bother too much with coffee but that changed with the little intuitive message….make tea!….after a few nudges I started the fire. It was then I noticed the man in the next camp site, sitting looking out to the lake….ask him to join you!….no!…..ask him to join you!…..so I did!

As we talked and shared fruit, bread and tea I find out he is a photographer, lives near Shasta and is a good friend of a friend of mine….proving it is a small world even in what looks like a very remote forest area! Laughingly I thought about this coincidence…..does it mean “anyone can find you, you can’t hide or we’re watching! Oh well, who cares!

It was time to pack up. After all the dust and dirt on the mountain and the dusty sand at the lake I was ready to get somewhere clean. The drive south on Hwy 89 was beautiful and became even more so when I entered Lassen Volcanic National Park. What beautiful and varied landscapes, and the two lane winding roads going down into valleys and up to 8,000+feet mountain tops with incredible views. I didn’t stop to take photos as Jerame and Kate had passed that way ten days earlier and I thought I would use their photos. Definitely worth spending more time than I allowed that day!

My final stop that day was Sierra Hot Spring in Sierraville, off 89. I was to find out this small, quiet, low key sanctuary is a sister location to Harbin Springs. Once again camping for a night after soaking in the hot bath, plunging in the cold water, another dose of heat in the sauna followed by a cold plunge I was clean and ready for bed and a peaceful night’s sleep.

By Wednesday, August 18th at Auburn off Hwy 80 I had traveled 497 miles since leaving Mt Shasta and today I was to continue on Hwy 49 from 80 to Sonora. Another amazing back roads drive. The drive down the canyon is great for the driver, OK to acceptable for a front seat passenger and could prove to be “a trip to hell” for any back seat passengers that are susceptible to motion sickness…like my sister and my son Mathew. The whole of hwy 49 is not this dramatic but it is scenic and rather winding. This is gold and cowboy country, the original gold fields and the towns along the way offer a reflection of these days…some charming and others sort of lost to time.  From Hwy 80 to Sonora takes about 2 ½ hours.

Following the directions given I arrived at the home of my hosts, Andre and Stephanie in the early evening before the sun had set….what an incredible location and an even more incredible driveway….twice on the quarter mile drive up I said “oh sh….!”  It is that steep but so worth it…..and as of this writing I haven’t ventured down in my little car that comes tomorrow!

I will leave you here for now as a whole other adventure begins with the time and people here…..

More in a day or so!

Just a reminder, Mercury is retrograde again until September 12th so steer clear of buying, signing, agreeing to anything MAJOR in your life…..communications and technology have way of being very unclear and broken during these times.

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Just a short message to stay informed….just spent 4 days totally “disconnect” from phones, etc at Medicine Lake – 50 miles + from Mt Shasta. Now I am at Sierra Springs and head to Sonora near Yosemite to facilitate a retreat this weekend.

My amazing journey continues and more stories will come forth when time allows writing and connections….

Take time each day to “make life simple”….allow masks to dissolve to find yourself more….magic happens here!

Until later…Blessings!

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Well, I’m back to getting up at 3:30am and heading down the mountain to participate in the 11 day, 4:00am morning Sadhana in Mt Shasta City Park. Along with Nickki, Jessica and Bill we are all wrapped up in blankets against the dark and chilly morning air. It is a great setting!  Beginning with a short set of kundalini yoga before what is called Sadhana of the Aquarian Age – 62 minutes of varying chants and prayers.

Encountering a Medicine Path!

The morning of Saturday, July 24th started like most mornings since I had been camping up at Castle Lake.  Sharing morning coffee made over an open fire with friends. On this particular day it was shared with John, Michael and Satya. An innocent question of “what are you doing today” opened into an amazing journey over the weekend.

This journey was one I had never been on, never really considered as “I don’t do that stuff!” It was a journey using a sacred herb from the Amazon called Ayahuasca. It is made from specific vines and leaves that are carefully and prayerfully brewed for many days, turning it into a dark, rich and potent tea. I had heard of Ayahuasca over the years but was never drawn in that direction, even though I have had training of a Medicine Woman.

Of course I am in a different place right now…..I have been camping between Mt Shasta and Castle Lake for the past six weeks, living, learning and feeling the closeness of Mother Earth, an amazing experience in itself!

Now I was going to be tested internally, consciously and mindfully, I just didn’t know how profoundly! Ayahuasca has been used by shaman and medicine people in the Amazon and other part of the world for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It is NOT a street drug; it is a sacred medicinal herb, respected for its potency and mystery. It is known to help access other worlds, portals and knowledge beyond everyday life. I have since learned that herbs such as this have given a “bad wrap” when used disrespectfully and as a recreational drug, not understood its true power.

My experience was sacred, clean, pure and done with knowledge and awareness. After two hours of instructions and conversation we took the tea around 8:30pm on Saturday night. The whole experience concluded around 2:00pm on Sunday.

(Please note: this is not a journey one takes on a whim or just because someone else has done it….you have to be prepared and know the possible reactions. The most common reaction is to detox via vomiting….definitely not so nice but very effective.)

What I learned is that because I had done so much internal, emotional and mental clearing work on myself, my experience was all directed in and by the higher and psychic realms. I was stretched to hold my personal power and strength as my fears and psychic voices from other fields and dimensions tried to take hold and stop me. For a long time I felt completely paralyzed, able to hear everything happening to others all around me, being extremely conscious of a sense of having my soul and mind pulled away. My mind kicked into gear and a great power came through as I pushed ahead and finally held my position and personal power (in a deep and motionless meditation state) and said “No! I am stronger than all of this….I am my own person and cannot be controlled by these forces! Suddenly I was able to move, sit up and strongly ground my energy field. This was so empowering! A little while later I tried to stand up and that was so difficult…felt like a baby taking her first steps…I was definitely not present in the body for numerous hours!

This whole experience has shown me how far I have come on the journey, how strong I am now and how I am able to stand up to the “dark voices and influences that try to push one off the path and the light away.”

This is but a thumbnail sketch of an amazing experience that is beyond words and mental description…but it gives you the idea!

Life Theatre Premiered in Mt Shasta

My time living very simply in nature for the past six weeks has opened the creative flow and drive to create stories and theatre pieces to awaken consciousness. Last Saturday marked the World Premier of such a piece and it went so well.

Titled “Awakening and Igniting Ecstasy In-Formation…A New Twist on Money, Power, Sex and Death.” In essence it is a 2 hour One Woman Show plus Others (local musicians, Isis and Peter and my son, Jerame, and dancing with Jennifer) offering stories, poetry, dancing, pictures and examples of the topics that indicate new and positive perspectives of looking at life and to make people think!

For example: using acronyms, the new meaning of Money becomes Material Obligations Neutralize Evolving Yourself – which is exactly what happens when the need, drive, possession or fear of money over takes ones life.

Sex becomes Senses Engaging Xstasy (Ecstasy or Love)

To learn what Power and Death mean….come and see a show or bring the show to your town!

Jerame and Kate Visiting

To have my son Jerame and his girlfriend Kate visit was so wonderful. The only way it could have been better would have been if Mathew and Shannon were with us…hopefully next time they will be!

We did so much…from camping on the mountain; meals, stories and laughter around the camp fire with friends, a challenging hike to South Gate Meadow, swimming in Castle Lake, singing in a sacred glade of rocks, Jerame playing “Ophelia” (the song he wrote for me) during the performance, sharing good food, wine, music, laughter and birthdays with friends….great memories, photos and love all around! I’m so looking forward to see all the pictures they took and share some with you!

Their visit was far too short…but more will come!

Playing in the snow – Jerame and Kate with Nickki, Atarah and Keinan on the way to South Gate Meadow.

Mountain Time Coming to an End!

Next week I will begin travelling again, at least for a short while. I am heading south to Yosemite region to lead a weekend retreat workshop and do private sessions with some wonderful new friends. Sharing my knowledge and work is always wonderful and having the chance to see new vistas at the same time is exciting….

First stops will be at Glass Mountain, Medicine Lake and Lassen National Forest and Park before heading to Yosemite region.

More will follow as the journey and fun unfolds………

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New Blog Coming!

Dear Friends,
The last two weeks have been quite amazing with very unexpected journeys that I am still processing.

The main one was “an Ayahuasca journey” – this was not a “druggy” experience but a very powerful sacred herb journey. Pure, clean, protected, guided, powerful and revealing….I will write about it shortly.

Preparing for the premier of Life Theatre next Saturday in Mt Shasta…if you are in the area please join us that night!

Will write more shortly!

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