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I have recorded an audio version of this posting but as yet I have not figured out how to get it into the posting. I will include it on my website instead.

Again today Mt Shasta is shrouded in dirty formless clouds of very questionable origin. I believe this pattern is very unusual and as I write, again the snow is falling! It has been days since seeing blue sparkling skies and actually being able to see the mountain.

What is being shrouded from public view? In the past week so many people I know having being experiencing intense and odd emotional and electrical impulses and feelings, which in turn is bringing up a lot of questioning as to who, what, when and why things are happening possibly “unnaturally”.

In my meditations and through intuitive reading of impulses and patterns, I get some information but it is not in a clear format as yet so I have no answers only perceptions. I put this out into the ether with the hope that others may be holding other parts of the puzzle and this is a way of bring revelations to the surface.

In the meantime my meditations, chants and prayers are focused on “DISSOLVING, NEUTRALIZING AND PURIFYING any and all toxic, unnatural particles and elements and invasive forces within, below, above and around the mountain, community, people and beyond.

So Be It Now! Sat Nam

Yesterday celebrated the peak of  Full Moon in Scorpio.

My morning started at 3:45am as I was awoken from sleep with the push to get up and meditate at 5am. The previous Saturday morning had been the last day of the 11 day Sadhana or morning call I had participated in here in Mt Shasta. Since December 21st, a small group of friends have willingly and faithfully joined in the wee hours to chant and meditate. So far we have come together for a 21 Day and six 11 Day Chant/Meditations. We are never alone as millions of people around this country and the world also rise early and join in prayer, praise and blessings of Sadhana, for ourselves, our families, communities, countries, the World and Universal consciousness.

What made today different was that I would be doing it alone in my room without the support and energy of my regular group. I did miss the wonderful energy transmitted around and within the small group dynamic yet it still was a special time.

Then at 6:30 I drove into town for a visit to 7 Suns coffee shop and my favorite Americano. And would you believe, it was snowing again and still is! The third or fourth time we have had snow in a week. People are asking “Will it ever end!”

These morning trips to the coffee shop are a treat after Sadhana, as time for sharing and meeting the early morning community.

Today I noticed three new prints on the walls and they completely captured my attention. The artist is Octavio Ocampo from Mexico. This site has a vast selection of his art and it is fascinating. http://www.visionsfineart.com/ocampo/aa_index.html

He plays with Holographic Illusion and Reality. What do the eyes really see in any given moment? Which layer did he paint first or is there no difference at all?

How do his eyes, mind and brain conceive the subjects or does he actually leave this dimension to create each work? Questions without answers yet!

I am intrigued for it is so close to where and how we are residing on the fence between the old 3-D scenario and entry into the fourth/fifth dimensions. One day last week I could say I was literally walking in two dimensions, with both feet on the land one moment and the next I was standing on a platform seemingly a few feet off the ground. My energy was lighter than normal and my speech seemed to come through a filter of sorts and I was very conscious of both places.

Back to Octavio Ocampo’s art. The holographic views were both correct or at least they seemed so. I didn’t have to do anything specific to see the different views, the eyes, mind, and consciousness did the work and the brain translated it into data perspectives.

My first introduction to holograms was about 25 years ago in a small gallery at St Petersburg, Florida airport. Standing directly in front of each picture the image was very clear and real, yet move even the tiniest bit and the image became distorted and then disappeared completely, only to reappear when standing directly in front of the picture.

This memory got me thinking the other day as to whether many of the galactic, weather and disaster anomalies, even war pictures have a holographic imprint to confuse and distort the public and purposes at large! I don’t know but it is worth questioning!

That is about it for now and I hope to get some audio pieces done soon.

Enjoy your day and tonight beautiful full moon.

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Since drafting this message a week so ago much has happened in my life and to those around me. I feel like I standing on a precipice trying to breathe in a smooth and balanced way while waiting for the path/s ahead to be revealed, yet knowing at the same time I am the creator of the paths……confusing, exciting, scary, adventurous, profound!

Paths appear at random. I start to follow a path or intuition; it goes so far and pauses. Another path or intuition appears so I follow its clues and come to a pause.

This continues with ever increasing speed and moves through many layers until all the paths seems to be hanging out there in mid air UNTIL and often without warning, a clue/path/intuition arrives to magnetize all paths into their correct position in relation to a more grand story, et voilá, an understanding is presented and movement forward can continue…….at least until a similar dance begins again……and the journey continues.

In the last blog I shared exercises on Empowering Yourself to Release, in perfect time for reviewing what the rest of this month portends. The next exercises will be on Empowering Yourself to Claim.  See story “The Void Between Releasing and Claiming”  Self-Empowerment

By now you have probably realized that life is definitely different and more intense than in recent memory, or more correctly, ever before. So far, astrologically, the month of April has placed Pluto, Saturn and Mercury in retrograde mode, a new moon in Aries activates life changing new beginnings and on April 20th Chiron, the wounded healer, is placed in Pisces – The following explanation is taken from http://www.thecosmicpath.com and will help clarify Chiron’s impact.

Finally, the last huge shift this month is with the energy of Chiron. Chiron is going to move out of Aquarius and into Pisces on the 19/20th, the last time he held this placement was between the years 1961-1969 and he had not been discovered at that time! This means he is going to be moving through this energy for the first time ever with human awareness, this is significant. As so many of you have been aligning your energy to bring your gifts and abilities forward to mankind as the first influx of the Aquarian age, it will be this time period as Chiron moves through Pisces that you will all be given your moment to do what you came here to do. It is that big.

Chiron is the master healer/teacher, the personal wound that one cannot quite heal within but that facilitates the ability to teach or heal others through the experience of pain or loss. In Pisces it will illuminate like at no other time as art takes on new dimension, music and film opens us up to unbelievable new scope and healing, spirituality leaps into a new ideal, and any and all addictions or escapism is brought forward and exposed to the light. You can read an article about this one shift of Chiron later in the month at: http://zoemoonastrology.blogspot.com

Pretty much all individuals are experiencing similar things just in varying degrees based on their unique being, purpose and awareness. To help connect and ground yourself while in the midst of swirling chaos (perceived), stand still for a moment, take a deep breathe in through the nose, hold it for three seconds and then SLOWLY breathe out through the mouth with the vision of every cell and molecule within your body being bathed with new life energy, stability, gentleness and peace……repeat three times (3Xs) and then ask yourself “what is important for me to know in this moment?” and WAIT for CLARITY.

If you don’t have time to do this, TO BREATHE, you don’t have time to LIVE!

The Void Between Releasing and Claiming

(Find exercises in Exercises and Tools Page)

The image that comes to mind is of trapeze artists defying gravity and all sense of fear as they fly through the air between the safety of their slim perches and the waiting hands of the catcher who is strategically located midway high above the ground and safety nets.

As the audience craned their necks upwards to watch these artists, the background music heightens the anticipation of the dramatic feats to be performed. A collective deep in-take of breath by the audience heralds a change in the rhythm of the swings high above. Each performer is acutely aware of their role and the absolute need for precise timing in order to execute the dramatic acrobatics.

It is the catcher who sets the pace. The catcher propels himself higher, swinging smoothly to set the pace of his swing. His legs are firmly and correctly interlocked into place over the bar, allowing the top half of his body to swing freely, upside down with arms handing down, feeling the resistance of the air every moment.

In most cases, the team has performed together for years. They know each other well, their highs and their lows, their strengths and their challenges. There is no need to speak while up on the wire for this work is based on each knowing their role and absolute trust in each other and most especially the catcher.

When the rhythm has been established all performers are in-sync and ready to fly!

The catcher continues to set the pace. The fliers watch and feel the rhythm until the exact moment comes for them to leave the safety of their perch and fly to the hands of the catcher, twisting and turning all the while ignoring fear, gravity and doubt, all for the sake of the performance.
At a precise moment in time the catcher and the flier connect as if a magnet were drawing their hands together – in a split second the connection is made and the catcher himself becomes the swing for the flier as they both continue the momentum, until again at the precise time a swing from the other side comes to greet them both and the flier releases the catchers grip, turns and grabs hold of the new bar to swing back to the safety of the perch. A gasp and a sigh from the audience herald the successful completion the death-defying act.

In order to fly freely the performers must release all hold of everything that is safe, attached, familiar, firm and real. This must be done without reservation, doubt, fear or the chance to look back or down. It must be done consciously, knowingly and in perfect time with the events going on around them and in preparation for them. Just as the fliers release must be perfectly timed, so too will the gripping of the catcher’s hands, the swinging bar and the secure high perch.

The unknown is the void that lies between the release and the claiming of safety.   This is where all our fears lie.
Release!     Just let go!     Don’t become attached to this or that!
Why do we make it so difficult?

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TODAY is all there is NOW

For YESTERDAY is a NOW gone by

And TOMORROW is a NOW yet to come

With the space in between

A Time to Breathe in Life

No More, No Less

Ophelia  2005

This past week, here in Mt Shasta, CA we have gone through the gamut of seasons with the common theme of what I call FREEDOM.

Yet what does freedom mean? Living in the moment for there is nothing else.

This is difficult when the world and life around you seems to be falling apart. When health and money take their place ahead of heart, soul and dream/visions, time and demands become the concrete blocks of stagnation. I have been there often. Even now when I fail to pay attention it is not difficult to fall into these depths, wallowing in oblivion until I finally listen to “the still small voice within” of what to do, feel and BE next.

Slow down and experience timelessness. How is this possible! Frankly, I can’t adequately explain it but when I do go into slow mode that is exactly what happens and so many cobwebs clear away.

Yesterday, along with my photographer friend, Nikki, we spent four to five hours in the last afternoon/evening exploring the Klamath Falls Wildlife Refuge. Within several refuge areas on either side of Highway 97 there are literally thousands and thousands of birds (swans, geese, ducks, quail, hawks, eagles, pelicans, gulls and so many more other bird varieties) gathering, feeding, socializing and soaring in amazing formations of chaos. And there is such freedom within their purpose! This whole scene repeated each day as it has been for hundreds of years because of instinctual memory.

I also see instinctual memories in the snow scenes, the sunsets, the bath and even untimely deaths.

What are these memories? They are the memories each has locked away that keep freedom at a distance and as an illusionary possibility.

Talk is cheap and words empty if not backed up by substance. You surely ask what practical steps I can take to move beyond those confines and see, feel and BE free.

Why should you listen and accept anything I have to say? Good question!

Having the Four Principles of Empowerment revealed to me is how I have been asked to Walk the Talk in order to move along my path. As I said earlier, there are times I stumble, loose my footing and direction until receiving the push to pay attention and follow the steps again.

This is where it is important for you to follow your own guidance and intuition as to what will help you most.

Here I am including the First Principle to Empowerment – TO RELEASE. (These exercises are from my workbook.) Take one issue, situation, relationship, etc. at a time. Apply the questions and answers to it and see what is revealed. Write them down. The process will be like peeling an onion. Deeper layers will be revealed and tears may flow as a result!

In the next posting I will follow this up with the Second Principle to Empowerment – TO CLAIM.

Do not be hard on yourself – there are plenty of others you allow the privilege!

Most of all BE HONEST with YOURSELF, because you are the only one who count here.

What you do for you will also move out to help others…..this is EMPOWERING in itself!

Happy Journeying until next time!

TODAY I Empower Myself to Release!

“whatever serves me no longer and is not in my highest good!”

Today, I release the drama of:……………… …………..…………………………

I am Responsible for this drama!……………………… …………..…………………

If yes, why? …………………………………………………………………………..………

If no, whom does the drama belong to?……………. …………..…………………

I am WILLING to release this drama! …………………………..…………………

Without this drama I expect to feel:……………… …………..…………………

I will now be able to:  …………………………………………………..…………………

(A drama is any person, situation, belief or fear residing within your life field. Think of each drama as an act in your life’s play)

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